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  1. Don Corleone-“What the hell happened, Santino?” SONNY- “We lost him, pop…” DON- “Did you follow my instructions, Michael?” MICHAELYea, we did, but he got away…” DON-“Them, I want to hear the whole story…The truth…” TOM-“It started out with the chick with the horse… We knew what time she would go for a ride on her horse…We had both sets of cubes and we were ready… AS TOM TOLD THE STORY, THE DON PICTURED THE STORY IN HIS MIND… WE NOW TAKE YOU BACK TO THE SCENE AS IT UNFOLDED… FRANKIE PANTANGELO…“Here they come…Right on schedule…I’ll grab the girl and Luca, you get the horse into the wagon.. Michael get the two sets of sugar cubes…Everybody hide”… SUSIE-“Hey, Blazer…There’s two buckets of sugar cubes over there and one smells like Raspberries…Let’s stop for a snack…You can have the regular sugar cubes and I’ll eat the Raspberry scented ones… AS SUSIE DISMOUNTS AND FEEDS BLAZER HIS SUGARY TREATS the Corleone squad appears.. FRANKIE P“Quick, grab the chick and shove the horse into the trailer…We may need to use his head for a little persuasion tactic later” TOM-“So Don Corleone…That part of the plan went well..,We told Bernie that if Lew didn’t get the moderator job, people would start disappearing…So we got Susie B locked up in the other room with “Batman” DON-“Then we got two of them back there…I see that the other one has eluded us and is back posting again..,Take me back and tell me what went wrong.., TOM-“We sent him an application to his harem with a picture of an 18 year old hot chick……We sent a photo of her clipping a guys toenails…He loves that… and we included a picture of her fetching a beer… TOM-“With your permission, Don,we resume the story… We correspond with this guy and he agrees to come to America from Panama to “test” the girl out… Fredo and Tessio meet him at JFK Airport, hold up a name card He gets off the plane with his dog and a bag and gets into the limo… DON- Story sounds good do far…”What happened?” FREDO-“The son of a bitch, gets in the car, and doesn’t see the girl and starts asking questions…He then opens the bag, start to eat the burgers and says, “Roses are red, violets are pink…when I eat White Castle, my “heat” really stinks”… And then he lets out a tremendous noise, the car stunk so bad, like one of BeAtlBuM’s old posts, that we had to pull over and roll down the windows and he made a break for it…” “I’m not used to being embarrassed like this…The guy, Lew, donated 50 cents to keep the board alive and this Bernie guy still don’t make him a moderator… Get him in here next…We need to have a little meeting with him… STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT EPISODE: THE GODFATHER AND BERNIE-FINAL MEETIN’…
  2. Good luck!!! https://pacificcoastmb.com/susannah-cahalan-tew/eric-carmen-spouse-5b572c
  3. https://amp.tmz.com/2022/10/04/loretta-lynn-dead-dies/
  4. This is taken from a website that took the info from here…Nonetheless/Whatever happened to this project? http://imwan.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=87437
  5. Sorry to read this…Steve was the 1st person I met from this board…Way back, when I was still a “Lurker” here, I went to the ‘Berries” reunion show at B.B. Kings in NYC…I saw a guy walking down the street in a Raspberries t-shirt…I stopped him and introduced myself as a fellow fan…He told me that he had just gotten into New York and was going to a pre-concert get together with the other posters… Seemed like a nice guy…Ran into him a few times that weekend…You never forget your first…R.I.P. Steve…
  6. https://deadline.com/2022/10/ringo-starr-covid-postpones-tour-dates-1235133670/amp/
  7. https://chaospin.com/best-eric-carmen-songs/
  8. Not sure if this was run before(I didn’t see it in a “search” I did)but… https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/why-no-output-from-eric-carmen.178840/
  9. Ringo cancelled another show tonight…
  10. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/34698840/antonio-inoki-famed-combat-sports-trailblazer-dies-79?platform=amp
  11. Great shirt…When I saw Ringo/EC, I was in 2nd row in front of Eric and after the show, I went to the stage and slobbered all over him, gushing to the point of embarrassment(coincidentally, my wife filed for divorce about 2 months later probably realizing that she was married to a fool)… The very next tour stop, the show added BOATS to the lineup so I never got to see that…
  12. https://m.facebook.com/FourWindsCasino/photos/a.146391881252/10159913023121253/
  13. https://news.science101.com/en/rock-ranked-overrated-bands?ly=native_one
  14. He gets stuff out if people that no one else does… Here, he gets stuff out of Ringo…
  15. Tracey Ullman was introduced to the U.S. audience in the early summer of 1984 when the video to her song “They Don’t Know” received a fair amount of airplay on MTV. The consensus at the time was that people wondered how an unknown like Ullman was able to get Paul McCartney to appear in the video. I, for one, was definitely intrigued. Of course, back then I was unable to Google her name! “They Don’t Know” was Ullman’s only song in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at # 8 in May. A few months later, people in the U.S. would realize that Ullman was able to get Paul to appear in the video because she had a role in the McCartney movie Give My Regards to Broad Street, which was released in the U.S. in late October 1984. The video to “They Don’t Know” was shot while the movie was being filmed. https://beatleshistorian.com/?p=4
  16. Yeah…I used to try that as well, but with my concentration on the road, I would miss so much of the info that I would constantly be rewinding and gave up after a while…
  17. Nice to see James back…Now we need Batman and Susie…
  18. How cool, Vinnie…The Bechard’s are/were a notable family in the area… It was a cool nightclub…
  19. This was done right before B.B. King show in NYC… Interview is the first half hour of the show… https://wfmu.org/archiveplayer/?show=15750&archive=113410&starttime=
  20. There is a lot of great comments by posters on this one… https://www.rocktownhall.com/blogs/cheap-trick-or-the-raspberries/
  21. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sid_%26_Marty_Krofft's_Red_Eye_Express
  22. https://powerpop.blog/2020/06/07/my-10-favorite-powerpop-songs/
  23. When I was working for a Miller Distr. years ago, we used to sponsor oldies shows at a club in New Haven called Boppers..In the mid-80’s, I think, we sponsored Gary Lewis and the Playboys and Rich Spina was a member…As we chatted that night, the topic switched to Cleveland and of course, I jumped in with the fact that I was a Raspberries fan…Well, he was a friend of Eric’s and we started to outdo each other with Berries’ trivia…I won when he couldn’t correctly answer how many seagull chirps there were at the fade-out of On The Beach…(3)…
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