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  1. FYI: Just checked the songwriting credits for LAYLA on my MFSL CD. No it wasn't Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. It was Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon. So; I guest Jim Gordon (the drummer) helped write that signature "Layla" guitar riff! Don
  2. Tinted Windows debut is set for April 21st. They played their 1st gig at SWSW last week. The band is: Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick), Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne), James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and Taylor Hanson (Hanson). The first single: "Kind of a Girl" is a Great slice of guitar rock! Looking forward to the CD also. I'm curious to see if Tinted Windows takes off. Cheap Trick has a big Tour planned with Def Leppard and Poison all Summer long. Fountains of Wayne are supposed to have a new CD and Tour as well. Could the members be doing double Tours?
  3. For any Raspberries Fans who are also Badfinger Fans. Joey Molland's wife Kathie passed away on March 25th in Shorewood Minnesota (a western suburb of Minneapolis). A memorial service will be held on Saturday: March 28th. My sympathy goes out to Joey and his 2 sons: Joey III and Shaun. Joey is the sole survivor of Badfinger. Badfinger was ONE of the GREAT Power Pop bands of the 70's and Raspberries performed with them several times in Concert. Don
  4. Anyone have the Instamatic Karma (John Lennon) book by May Pang? I'm curious if the Raspberries connection photo got published. The one that was in the Live on the Sunset Strip CD. John wearing the Raspberries "Starting Over" sweatshirt. Don
  5. Did Status Quo have a "HIT" with that song in England? "Rockin' all Over the World" was actually penned by John Fogerty. It came out on his 2nd solo album. He called his 1986 Tour: "Rockin' all Over the World". He also performed the song on his 1998 Premonition Tour. Haven't heard him play it since. It's a great tune by the way. Don Marvin wrote: We do their version of "Rockin' All Over the World" in our band.
  6. Three currently performing at the Top of their Game! Mick Jagger...yes even at 63! Most singers half his age couldn't follow him around the stage nor give his vocal performance for 2 non-stop hours! Bruce Springsteen.. always high energy and delivers his songs with passion. John Fogerty...Incredible energy, lead guitar licks and homespun charm. My favorite Concert of 2007! Don
  7. Just received a email from Bruce at Not Lame. They published the Shake Some Action Power Pop book that John wrote. He is currently taking orders for a 2nd pressing limited to 200 books. It comes highly recommended! Besides RASPBERRIES - Starting Over. Eric Carmen's 1st solo album and Scott McCarl's - Play On CD made the top 200! COOL! Don
  8. Dwight Twilley Band's - Sincerely was #21 on the list. Shoulda been top 10 IMHO! On the strength of: "I'm on Fire" alone! Don
  9. I would much rather hear "Hungry Eyes" or any other Eric Carmen "Hit" than most anything else from the late 80's. It was his chance to get back on the charts along with "Make me Lose Control". Hungry Eyes hit #4 and Make me lose Control was #3 on Billboard. It was Great to hear "that voice" again on the radio and VH1. Don
  10. My Badfinger album choice: Straight Up. Featured the Hits: "Day after Day" and "Baby Blue". "Name of the Game" and "Perfection" were also 1st rate. Produced by George Harrison and later Todd Rundgren. Don
  11. Sorry..a typo. I've seen Tommy Keene Live! Don
  12. STARTING OVER by RASPBERRIES sez the Hot new book: Shake Some Action by John Borack. RASPBERRIES had some tough competiton. Rounding out the top 10: Big Star, Shoes, Cheap Trick, 20/20, Chris Von Sneidern, Tommy Keane, The Orange Humble Band, Adam Schmitt and the Beat. Great job John: RASPBERRIES - Starting Over is my #1 Power Pop album also. I think the intial pressing of the book is already sold out!!! Don
  13. Concerts 2007 continued: Fountains of Wayne - 1st Ave; Minneapolis, MN June 13th. Touring behind the awesome new CD: "Traffic and Weather"! John Mayer - Summerfest; Milwaukee, WI July 3rd My 15 yr old daughters fave! Graham Parker - Brits Pub; Minneapolis, MN July 15th. Parker is the classic Brit Rocker. Fun outdoor show! Free! Guster - MN Zoo Amphitheatre; Apple Valley, MN July 23rd. Small outdoor venue. Great power pop and ballads. Sold out 2 nights! John Hiatt - Shawn Colvin - Mn Zoo Amphitheatre; Apple Valley, MN August 7th. Hiatt solo. Excellent songwriter with tales about Life and the road. Booker T & The MG's - Johnny Winter - Bayfront Bluesfest; Duluth, MN August 12th Fountains of Wayne - MN State Fair; St. Paul, MN August 26th Great Power Pop! My favorite group! Crowded House - Orpheum Theatre - Mpls, MN Sept 9th. Incredible Reunion Show! Finn and the boys sounded Fantastic! Gordon Lightfoot - State Theatre - Mpls, Mn Sept 22nd. A Folk Legend! Superb show by this 68 yr old balladeer. Bruce Springsteen & E ST Band - Xcel Center; St. Paul, MN November 2nd. High energy show with new Magic and classic tracks. Bruce always performs 110%. Neil Young - Northrop Auditorium - Mpls, MN November 8th. Solo and Electric set. Wallflowers - Fitzgerald Theatre - St. Paul, MN November 11th. An intimate Concert. Dylan and Company are always a Great Show! John Fogerty - State Theatre - Mpls, MN November 27th. BEST Concert of 2007! Classic and new songs from Revival. Incredible energy from this 63 yr old artist. What FM radio used to sound like. Don
  14. 2007 was a GREAT Year for Concerts! In Chronological Order; ERIC CLAPTON - Fargodome Fargo, ND March 30th Went with my 21 year old nephew who had a blast from row 5 on the main floor. Eric celebrates his 62nd Birthday in Fargo, North Dakota No less! Clapton’s guitar work was first rate as was his band. A real FUN Concert! Worth the price just to hear Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Cocaine. The KNACK - Lakefront Park Hudson, WI June 15th. The Knack played this outdoor benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for free as they did in 2005. Donations were accepted at the gate. A shortened powerhouse set due to the rain by these under appreciated Rock legends. Judging by the high energy note perfect Show. Who would have known lead singer Doug Fieger had underwent Chemo 2 days before the Concert (for a Brain tumor)? After a 20 minute rain delay the Knack returned for a rousing “My Sharona†and “Havin’ a Rave Up†as it started out pour again. Incredible guitar work by Berton Averre. The Knack are one tightest most polished Live bands playing today! Don -to be continued-
  15. I heard drummer: Jim Bonfanti is handling the Live Show bookings. Correct me if I'm wrong? Don Chris Hess wrote: hate to say it,but who is their promoter/manager? lol,chris
  16. This promises to be a GREAT Book for Raspberries Fans. Why? Two Raspberries are interviewed as Power Pop elite artists'. Scott McCarl and Dave Smalley are featured along with 14 other artists. Plus there is a 24 track bonus CD included. Scott McCarl does an excellent cover of "This Boy" (by the Beatles). Scott sounds just like John Lennon circa 1965! The Rubinoos offer up a Live version of Raspberries: "Tonight". Both theses tracks appear for the 1st time on a US release on CD. Highly Recommended! Don
  17. Actually it's the Eagles* with an asterisk. It's NOT the original band. Eagles were formed in 1972. They included Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner. Don Felder was added in 1974 for the "On the Border" album. Leadon left in 1975 to explore different kinds of music. He was replaced by Joe Walsh. Randy Meisner left in 1977 because he was tired of touring. He was replaced by Timothy B. Schmitt. Felder was fired several years ago. Neither original members Leadon or Meisner were ever invited on the previous Reunion tours or current album. Don
  18. First off; Awesome Live CD and GREAT sound quality! Question for Eric. After 4 Raspberries albums with Capitol. Four solo albums on Arista and One with Geffen and One with Rhino. How did you come to sign with the RykoDisc label for: Live on the Sunset Strip CD? Don
  19. Raspberries Fans: I met up with Scott McCarl during a Family Vacation on August 12, 2005. We've been Great Friends since 1996! The RASPBERRIES REUNION was well into their SUMMER Tour. I mentioned to Scott: "The band had already played 8 Concerts". He was surprised and shocked! RASPBERRIES were going to play a ONE Concert Reunion Gig in Cleveland: November 2004. He wished the band the BEST! There is another Raspberries Story to be told. If the moderators will listen! Scott was NOT the odd man out....believe me! Don pauliemissippi wrote: Re: Scott, as I recall the way things went down the initial reunion called for by the House of Blues was for the original 4. Once that got underway, Scott was kind of the odd man out. Eric is quoted here at the board as having discussed with Scott perhaps joining them for the LA show but Scott chose to bow out and keep the focus on the original 4. I have always hoped Scott would be included in some way in the future. If and when new material is recorded perhaps it will be a good time to reunite him with the band?
  20. Eric: Thanks for the detailed response on the Raspberries Live CD questions. I apppreciate you taking the time to respond to this fan. I'm now waiting in line with all the other Raspberries fans for this gem. Just wished it could have been released sooner. 21 songs...are we looking at a 2 CD set here? What is the projected date of release? Don
  21. First off I am NOT a baiter. As far as "pouncing on someone"? I've been the victim of that on several occasions recently. Can't remember "pouncing" on any so-called "targets" myself. You're reading way too much into my posts. Can I post a legitimate question or comment without people thinking there is a "secret message" or "subliminal motive" behind it? Do all my comments have to be pre-screened or need some "seal of approval" for this message board? Does everyone have to agree 100% of the time with a few individual views or ideas? There are several reasons I am curious about the Live CD? This Concert was recorded over 1 year ago; does it really take that long to release a Live CD? Everyone is raving how good the sound quality is going to be. It was a small club with a loud vocal crowd. It didn't sound like a acoustically perfect theatre at the show. An Engineer who was there; mentioned there may be some post Concert "tinkering". Whatever that means? That's why I posed the questions. Don
  22. Without getting too technical? Can we assume the ORIGINAL soundboard recording was remastered with NO new overdubbed vocals, guitars or drums? After all: that's what the LA House of Blues Concert sounded like that night! The pure energy, passion and sweat should be in those CD grooves...along with over 1000 SCREAMING Fans! Don Eric wrote: Done! Kudos to Mark Linett for a masterful job, and for going WAAAAAY above and beyond the call of duty in his desire to make everything sound great. We will be forever in his debt. He's been a pleasure to work with and his dedictaion has been apparent from the beginning. He's a veritable fountain of recording knowledge. He's also very, very funny. I'm still chuckling over a few of his emails. ec
  23. Do we really need the cunning sarcasm directed towards some bandmembers? The polarity of some Fans is very obvious. Like I said before: I enjoy BOTH the Original and Starting Over RASPBERRIES. Are there other Fans on this board that can agree to that? Don raspberrywine wrote: Sudden Sam did a great job on his only solo album, "Starting Pitching Over." One piece of Raspberries history that will also be omitted from the new site is that Sonny Siebert and Luis Tiant actually replaced Mike McBride and Scott McCarl for a very brief period in 1974. It was a difficult period so you will never see Eric or Wally ever admit that they were in the band.
  24. Eric: Thanks so much for the kind words about Scott McCarl. He's a Great guy and Super talented songwriter and singer. I met Scott and Wally for the first time in LA on February 7, 1998. It was Scott's "Play On" CD release party at the Dragonfly Club. Part of a week long Poptopia Festival that featured over 100 bands. I flew in from Minnesota to attend the Concert and videotaped the entire Show. We've been good friends ever since. I think I can sum up some Raspberries Fans feelings about the Starting Over band. It seems like Raspberries has been divided into 2 camps. The Original band; which since the Reunion has taken on a "sacred status" almost to the point where the Starting Over band has been totally forgotten. Whether some fans and musicians want to admit it or not? "Starting Over" was the BEST Raspberries album (IMHO) and Rolling Stone magazine's opinion in 1974. It pains me to see this calculated devision and exclusion of Scott McCarl and Michel McBride. I saw the RASPBERRIES Starting Over Tour in 1974 play at the Brown County Fair (in New Ulm, MN; my hometown). Before that gig: Raspberries were considered "tenny boppers" and "bubblegum". After that incredible Concert: RASPBERRIES were a serious Live act that became my favorite band. (Memo to Eric: I was ONE of the Fans that got the music and the image back in 1974). I also saw the Eagles perform in the Summer of 1974. RASPBERRIES "blew the Eagles away". With a high energy melodic rocking Concert. Propelled by Wally Bryson's "electrifying" lead guitar, Scott McCarl's thumping bass and vocals (on Play On); Michael McBride's "crashing drums (Overnight Sensation) and Eric Carmen's stylistic piano, rhythm guitar and soaring lead vocals. You guys were my favorite band. Since that time I saw Eric Carmen on his 1st Solo Tour in 1976; which was incredible. Eric opened for SWEET and proceeded to "blow them off the stage" with a tight rocking set. He even played Raspberries "Starting Over" and "Go all the Way" to the crowds deight. I've see Scott and Wally play together in Cleveland 1998 and Chicago in 2000. I witnessed the FANTASTIC Reunion Concert's at the House of Blues in Chicago 2005 and Taste of Summer in Waukesha, WI 2005. So I've seen the Original and Starting Over RASPBERRIES LIVE! Guess what: I LOVE THEM BOTH and I think every RASPBERRIES Fan should too! Even if Scott and Michael are NOT part of the current band: their contributions and legacy ENHANCES the overall image of RASPBERRIES as a BAND to this day. Don Eric Carmen wrote: This discussion goes a long way toward proving that no matter what you do, you just can't please everyone. Just for the record, I'M THE ONE WHO ASKED SCOTT MCCARL TO JOIN THE BAND IN THE FIRST PLACE, REMEMBER? He sent me a tape and I loved it. I talked to him for the better part of a year on the phone and planned on producing him before things in the 'Berries went South and he ended up in the band. He's a super talent and a really, really nice guy and everyone in the current lineup likes him.
  25. So the new Raspberries website is ONLY about bandmembers that played on the 1st, Fresh and Side 3 albums...and bandmembers that played on the Reunion Tour of 2004-2005? If it's only about the Original/Reunion band; why show a photo of the "Starting Over" album? Don
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