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  1. I recently had a basement flood. My poster of the Raspberries that came with the "Starting Over" lp was totalled!!! Does anyone have an extra one that they are willing to part with? Will pay top dollar!
  2. Hey Bernie, I was reading the History Section of your website and things seem out of sorts at "ALL BY MYSELF". Is this section still being written or.... I had read this section before but now it seems out of sorts. Just wondering.
  3. I listened to "Boats" again the other day for the first time in a long time. Boy, does it bring back great memories. I was stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany and I bought it at the local PX. "Marathon Man" is still my favorite off that album. Should have been a hit.
  4. Everyone must read the short blurb on the Raspberries in the November 02 issue of Mojo Magazine. The article is called "The Rebirth of Cool". Great to have them recognized are the trend setter they were. I was just a little dismayed at their calliing Eric a "Barry Manilow style crooner" The article even mentions Bernie's great website.
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