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  1. James…

    James is a baby, James is a ninny, Could it be, he’s afraid of Vinnie?
  2. Happy birthday, Jimmy Nicol

  3. James…

    James…First of all, if I haven’t come to your defense as quickly or as forcefully as you would like, I apologize for this misgiving because there has certainly been reciprocity on your part… I love to argue, but I am not confrontational…Behind all this bluster is a guy who is meek and mild and was actually beaten up by Quakers at one point… But, seriously, you are certainly a pivotal member of this community…While Bernie and Kirk are certainly the backbone, you are the “face” of the joint…While long-time members and contributors like Craig, Matthew , Susie and myself are ever present, you are the cog that symbolizes what this site means…It goes well beyond EC music…As Eric’s music becomes less topical because of passing time and no future, your wittiness, satire, poetic musings and intelligent diatribes about politics, society, et al: have become a trademark of consistency here… When feeling down, we turn to this site and there is a “corny” poem to bring a smile to our face, a Lewisa/ harem reference that alters the mood or a political post that inspires and stirs the soul… Vinnie has attacked you…So what?…It’s just political ideology that his kind love to sling…It’s deranged thinking by his sort for they sling the “racist” arrows because there are no other weapons left in their quiver… I’ve always marveled how you uprooted your life from a stable, comfortable country that you adore to transplant yourself into a situation which reeked of insecurity and uncertainness, just to “help” and move the societal needle forward… Reinvigorate your focus…Stay here and do what you do best…HELP…Help keep a smile on our faces and a stirrer in our brain…We know who you are and what you do… Remember, even Jesus had his detractors, but carried on and still has a world wide effect on people to this day… We all change, loose focus or simply feel detached…but when you battle through those emotions, the other side becomes so much rewarding… We can’t afford, nor do we want to lose you here…
  4. Great middle 8's

    What a great song…harmonies are unbelievable…
  5. James…

    Are you back from the beach yet ?
  6. It’s always interesting (to me anyway) to see EC’s chart success in other countries… https://music.fandom.com/wiki/Eric_Carmen P.S. There is an entry on the bottom of the page with a song entry entitled “Can I Have This Kiss Forever”…Dies anybody know what the connection is..,?
  7. Reigning Sound Get The Message

    What a mix!!!…and out of sight vocals..I give it a zero…
  8. DKRC 1-12-74 good copy

    A great copy…Man o man, they were dynamic…
  9. Happy Together -50 Anniversary Tour

    Vodka and prune juice sales skyrocketed that night…
  10. Early Raspberries?

    I guess the early Raspberries are in this broadcast somewhere but I didn’t have the time to listen through it… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GFgoK2LZpVMYILsJwgkHsa_9qW_vy22l/view
  11. A Good List

    Here’s a pretty good way to find some obscure versions of EC covers… https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/eric-carmen/credits/
  12. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/abyss89/who-ruled-the-80s_the-200-biggest-artists-of-the-decade-in-the-usa/
  13. Happy Together -50 Anniversary Tour

    Both Kaylan and Volman….?
  14. Went last night to see the 50th Anniversary tour… Cowsills-Strong vocals and tight opening set… Classics IV…Without the late Dennis Yost, they were the weakest of all the acts…Lead vocalist was flatquite a few times…Great sax player… The Vogues …Very tight vocal harmonies, although it’s not the original lead singer… The Association…All originals(I think)…Good solid set, although the mix was a little muddy… Gary Puckett…A definite highlight…Still possesses strong vocal even at the age of 79… Turtles…Great catalogue of songs but don’t treat their music with respect…Clown around too much…Mark Volman does not look in the best of health and vocals were shaky…His partner, Howard Kaylan does not tour anymore and was replaced by Ron Dante, lead singer of the Archies… Good show overall…Great professionalism for the most part and backing band was led by Godfrey Townsend… Recommended for people in our age bracket… P.S.-Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) and The Buckinghams were both advertised but were no-shows.. P.S.S.-These are the kinds of packages that EC would be great for in a 70’s and 80’s type calvacade…
  15. 1 x 1 =2

    One and One is Two…Unreleased Beatle song from waaaaaaaaaaay back…