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  1. #128 is now safely home in York,PA!!
  2. Brought a tear to my eye and goose bumps all over! Beautiful work, Bernie! BRAVO!!
  3. Never say, "Never"!!!
  4. We have Dr. Sugar the dentist, Dr. Docktor, an MD and Dr. York who all practice in York, PA. Because I work for the post office, I see the most unusual names. The ones I liked best were Buffy Boots and Candy Cotton. Almost forgot Anne Amal and Bethany Beach. My favorite street has to be Sillyman St. Yes, it actually exists. Then there are the unusual last names such as Peed, Belch, Boose, God, Hooker, etc. and some that would probably get censored. Just can't imagine going through life with those last names! There are also many ordinary people who are given famous names, such as Courtney Love. We see them all the time! My cat's name is Chloe. Since I couldn't have kids(people) of my own, I started naming my pets names I would have given actual children. Today my pets truly are my children. I have always liked the name Cooper for a boy, but the kids on the playground would have had a field day with "Pooper Cooper"!!
  5. I like diet sodas that don't taste like diet. My favorites currently are Sprite Zero (aka Diet Sprite), Diet Sierra Mist and Diet Dr. Pepper. Just wondering if Eric calls soft drinks "pop" like my realitves do in Akron, OH?! What does everybody else call soft drinks in their hometown? In York, PA we say "soda". We call those long coldcut sandwiches, "subs". Other areas call them hoagies, grinders, heros, etc. But basically we are all talking about the same thing! When I vacationed on the Jersey shore a few years ago in Springlake, we ate at a restaurant in a bar and they had a menu item listed as a "bar pie". Little did we know, they were talking about pizza!!
  6. I always enjoyed watching "Press Your Luck". I think you can still find re-runs airing on GSN (Game Show Network).
  7. "Peppermint Twist" by Joey Dee and the Starlighters, on 1/25/62. I believe this song was featured in the movie American Graffiti, which I believe took place in 1962.
  8. It's funny that you mentioned Rogers and Hammerstein's made for TV production of Cinderella. Always my favorite as a little girl in the mid 60's, I just rented it from Netflix and had a wonderful afternoon reliving the memories and enjoying the beautful music and lyrics. Today's kids would probably find the production dated and slow moving (no amimation), but to me it warmed my heart just as it did those 30 some years ago. I could still sing along with all of the songs, I guess your memory does remember everything! I believe this originally aired in prime time and ran for 2 hrs. Can you imagine this in today's prime time line-up?
  9. As I was driving home from work last night around 1 AM a public service commercial came on the radio. It was about lung cancer and the fact that 60% of those who are diagnosed have never smoked or quit many years ago. I thought of Dana Reeve and wondered how she was doing in her struggle with the disease. I was totally shocked to read the headlines this morning and learn that she has passed. How ironic that she was in my thoughts last night. It just gave me chills. My heart breaks for their son.
  10. William Cowsill, lead singer of the Cowsill family has died. He was 58. His death was attributed to emphysema.
  11. Eric in concert??!! One can only hope!! and Dream!!
  12. I'm having fun bidding! Some items are going quite high already! Good luck everyone!
  13. Uh oh, now I feel bad for using a nickname, instead of my real one! Not trying to be anyone other than myself. Just thought another Julie on the board might be a bit confusing since there are already 2 Julias and 2 other Julies.
  14. I love "Vincent". Such a beautiful song.
  15. Greetings from PA, Ecstacy! Were you at Raspberries Chicago show last January? That was my first time in your windy city and I just got a quick glance, but I hope to return again some day and check out all your hometown has to offer!
  16. I know it's a berries tune, but Eric did co-write and sing it.... "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine". And Eric, if you're reading this, this would be THE song I would most love to hear at the next Raspberrries show! Thanks!
  17. smittie

    Thank You

    It's good to hear from you, Ted. Words are never enough after the loss of someone so dear to you. But I hope the fact that so many on the board are here to support you will be of some comfort to you. Please keep in touch.
  18. Love stromboli, pizza (Papa Johns), anything Italian, although I don't have an ounce of Italian blood!
  19. Ahh..memories!! I also had a pair of white go-go boots circa 1968 or 69 and thought I was the coolest thing in the 2nd grade! My mom on the other hand was none too cool about dealing with the black scuff marks they made on our kitchen floor!!
  20. Thanks for the clarification. Did not understand that Barry was a victim of Katrina.
  21. The fact that he is keeping his feedback private really says it all. Most sellers are honest, reliable and very proud of their positive feedback. Beware of those who have something to hide!!
  22. To all those who await the arrival of their book:(which includes me too!) Just arrived home from my job at the post office. I work at one of the plants that processes mail and packages. As you can imagine, we are in the midst of our busiest time of the year. Things are running smoothly and we are doing our darndest to keep the mail rolling along. I jokingly asked a package employee if they would keep an eye out for my package/book and set it aside for me when they find it! Was a bit tempted to root through one of the hundreds of hampers to find my treasure. Have patience, we will come through for you soon! And don't forget that the price of a 1st class will be 39 cents starting Jan. 8.! Till then, keep those cards and letters comin'. And to Bernie and Kathy, Thanks for entrusting your shipping needs to the US Postal service!
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