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  1. Count me in!! Already have one co-worker on board and am working on bringing another!! After babbling on about Raspberries for the past 10 months on the job, I've managed to spread the excitement to my workplace!
  2. Hi Darlene, I have seen raspberry charms for sale on ebay in the past. You might want to check it out!
  3. Awwwwww...... How very sweet indeed!!
  4. Great idea, Harry! Great minds must indeed think alike because believe it or not, I was just thinking about the same suggestion last night at work. Was too shy to ask Bernie, because he's been so hard at work with all the other updates on the home page. Thanks for asking and Bernie, thanks for all of the wonderful updates and additions. You and this site are fabulous!!!
  5. I wish everyone venturing to the "Big Apple" a safe journey and a fabulous weekend!! Give a shout out to the band for me, too! Have a blast at WAB3 on Sunday also! Paint that town Rock n' Roll Raspberry!! ENJOY!!!
  6. Goosebump moment... Hearing "I Don't Know What I Want" live for the first time.(1st time for me.) Eric really sang his heart out on that one! It was full of raw energy and really rocked! Goosebump moment #2... The line "Baby don't go...." during "If You Change Your Mind" Sounded incredible... Eric you still can nail it after all these years!! Goosebump moment #3... The Rab4 "all by themselves" performing "You're Going to Loose That Girl" during the encore. Back to where it all began. And ironic/funny moment of the night...Dave singing "It's Cold Outside" when we were all melting from the heat instead of shivering! That song is always one of my favorites in the show.
  7. I had the pleasure of meeting you too, Darlene after the show! You're such a tiny little thing!!
  8. So glad you could make it to the show Matt! It was very nice meeting you. Sounds like you met alot of people and had a fun time in Cleveland! That chocolate shake sounds delicious.
  9. smittie

    The Knack

    The Knack put on a terrific perfomance! I was pleasantly surprised!! They even wore their black suits in the overwhelming heat and humidity of the evening! Great show guys!
  10. The guitar pick earrings are what every fashionable Raspberries fan will be wearing this summer and fall! Picked up a pair myself.. Love them! Always great to have new selections in the store and at the shows! It was great meeting Al (mrch) at the Cleveland show! He and Denise do a great job of "minding the store". Very friendly and helpful.
  11. The Pat Benatar/Martina Mc Bride pairing was incredible! My favorite show so far. Also enjoyed the John Mellencamp/Kenny Chesney combo show! Crossroads is a great concept and really enjoyable show. Still deciding who to pair Raspberries with. Need to think on that one!
  12. Thanks Bernie for the insight into the sound / light problems. I had a feeling that had something to do with the glitches in the show. Also wondered why Wally looked like he was in the dark for most of the show, it could have also been his cap blocking the lighting on his face. A substitute sound and lighting person helps to explain the situation. I have to honestly say I was a bit disappointed in this venue. The floor seats were chairs placed incredibly tight and without numbers, it made it impossible to find your seat and everyone in our row had to move several times, because we accidentally sat in the wrong seat, due to the lack of numbers. However I did enjoy being able to sit down and have a reserved seat. This is one of the reasons I chose the Cleveland show over NYC. The sound did improve as the show progressed and the last 4-5 numbers finally sounded like the Raspberries I saw in Nov. and Chicago! I guess Chicago was just a magical night and not all shows come off as flawlessly. I'm so glad I was there to witness it. On the upside, it was great to see everyone from the board. My husband Dave and I met up with Barb and had dinner at the Powerhouse. We then met up with JasonOrlando, Cozmik and Karl from the Raspberries board and his wife before we entered the Scene. Barb, Dave and I sat right behind Julia from London and her hubby. Thanks so much for the use of your fan, Julia, it was a lifesaver!! Very kind of you. Met up with Bernie, Kazumi, Ken Sharp, Darlene and Herman, Gina and Anthony, and saw the purple hat guy too! Thanks Gina for the bubbles!! Bubbles from such a bubbly girl and raspberrry scented ones too! They were fun! Was great to meet Matt Clark from the board also. Hope he enjoyed his first Raspberries show. Must have sweated out everything I drank Friday night. The humidity made me feel like I was melting in my seat-unbelievably sticky and warm! Was really surprised by how much I enjoyed The Knack's set. Would like to see them perform again sometime. They would have been a perfect opening band for Chicago. I hope the 'berries keep them in mind as a future opening act. They were a real fun blast from the past and sounded great. Overall, I came away happy, but a little disappointed comparing this show with Nov./Cleveland and Chicago. Hope the band can work out the kinks and get everything back on track for NYC. Still love Raspberries and enjoyed being in Cleveland for the weekend! On Sat. we met up with Barb again, this time at Jacobs field and had fun seeing the Indians play Chicago, despite the rain!! Another hot and humid day. Impressive stadium! Topped off Saturday night at the HOB listening to Paul Sidoti and Tequila Sunrise. Really enjoyed this show! If you missed this band, be sure to catch them next time, you won't be disappointed. Paul is such a versatile performer. Just love watching him smile and interact with the crowd. Enjoyed seeing Raspberries roadies helping out Tequila Sunrise with their show too! A busy weekend for all! Arrived home safe and tired and my wallet feels a bit lighter, but overall an enjoyable trip.
  13. News flash from Raspberries.net and Kay Bryson. Jeff Hutton from the Raspberries fourth album, Starting Over will be one of the piano performers at Howl at the Moon this Friday and Sat. night right next to the Scene Pavillion in Cleveland. Let's all check it out after the show. Sounds like a great time and Kay says Jeff will be throwing in a few Raspberries surprises!! Ooooo..!! How cool is that??!! www.howlatthemoon.com
  14. I wish you all were going too! It won't be the same without you, but we will represent the message board with you in spirit and many of you will soon be in NYC!!
  15. Wishing all my fellow travelers to Cleveland a safe journey today and tomorrow. See you soon!!
  16. Dave and I will be going to the Tequila Sunrise show too. See you there, KC!
  17. Very relieved to hear you and your family are safe, Julia. Very sad to hear of the tragedy in London yesterday. Praying for peace in the world.
  18. Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Wim! So glad to hear you're o.k.!
  19. BUMP! Just one week to go! Getting excited!
  20. Thanks for the recap everyone! I'm getting excited just reading your posts and counting the days until I'll be singing along at the Cleve. show! Marlene, that was very kind of you to part with your Raspberries CDs! And how exciting that everyone wants a Raspberries t-shirt!! Lookout Cleveland and New York City! The 'berries will be jammin' and rockin' your city too, very soon, but not soon enough!!
  21. Ahhhh...how sweet Dave! I left my heart in San Francisco! Don't worry Jen. Over the past 25 years I have been to NYC many times and never had a problem! You will have a great time, just relax and have fun!!
  22. Great suggestion, Barb! Just got done checking out the website at www.howlatthemoon.com and it looks like a really fun place. And being that it's real close to the Scene makes it even better! Anyone else up for meeting here after the show?! Come on, don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch!!
  23. Yeah, what's the story morning glory?? Must have been one late night! Time to rise and shine and give us the scoop!
  24. Alison Krause has the voice of an angel. I have a couple of their CDs and really enjoy their music!
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