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  1. Hi Everyone, Who'll be in Cleveland for the show on 7/15? Anyone interested in meeting for a post-show get together. Any suggestions for the location? My husband Dave and I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Euclid. They have a fairly large atrium area that we could use as a meet up locale. Open to any and all suggestions!! Sound off please!
  2. Hey Jim, I just read your email when I got home from work tonight. I'm sorry you had so much frustration trying to find out about the TU for Tuesday offer. I think you have to be a "member" of the HOB.com web site to access the offer. I found out about it through an email they sent me. "Membership" is free and you can sign up through HOB.com. If you fill in the Cleveland zip code you will get emails for special deals at the Cleveland HOB and nearby related venues. The offer was only good on Tuesday 10AM-10PM. I should have posted the link. I didn't know it was such a "secret" offer! I thought anyone could access it through HOB.com. Sorry! Possibly they might offer it again next Tuesday??
  3. Today only, buy one ticket to Raspberries show on 7/15 at Scene Pavillion and get the second free! For those who are still sitting on the fence, now's your chance. Check it out on HOB.com!
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    Anyone else hooked on listening to the new release from Coldplay? Can't seem to get enough of this incredible CD!! If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and check it out!
  5. As they say in the real estate biz... Location, location, location!! Unfortunately, mine is too far away! If I were closer I would have been there without a doubt. Saving my pennies for the trip to Cleveland in July and looking forward to seeing Paul perform with Tequila Sunrise. Sounds like tonight was really a magical night to remember. How nice to have the 'Berries come out and support one of their own!! It just warms my heart thinking about it! What an incredible evening for those in attendance.
  6. Remember what happened when they tried to improve on Coke many years ago?? That's why it's called Classic Coke now. Don't mess with perfection!!
  7. Hi Jason, I'm really sorry to hear about your seating problem. I was just wondering what price level tickets you bought, because if you went for the $55.00 seats there's no way you should be sitting in the grandstand. I finally got my tickets too. I'm pretty happy with the seats, but definetly not happy about the way we were jerked around by the HOB. Next time Ticketmaster!!! Hope you get some satifsfaction if you get through to HOB. They finally answered my 3rd email a week after it was sent.
  8. Finally got my confirmation email that tickets are being shipped!!! Hooray!!! Center- section 1 row D. Anyone else in that row? Hope everyone who is still waiting gets their confirmation soon! And thanks for putting up with me while I vented my frustration in several posts. I'm starting to get excited!!
  9. Thanks for all the responses, fellow Cleveland concert goers. A bit of news... HOB finally responded to the 3rd email I sent on 5-31-05, asking when the tickets would be mailed. I got the same generic answer someone posted earlier about the high volume of tickets sold and they were waiting until the tickets were printed..yadda,yadda,yadda.... I'll give them a few more days and then I think I'll try the phone # Florida Pilot mentioned. Thanks Jason!
  10. I just don't understand why they sent some out weeks ago and others are still waiting. We were charged $10.00 for shipping, and I didn't know we needed to request express shipping, didn't even know it was an option. Well, I'm in a better mood now, I just won the CD giveaway today on the Raspberries web site!!
  11. Just wondering how many people are still waiting for their Cleveland tickets to arrive?!! Darlene, I think I need a tall glass of Raspberry lemonade, because I'm begining to think they'll never get here. I don't want to forfeit the tickets, but is there any recourse I can pursue being that I purchased them with a major credit card?? I think it's time to take some action!!
  12. That's great news, sports21763!! It's nice to know all of that waiting paid off for you! Thanks for keeping us informed. I'm still waiting and it's nice to know I'm not alone. See you at the show (hopefully, if I ever get my tickets!)
  13. One month has passed. Still waiting.
  14. The answer to your question is: it's taking WAY too long!!
  15. About whether or not my Cleveland tickets will ever arrive. I ordered tickets on 5-18 for the Tequila Sunrise show through HOB and just got an email saying they will be shipping my order, today 5-22. That order took only 4 days. What is the big hold up on the Raspberries tickets for 7-15. Is this show still going to take place?? Why can't we find out anymore info. about the tickets?? The tickets were purchased and charged to my credit card on 4-28. Soon it will have been a month!! This is really taking all the fun out of looking forward to the show.
  16. Just last year at this time we had no idea that we would ever see Raspberries live in our lifetime! With or without the "Overdubs", unplugged or not! Let's not get too picky about what we want at future shows. Like someone else mentioned earlier, trust them, they know what they're doing. Chicago was a perfect example, just about as close to perfection as you can get!! I'm just glad there are more dates and who knows what the guys have in store for us!!
  17. Hi Paul, Thanks for the heads up. I purchased 2 balcony seats and am really looking forward to the show. Now if I can only get HOB to send me my Raspberries tickets. Any idea what the hold up is? They never answer emails and the tickets were purchased on 4-28. The strange thing about the Tequila Sunrise tickets confirmation email is that it says they will be sending out the tickets in NOVEMBER!! I'm hoping this is a misprint, although as long as we've been waiting for Raspberries tickets, maybe it's not!!! Dealing with HOB.com is just one big bundle of frustration!! Thanks for letting me vent, and can't wait to see you perform!
  18. You're in good company, I'm still waiting too. HOB was sure quick to charge my credit card though! Don't expect an email response. They never answered my question weeks ago about the pre-sale.
  19. Ok, We've seen the bee, now please post a link to a pic. of Brooke Adams. I can't remember what she looks like!
  20. No tickets yet! Patiently waiting by the mail box. Maybe today.
  21. "Starting Over" gets my vote too! That is the album that made me a Berries fan all those years ago!! And I've never been the same since!!
  22. Is there a prize for the correct answer? <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> By the way, I have no idea! Sorry I can't help you out.
  23. Thanks Paul! I'm looking forward to it too! It's going to be a busy weekend for you!
  24. Hi Paul Sidoti or anyone else in the know, Any idea when tickets for this show go on sale? Will there be any reserved balcony seats for sale? Thanks for the info.! Anyone else going to the Cleve. show planning on catching this show on Saturday?
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