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  1. OH WELL!  Eric missed out.... Hey Bernie, did you ever ask Eric about this idea?

    And, yes, last year was a disaster with that line up of judges... I feel sorry for Keith Urban.

    BUT! THIS YEAR!!!  With J-Lo and Harry Connick Jr.,  I think it will be a GOOD Show.

    Harry was great as a guest, helping the singers, telling them to "Sing the Song" and quit all the vocal acrobatics.

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  2. ...was used at the end of DARK SHADOWS movie.

    Just a question.... with all the other Original 70's Music in the movie, why did they use The Killers version?

    Also, (not to cause any trouble) it is credited only to Eric?

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  3. Eric,


    elle4ec knows too. "Go for It."

    Not to change over just to ride the wave for one album. Aw, Hell! YOU DID DISCO fer cryin' out loud. This would be voluntary and would actually use your talents.

    You've got the writing chops for this, plus the know how to stylize. It's all YOU, MAN! Show 'em how it's done.

    One formula is; sing the title/hook at the beginning of the chorus and end the chorus with the title/hook. Sometimes it makes you come at your central thought from two different angles.

    It's time to go all the way down yonder.

  4. Now you're getting it. ( a little less reverb, though ) Throw in a fiddle and a steel geetar and the skunk got squashed and there you are.

    I just saw Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. If Country is the new Pop Rock then Ride The Wave.

    Call Wally, tell him you need an opening riff for a Country Song.


  5. Eric,

    You are the Master at the Crafted Pop Song.

    Knowing what a machine Nashville is and the formula they use to craft a Country song, I was wonderin;... as a writer...

    Ain't it time to put your Song Crafting abilities to use and blow away the Country Scene a little?

    Hee Haw, Man! Come on!!

    The Gauntlet has been thrown.

    ( I had to look this up; "It medieval times, the "glove" thrown down was the metal hand armor worn by knights, or as the hand armor was called, the gauntlet. Today gauntlets are still the signifier of a challenge issued. Throwing down the mitten just doesn't quite do. So the gauntlet is thrown and the duel is on.)

    Put on your Cowboy Hat and start writing.

    Like Dick Van Dyke or Jonathan Winters could get into character.

    Sounds like a fun project to me.


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