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  1. James, he played St. John's? The basketball arena? I saw him play the Agora in Columbus, but can't say I ever heard of him playing St. John's. Was he opening for someone?
  2. I find this comment interesting - 'Though most everyone knows of Carmen's work both with the band and solo (his biggest hit ever was the 1976 No. 2 smash "All By Myself," which he loses money for every time it's played on radio because of his piano piece that involves Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2)' I this true? I mean, it is implying that he does not receive (or has to share) royalties because he 'sampled' the Rachmaninov melody. Any truth to this?
  3. Just a friendly reminder... The Kennedy Center Honors is on CBS tonight at 9 PM Eastern. The Led Zeppelin segment should be good - The Foo Fighters, with Dave Grohl on drums and Taylor Hawkins on rather strained vocals, took "Rock and Roll." Kid Rock, in gold-sequined cowboy shirt and chaps, did a better job on "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" and "Ramble On." Next was Lenny Kravitz doing a spot-on Plant impression on "Whole Lotta Love." Finally, Jason Bonham, son of original drummer John and the drummer for the band's 2007 reunion show, joined Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart for a show-ending version of "Stairway to Heaven" that gradually grew to include a string section, a horde of backup singers and the Joyce Garrett Youth Choir.
  4. IF Eric doesn't come through, I recommend Richard Marx' Christmas CD as a great alternative - And if I had a chance To make one wish And know it would come true I'd start all over with you
  5. Well, here is the answer/explanation - http://songhall.org/join We all just have to join (and by join, I mean pay to join) the Songwriters Hall of Fame, nominate Eric, then vote him in... simple!
  6. However, it seems to me that 'All By Myself' would certainly qualify for - The Towering Song Award, presented to the creators of an individual song that has influenced our culture in a unique way over many years, was presented to Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber and Ben E. King for “Stand By Me.â€
  7. I never heard of Ne-Yo... turns out not only is he very accomplished, (In 2009, Billboard ranked him as the 57th Artist of the 2000s decade) but after checking him out on YouTube, he's pretty good -
  8. This might be a case of, 'What have you done lately?'...
  9. have started their own band - Click on this link - The Beach Boys’ Kids Carry On Legend With New Band, California Saga
  10. To my ears, Cyrus Erie always had a country/hillbilly feel to it... like Rascal Flatts. I guess they were just ahead of their time.
  11. In case you didn't notice - Without asking for permission, Facebook has changed users' listed email address to one ending in "@facebook.com." The changed was discovered Saturday, and has resulted in either users having their @facebook.com address being listed or simply having all of their other addresses be hidden, as happened in my case. To change back your email address, go to your profile, click "Update info," scroll down to "Contact Info" and click "Edit." Select with whom you want to share each individual email address and to the right of that choose whether you want your email displayed on your timeline or not. While users can opt out of having their @facebook.com address listed, the troubling part of the change is how Facebook went about implementing it. The social network didn't as much as announce the change was coming or alert users once it happened. Here is the whole article - FACEBOOK CHANGES YOUR EMAIL
  12. God Damn....how did they NOT conquer the world the early 70's? I think that Carmen guy held them back...
  13. I agree...and I think it was brave of you to broach the subject. We won't even go into 'Raspberries' vs 'The Raspberries'... that's been beaten to death. I've said the same thing about my favorite Chicago band... The Elvis Brothers. Friends told he how great they were, but with a name like that, I figured they were a novelty act. Boy, was I wrong...
  14. This is author Michael Chabon -
  15. From the Comcast home page - The Great Gatsby 'Adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, Mia Farrow and Robert Redford led the cast for the 1974 film. Last year, Baz Luhrmann decided to retell the tale in his native Australia, with Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Daisy Buchanan and the titular Jay Gatsby. The film is set for a December 2012 release. ' I hope someone associated with this film has the brains to contact Eric for the rights to songs off 'Boats'.
  16. Jerry

    2012 Grammys

    I was thinking the same thing... he was not nearly as clean as the other players.
  17. Jerry

    2012 Grammys

    Agreed.. a lot less crap... I'm sorry, Rap, than previous years.
  18. What a voice... what incredible beauty... one of God's great gifts... somehow the Devil triumphs -
  19. I thought it was outstanding... great song, great live performance.
  20. Boy, this was news to me - Back in 1983-1984 Jim Carrey had a 6 month relationship with the queen of Rock/Country music, Linda Ronstadt. When they started dating she was 37 and he was 21.
  21. As they say on American Idol, 'He made it his own!' He needs to give it back...
  22. Jerry

    Holly PBS Special

    Thanks for the clarification...
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