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  1. One of my favorites Wally songs was on that album. "Send a Ship" was a surprise emotional and heartfelt song. Coming from Mr. Explosive opening chord man such as Wally, through me back when I heard it. It would be cool to have Eric or Eric and Wally do that song together one day. Yes, I am a dreamer.
  2. Next to playing with Ringo, this has to be an epic moment for Eric.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4FCQtxS-mM
  4. Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the great music. Our gift to you is that we get it and truly enjoy it.
  5. There would be many and depending on the day it would surely change but I always thought Eric's cover of Wally's Send a Ship. The first time I heard it I wondered how the song would have come out if they were still Raspberries. The other would be The First Cut is the Deepest.
  6. I don't tell everyone,but, I like his song Teen Dream. Great opening chords and cow bell. The whole songs drives very nicely. If it wasn't for that title it could have crossed over ages. He had a great voice as did David and they could afford and attract any studio musicians for the recording.
  7. okstevens


    Diabetic issues stopped me from drinking wine but yet I hear that the reds are OK? Anyone?
  8. Finally I have something to add to this thread. Eric 20? 20 Beatles songs? I always thought if I didn't know a song was a Beatle song would I have the almost instant love for it. Same with just about any Cleveland group. I JUST LOVE CLEVELAND GROUPS! The one Beatle song that I hit next on the ipod almost always is the "Long and (whiny) Winding Road". I just hate the beginning of that song. Anyone else want to add to the list?
  9. I'll be seeing them in about 2 weeks!
  10. Don't ya just love rock n roll! But the true story is Eric and Wally are secretly working on a new album together and all of of this is being used to drum up publicity by these two musical geniuses!
  11. http://www.news-herald.com/arts-and-entertainment/20140403/northeast-ohio-rocker-thrilled-with-sound-of-essential-eric-carmen
  12. Rub a lamp. It's over. Sad to say, they most likely will never play together again.
  13. "Classic Carmen"! and that is what I would have named the new cd. I mentioned in a post before that not a syllable is wasted or looses meaning in an EC song. Each and every word is uniquely tied to the soul and completeness and drive the song along. You can take a snippet from any EC song and I am willing to bet you would know exactly what song and where it came from. Nothing is taken for granted nor just used as a filler in his songs. And that is why we get it. Others who don't really listen can't hear Eric. It always reminds me of the Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson movie White Men Can't Jump, where Wesley says to Woody, "you can't hear Jimmy". Strange as it may sound to us, some people don't hear Eric. 4 more days!
  14. So do we need to reorder? Where is the best place to order? Would it benefit EC.com to click through on the website? I would order on itunes, you get it faster but no cd jackets.
  15. Anyone else feel like you are in the alternate "Groundhogs Day" movie and the song that comes on with the alarm clock every morning is "It's Cold Outside"?
  16. Still, "getting" it, Eric. Thanks so much buddy. As a famous advertising Guru may say "Got Carmen"? yep, we do here. And thanks for that insight on song writing.
  17. Ya know, as long as you are in there and all set up it wouldn't cost much more to do two songs! You can go casual between breaks. Just for fun. And as long as both of our heroes (Eric & Bernie) are in the studio how about laying one down together? Maybe do a cover? Lies?
  18. I saw David Cassidy a couple months ago at Presque Isle casino in Pa. He put on a great but short show. Maybe only an hour? You could tell he had a couple drinks before stepping on the stage. I would definitely see him again. Still has the chops. And I agree with Eric, more talented than Keith Partridge.
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