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  1. Still patiently (not) waiting for mine too from the HOB, purchased 1st day of HOB member pre-sale. I'll feel much better when I hold them in my hand. I do remember reading that they would mail them when the entire printing order was completed.
  2. The Ballad of Mott: A Retrospective by Mott the Hoople (A great 2CD set.) Also bought Pet Sounds on CD, updated from the cassette version.
  3. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better---it does!! Isn't this an amazing adventure for everyone?!!! It certaintly has given the message board a whole new life! What will we talk about when the show(s?) are over? All of our wonderful memories & experiences - I hope!! This is a wonderful time for all involved. For those not going to the show,we will do our best to help you feel like you are there with us. With lots of pictures, postings and as much detail as possible. We'll also pray that the 'Berries will do more shows at a town closer to you, because that's what this post from Bernie seems to be hinting. And the way things seem to be going- Anythings possible as long as the fans continue to react as passionately as they have so far!! Let's keep the great karma flowing!!
  4. Just received my Greater Cleveland Official Visitors Guide in the mail by request. (www.travelcleveland.com) On page 5 they have a listing of Famous People From Greater Cleveland. Here is the list: Halle Berry, Drew Carey, Dorothy Dandridge, Phil Donahue, Alan Freed, Arsenio Hall, Bob Hope, Sammy Kaye, Don King, Henry Mancini, Toni Morrison, Paul Newman, The O' Jays, Jerry Seigel, Molly Shannon (SNL) and Joe Walsh. WHAT???? NO Eric Carmen, NO Raspberries??? How can this be!!!!! We must email them at the above address and protest. When they find out how fast the concert sold out and how many people are visiting their fine city and leaving their hard earned bucks behind, I'll bet they'll revise the next edition and make it right!! We need to let them know the error of their ways!! By the way, aside from the fact that Eric and the band were omitted from the list, this is a very nice guide with maps and coupons, etc. It comes with 2 other guides and arrived in about 1 week. You would still have time to request one and receive it before the show! Julie R.
  5. Hi Tiggsherby, Were you at the Aerosmith/Cheaptrick concert at Hershey, PA in June of this year?? If not, which one? It was my first time seeing them and the show was great! This has been an exciting year for me seeing 2 of my favorite bands in concert for the first time!! Having been a fan of both bands since the 70s, it is amazing how long it has taken me to see them both live!! But it has definetly been worth the wait, although it is really hard counting down the days until the 'Berries concert! I live in York County, PA. Julie R.
  6. Starting Over would have to be my top pick too! I remember reading in Marathon Man how it was an emotional moment when Eric and Wally sang together on that song when it was being recorded. What an emotional moment it would be again to hear it live after all these years!! Guys are you reading this?????
  7. I just had to share this with everyone, since the concert is near and we all hope we will meet the band. I also frequent another bands website and one of their fans has been attempting to meet each member of the band and ask them to autograph her back. She then goes directly to a tattoo parlor and has the signatures permanently tattooed!! So far she has 4 members and is attempting to meet the 5th one!! (FYI- The band is Aerosmith) Please don't hold it against me!!- if you're not a fan of their music!! Do you think any Raspberries fans would ever be that crazy to attempt anything like that?? Just giving everyone a suggestion, since it looks like we may have the opportunity for autographs!! LOL P.S. I currently have no tattoos, but the thought of a small raspberry tattoo has crossed my mind in the past weeks!! All I need is the courage now!!!
  8. Hi Annie, About the ribbon, I was shopping today and found some ribbon that is printed with raspberries and has a raspberry colored edge. If you haven't purchased the ribbon and would like more details, you can email me and I would be happy to discuss it with you. I just bought a yard, but there is a whole roll on the shelf. Julie
  9. I would love to meet everyone too!!
  10. Kudos to Bernie, Ken, Eric and Raspberries for all helping to make our dreams come true!! What an exciting time and I'm so happy to be able to attend!! Many thanks to everyone who helped pull this off!! I still can't believe our greatest wish is finally becoming a reality!! Counting the days, Julie R.
  11. It's wonderful to know that Eric and Raspberries truly appreciate their dedicated fans and look forward to meeting them after the show. I'm so glad everyone who wants to meet them will finally get the chance. It's a dream come true for so many of us and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks Eric, for being such a class act!! Your fans are forever grateful to know that you care!!!
  12. My husband and I are going there on Saturday afternoon. We would be interested in 2 tickets.
  13. Balcony seats still available at 12:45
  14. Yes, the meet and greet is the dream of a lifetime!!!
  15. Yes, they are on sale now! Just got mine. The $100.00 balcony seats include a meet and greet!! I would not wait, by the time I got there, I could note get 2 seats together in the center balcony. But I did purchase 2 in the right balcony rows A-D. Good luck, go to HOB.COM and register now to get your advance sale tickets!! IT's FREE!!
  16. Hi Everyone, My husband and I are also coming to the show and will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Euclid. Would love to meet up with others. It's our first time in Cleveland and would love any restaurant recommendations. We're also planning to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday sometime! I think we should all definetly meet up somewhere! Keep me posted. Can't wait!!! Julie R.
  17. Thank you, Bernie. Such a quick response too! So happy to see the photo when I arrived home from work! Eric still looks great to me! Was hoping to see a family photo in the book, near the end where Eric talks about his children. Would it be too much to hope that maybe someday one would appear in the picture section of the website?! The family photo you have up now is great, but I know the fans would love an update! Thanks again, Julie R.
  18. Hi Bernie, Just about halfway through the soft cover addition of the book. Enjoying every chapter immensely! Don't want it to end, so I am reading about a chapter a day. I was wondering- I believe sometime back you mentioned you would let everyone see a copy of the photograph of Eric included in the hard cover edition. Now that most everyone has received their books, would you be so kind as to share the photo with the monetarily challenged fans who ordered the soft cover?? It would really make my day. Thanks, Julie R.
  19. Happy Birthday Eric! I hope you have an amazing day! It's a joy to read about your life story in the new book. Thanks for all the incredible music you have given us throughout the years and hopefully in the years ahead. My favorite album, now CD, has always been Boats Against the Current and it never fails to move me whenever I hear it. Your music will always have a very special place in my life. Julie Rhoads
  20. Yea!!! My book arrived today 8-10 Tue. and I am devouring each and every picture and have skimmed every chapter. Now I will start at the beginning and digest every little detail and savour every moment! Thanks so much Bernie, for the book and the web site and for bringing Eric closer to our hearts! I'm proud to own the book and will treasure it always! Sincerely, Julie R.
  21. Add my vote too for "Cindy in the Wind."! Happy New Year Everyone!
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