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  1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Step Into Christmas"......
  2. Interestingly enough, the "spaceship" is actually based on the matching speaker to the Wurlitzer 1015 "bubble" jukebox, from 1945. I have both the jukebox, and the speaker and, the speaker is very rare - worth more than the actual jukebox. I found it in Italy, at an Antique show, and thought " that's the ELO ship!!" anyway, this is a picture of it (need to hang it in its new room). I've only seen one other, and a couple on E-Bay over the years, but always all broken, or reproductions. This one is original. http://db.tt/ol1KJG8
  3. He was one of my favorite songwriters ... Did you know "Baker Street" was originally written for a film script that had been circling through London and Hollywood for years, called "Baker Street", and was never picked up until a couple of years ago, when it was made and released as "The Bank Job"? My friend owns the film, and was a close friend of Gerry, and actually has some alternate lyrics they wrote out. As well, the original version had the now famous sax intro as a guitar intro, and Raphael Ravenscroft happen to be recording in the next studio, heard the intro, and offered to play it on sax?
  4. If you just listen to the songs as songs, and not compare as "remakes", the (ones on the clifford record site) are done very well, really good power pop sounds ... the other label sample songs aren't so bad either ...
  5. My condolences, Jay - I also lost my mom in January. I know how you feel. You never get over it - you just have to get used to living with it .... it's really a strange feeling ...
  6. Well, these are great pictures - Craig and I were friends 32 years ago (!!), and, thanks to admiration for the 'Berries, (and others), we now just reconnected after all that time!
  7. For all you BlackBerry users, and music fans, that enjoy services like Pandora, and, Slacker, Slacker has released a client for BlackBerries. It's really nice ... you can type in any artist, say, RASPBERRIES, and, it will play a Berries tune, then songs similar in the genre - it started playing for me, Todd Rundgren, then Flamin Groovies, then XTC ... it's really good. And the sound quality is very good (with headphones) Go to slacker.com on your BlackBerry, and, you can download. The service is free, but, I suggest the $48 a year subscription, for unlimited skips (to next songs), and no commercials and ads.
  8. Again, thanks for the words. I didn't mean to downplay the Nursing Home. Mary Manning Walsh (the name of it), was a spectacular Home, with phenominal care, and all loving employees. But, as they are considered a sub-acute facility, they just aren't equipped to deal with the high level of care needed for this kind of pain and suffering when it arises as quickly as it did.
  9. By the way, if any good came from this situation, I learned a very important lesson, which, I probably (hopefully) won't have to address again, but, maybe others can learn from it ... My mom in fact, to the end, was a very vein woman, as she did obtain her greatest advantages of life based on her looks. That being said, she was very much in denial of her cancer and impending death, because that affected her vanity. She even rubbed face moisterizing cream every day, virtually to the end, with shaking hands. She even had told the guy she was seeing, she was 60, when in fact she was 76. When we spoke, he said, it's so sad she contracted this disease at such a young age of 60!! Anyway, that's who she was ... The way I dealt with it, was, I played into her denial, while, at the same time, making more pragmatic decisions for her, without consulting her. After she was in the Hospital, and it was obvious she couldn't be cared for properly at home any more, even with a private nurse, she was sent to a Nursing Home. I got her in the best one in Manhattan. It is also a physical rehabiliation facility, which, technically, was why she was admitted. Even to her friends, she wouldn't call the place a Nursing Home, she kept referring to it as a rehab center, because it sounded better. However, when it came time to deal with the fact that Chemotherapy was doing her no good, and things were bleak, they strongly suggested we put her in a Hospice. She vehemntly denied wanting to go to a Hospice, as, she kept feeling like something would turn around, and she would get better - and of course, Hospice means death. Of course, I too didn't want to throw in the towel, at least emotionally, and, I figured the Nursing Home has decent enough care, so, I repsected her wish. Long story short, 4 days before the end, in 5 minutes, she went from somewhat talkative and alert, to pretty much comatose. It was only then I realized that the Nursing Home did not have the proper facilities to attend to a comatose patient. They couldn't administer IV. They had no 24 hour on call Doctor, only one that came once a day. The nurses were limited in scope of knowledge. They said normally, in cases like this, they send the patient to the Hospital. However, because she was in such great, agonizing pain, comfort was paramount, as we knew she didn't have too much time left, and, to move her to a Hospital, would most likely cause her inhumane pain. Even with a huge amount of Morphine, she was still moaning in pain. It was a very difficult moment - I was stuck. I had no direction to go. Usually, I get what I want with money - money is not an object for me - but, no money could buy what I needed. I couldn't move her, yet, they didn't have the facilities, nor owuld they allow me to bring in a private Doctor or IV specialist, or anyone, as only one Doctor was authorized to give medical orders at that facility, and, no outside medical help could do anything in the home, for their insurance reasons. It took FIVE HOURS for the Doctor to get to the Nursing Home, to up her dosage of Morphine. So, whereas she only suffered for a few short days, she would have experienced far less pain in a Hospice. The lesson here? No matter how long before you feel your loved one will die from a painful disease like cancer, if its deemed terminal, make sure they go to a Hospice - whther they are at home, or a Nursing Home. They can do everything a Hospital can do, and more, in a much more comfy atmosphere. It really irked me to see that this Nursing Home, would not employ 2 or 3 full time Doctors, to have one on shift 24/7 - they contract the ones from NY Hospital, which is across the street. I know it's expensive to run a Home like this, but, this paticular Home takes in over $30 MILLION a year in revenue for their care. They couldn't spend $600,000 on 3 ultra competent Doctors?
  10. I remember as a kid, living in Manhattan, men just stopping my mom in the street to tell her how beautiful she was ... I guess I must have grabbed her genetic backwash when my egg was fertilized Thanks again for everybodys wishes ...
  11. Hey, of course I post there!! But, I do read more than I post ... Thanks a lot for all your kind words ... you guys are really great .... She was an amazing woman, and will be missed by many people. She passed from (the non smoking type) lung cancer - but only in the last 2 days did she suffer. And, it was incredibly heart wrentching for us - She's in peace now. She was a model and actress in Hollywood in the 50's. She did many bit parts, but, did a REALLY bad sci-fi film, a la Ed Wood, that was shelved in 1957, and only picked up and bought by the Sci Fi spoof show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" 35 years later. She had told me aobut this film all my life, but, only in 1993, did I get to see it. A clip from youtube is here (well, the whole film is, but, it's split up, since it's youtube) - she's the blonde ... I'm proud that IMDb rates it as one of the worst films ever !! (Hey, it's the best and worst that get noticed in life, right?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q_TL02L_nE&feature=related G-d bless you all ....
  12. He actually released an album previous on his label, called "Copycat," which includes all the songs that's on the Beatles one (less "Happy Xmas"), plus lots others - and can be bought at the same price (and emusic is even less) http://www.amazon.com/Copy-Cat/dp/B001CVR2GG/ref=dm_ap_alb4 As well, if you look down the side of the Amazon site where Copycat is, you can see the artwork he cleverly did for the mp3 singles of some of the tunes. Without looking it up, is anyone familiar with Andrews' amazingly talented mom, and, what she did? His father was a prolific award winning film composer as well.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I will go to his NYC show on the 12th.
  14. Has that collection of memories (reflections) that were on the old raspberries.net site disappeared, or, can they be found somewhere?
  15. The brightest bit of humour from this pretty sombre thread went totally unnoticed !!!
  16. I was very suprised to see the video as the sole preview of the Manhattan CBS 5 o'clock news (quite a big news show). This is why I hate, and don't bother watching local news - exploiting peoples personal tragedies. Did they preview a video of triumph when ABM hit top of the charts? And a police video made public? Wasn't even the (awful) paparazzi! At least we understand those sleazebags exploit tragedy for profit...
  17. Some of those Bachman/Cummings unplugged videos on youtube are really great to watch .... My favorite song of RB was on an album called "Survivor," and the song was "Just a Kid"(fairly Beach Boys-ish). Just recently bought the CD, after not hearing the album for many years. The song is autobiographical. Worth finding.
  18. There was a thread maybe 2 years ago on Linus (actually Kevin Dotson) - met him several times, as he is friends of friends. He's around 35, an uber awesome songwriter, and musician/producer extraordinaire. He has 3 amazing CD's (and I believe a new one, with a few new, but mostly old tracks). I think he is considered one of the reigning Godfathers of LA power pop. I do know he has made some nice royalties selling songs to many artists, including P Diddy! And, has his own label, and I believe Recording Studio.
  19. Jeff

    "Jane Olivor"

    I was acquainted with Jane 25 years ago. Her husband was my (now late) therapist, and also friend, in New York - very talented singer. My therapist also lived next to (also the late) Harry Nilsson, in Tuxedo NY, who I also got to meet and chat with.
  20. Although I believe this link had already been posted in the other section a while back, as long as we're talking "Tin Soldier," here's a version by the early Guess Who I was surprised to see, and really like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oISIAYciNZU
  21. Marv, never forget ... ANY information is POWER
  22. Through the internet tracking site alexa, I found this very cool ditty called "Wayback Machine." It's cool, but, a little creepy and intrusive, of how so much is archived about everything that was on the net. Sometimes, we just want the past to remain the past .... Want to see how EC.Com, or any site looked at one point in the last 10 years? Warning ... it can take a long time to load the graphic links .. guess it has to search a compressed archive ... http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ericcarmen.com
  23. I also stopped by, and I was told Kirk had just left. I was pleasantly surprised to see the crowd in the store, and, had a nice meal with John and David (Bash) after - nice time, John, thanks - you're a great guy!
  24. Emmit has long been hailed as one of the pop pioneers. He was an amazing songwriter, with a top level gift for the hook (like another board member here ). He is still considered as one of the big influences of many of todays (and yesterdays) power pop artists. I believe his story is a little sad, as, as much talent as he had, his motivation didn't seem to keep up with his talent. I have heard he still lives in the same house in Hawthorne, CA (just south of L.A., home of another major California legend), that he recorded many of those original tunes in, and has a home studio he rents out. His work with as The Merry-Go-Round, and solo, is certainly one of my favorites. The Bangles covered one of his tunes (done by The Merry-Go-Round), "Live", in the 80's. Every power pop artist, especially from Southern Cal, worships him.
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