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  1. Billy K.: Sullivan was their lead guitarist. He also co-wrote most of their songs with Jim Peterik. Jeff
  2. I live in Southern California and an awful ot of Wherehouse stores are going out of business here. You're right though that people who buy EC albums don't sell them back. I coudn't imagine wanting to sell mine. Jeff
  3. blackhawkpat: Jamison's web site is jimijamison.com There's also a site survivormusic.com. I don't really know the whole story behind the band, but I know Jamison and Peterik had their problems. I think Jamison is back with the band now. Jeff
  4. Hi I was looking at Jimi Jamison's website (he's the lead singer of Survivor), and noticed Carmen on his list of friends that he has worked with. I wonder what they have done together. I don't of them writing any songs for each other or appearing on each other's albums. Jeff J.
  5. I sure don't remember ever seeing videos to those 2, but I certainly do like those songs. I remember when I first bought that album. I found the used cassette at a local shop for $2.00. I didn't know any of the songs, but I got it and was very impressed. Perhaps the best $2.00 I ever spent! I now have the CD. I have been a Carmen fan for about 5-6 years now. At the time I bought that tape, I probably had only his greatest hits tape. Now, I have all of his solo albums, and the Rasberries greatest hits. I'm still hoping to see him in concert sometime. It's really too bad we don't get to see good 1980s rock videos anymore. MTV and VH-1 just don't play them. We need a new music video channel. Jeff J.
  6. Hi Does anybody know if Eric ever made any videos besides HUNGRY EYES and MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL? Those are the only two I know of. By the way, I recently bought video tapes of Survivor and REO Speedwagon that I'm really enjoying. Jeff J.
  7. Here's a few off the top of my head: Survivor- "Eye of the Tiger" Toto- "99" Dan Hill- "Sometimes When We Touch", which was covered by Rod Stewart. These are some songs that I certainly like but aren't top-notch favorites. Maybe Carmen could take them to the next level.
  8. I voted for ALL FOR LOVE, but both are really good songs off that album. Jeff J.
  9. I went to a really good concert in Cerritos, CA in September. It was Christopher Cross and Air Supply. Cross was on stage first for about an hour, then Air Supply for about 2 hours. They sounded great live, and did all their big hits from the 80s. It was really cool because I have long been a fan of both of them. And after the show, they stayed around for autographs and pictures. Jeff
  10. Hi Darlene Actually, none of these songs are new to me; I had all, but many only on cassette. Now I can put them on my computer and take the CD in my car when I go for a long drive. It is a great album and a collectible item, too. Jeff
  11. Hi everybody Last week, I got Eric's "ALL BY MYSELF- THE BEST OF" CD off ebay. I think it's an Australian import CD. It has 17 songs. It has a nice picture of him in a suit and tie on the front and some interesting liner notes. Eric says the Rasberries had the most bizarre audiences, combining screaming young girls and serious rock critics. It's an interesting mix of songs. Some that are on this but not on the regular BEST OF are SOMEDAY, I THINK I FOUND MYSELF, RUNAWAY, NOWHERE TO HIDE, and LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS. I think it's strange that the liner notes talk about HUNGRY EYES being his big comeback hit in 1987, yet that song isn't on the album. THAT'S ROCK N ROLL is also missing. Jeff
  12. Hi everyone I was just thinking, man does Carmen ever do the best unreleased demos! I am listening to WILD WILD HEART as I write this post. Great song with excellent lyrics. It blows me away. I think it would be the song of a lifetime for many artists. Then there's 5 other demos I know of. RUNNING HOT IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME YOUNG HEARTS ON FIRE HIGH COST OF LOVIN' THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA I have these on cassette. The quality of the recording is not great, so I wish these were available on CD. I think all 5 are certainly strong enough to be on one of his album's. I think DEVIL in particular is an absolute masterpiece in lyrics. If I'm not mistaking though, Carmen only wrote the music, not the lyrics, to that one. Any thoughts? Jeff J. Cypress, CA
  13. I always liked "Runaway" too. I think it should have been on his "Best of" CD. Actually, it is on the import version. But it is very long; of course, that's kind of a good thing too. Jeff J.
  14. Matt You're right Kadison has an album "Delilah Blue", I actually don't have that one yet though I know it's easy to find on ebay. The one I like most is his latest, "Vanishing America", which hasn't even been released in the US. I think it's jsut a crime that it hasn't been. It's available on Amazon, but the price is over $30. Jeff J.
  15. Hi Ellece! You asked me if I have "Saturday Night in Storyville" Actually, I don't. Is that a full album? I only have "Painted Desert Serande" and "Vansihing America". I would like to get that one, but I've never even heard of it, and I even check for Kadison items on ebay. Jeff J.
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