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  1. DWTSG was one of the many highlights of the first Cleveland reunion show.
  2. Not sure if this topic was ever discussed on this board but I always felt that "I Could Really Love You" was written in the spirit of the Berries. As I believe that Wally played on the recording, it would be a great song to redo and perform live.
  3. Chas


    Look What You've Done has sort of a feel like John Lennon's Imagine with Ringo like drums fills
  4. Tom, The info regarding the delivery of tickets was on the email order confirmation that I received from the HOB...C
  5. From HOB Due to construction at House of Blues Cleveland, we will begin processing and delivering tickets the first week in November. SHIPPING: If you selected to have your tickets delivered, you will receive them in November, at least 5 to 7 business days before the show date. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a second email with a delivery estimate.
  6. Just in case you are not aware, Downtown Cleveland is very busy on the day after Thanksgiving..Big Lighting displays and concerts. I see why the HOB chose to open on that day as downtown will be mobbed. The HOB is very close to Public Square which is right in the heart of it all.. There are many Hotels close to the HOB but I would highly recommend the Renaissance on the square. It is connected to Tower City (Shopping Mall) and you can also grab the transit loop that will take you to the R&R Hall Of Fame or into the Flats Entertainment District. It is a nice place to stay during the Holidays.
  7. I received my copy of 8/13/04. Great Job!
  8. As the Rock Hall is in Cleveland, there was a special ceremony recognizing local Northern Ohio Acts that attained National record sales. The Berries were a part of this select group.
  9. What was great about the early Berries is that they only performed material that they could copy to perfection. I remember jammed packed clubs and watching a band play dazzle the crowd. Eric screaming out Jail House Rock by Elvis or one of many Beatle tunes. Wally did a good Mick Jagger and they performed a lot of Stones. Jim is an electrifying drummer and did a great Keith Moon. I also remember a 15 minute version of All Right Now by Free and Wally's killer solo.
  10. I also had the good fortune to be able to see the early Berries and never missed a Sunday show at the Cleveland Agora.
  11. Check out this new site http://www.thebrysongroup.com/
  12. I completely agree that you can hear Eric's love for the Beach Boy's coming through loud and clear on Someday. He even sounds like Carl Wilson during certain parts of the song. This was also a B Side for one of his singles and one of my personal favorites as well.
  13. Great Song! I always felt that Eric/Wally were influenced by the Small Faces and this song has a similar feel. Eric used to do a great Steve Marriott in some of the local bands prior to Raspberries.
  14. Meatloaf is not from Cleveland although Bat Out Hell did break nationally from the Cleveland Market.I also believe that was another connection in that the LP was recorded or it was a Cleveland Label that signed Meatloaf.
  15. MAM the Berries also did a great job on Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man, and Honky Tonk Woman. If I recall when they came on to the scene they only did covers by the Beatles, Stones, and the Who. There may have been a few others but they were known primarily for the Beatles covers. I have read on a few different posts that there are live tapes of the band floating around. Are they for sale and how can I get a copy? Can someone help?
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