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  1. LobsterLvr,

    It hit me as a great song when I heard it at the end of the movie HEROS with Henry Winkler and Sally Fields. PERFECT!!! IT ALL MADE SENSE!!!FANTASTIC ENDING!!! STUPENDOUS!!!! COLOSSAL!!!...

    ....Until I saw it on TV and they cut the song and replaced it with some wimpy acoustic "Heros" song.

    Go rent the movie!!!

  2. I remember a Tom Snyder interview with McCartney and Linda and maybe Denny Lane. Totally stupid questions about sheering the sheep on his farm. You could tell they were answering with stupid answers just to jag him off (Pittsburgh term.)

    They were probably high too.

  3. Hey!

    Noone mentioned TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS. crazy

    And while I have you here, talking about Billy Joel, did he do a song that was a tribute to The Beatles where every verse was in the style of each Beatle? Do you know what this song might be even if it wasn't him?



  4. I would like to hear from Eric on this one.

    Maybe he's worried he lost his touch for new material too.

    (just pokin' ya with a stick)((no offense))

    Oh, did I mention I think the new CD is GARBAGE?

    Did any of you run to anyone else and say, "Ya GOTTA hear this new song by Paul?"

    I didn't think so.

    A Usually Paul Digging,


  5. I always liked C Moon, it's a little quirky.

    How in the world did he convince the rest of the band to play Let 'em In? Now THAT'S one McCartney song that's lyrically awful and trite and shmaltzy. Do you think they all cringed at the idea of playing that?

    I remember in a National Lampoon magazine there was a sort of Beatle issue and had a trivia question, When did Paul McCartney write Silly Love Songs?

    A: 1964 to 1987.

    Funny Stuff!!

  6. I think they are great too BUT...

    They obviously have the know how to produce and write a "good" complete song, BUT (again)...

    Most of their stuff goes on about nothing.

    Sonically has a potential to make you care about the song but never goes anywhere lyrically.

    Anyone agree or disagree?

    Eric? Know what I mean?

  7. OK,

    But the question remains...

    Do you think this would go over in a bar/club situation as a sort of Tribute Band?

    I have a great name for the band,


    (complete with red white and blue logo)

    What do you think?


  8. Could be an after-market edit.

    Remember the movie Heroes with Henry Winkler and Sally Fields? The final dramatic climax of the movie ended with Carry On My Wayward Son, and, I'm tellin' ya, the song never meant so much before. It fit perfectly with the movie.

    Then I saw it on TV and they put some cheesy acoustic song in its place and totally ruined the movie.

  9. On a 60 Minutes or some show way back when they cut out the "Christ!" in THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO."

    Does anyone remember, "MY BOOMERANG WON'T COME BACK"?

    It's about a Aborigine guy that didn't know how to use a boomerang.

    On the 45 there's a line, "Waved the thing all over the place, Practiced till I was Blue in the face."

    Then I downloaded a longer version and "Blue" was originally "Black."

    Politically Incorrect for the early 60's I guess.

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