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  1. John Fetterman-Democrat (of course)…
  2. If you woke up early enough(or at the right time) and checked the board, you would have seen that LC had swept every topic heading with his responses…He has made a strong return…That’s good news…This board needs a strong LC…
  3. Here’s the original Franke and the Knockouts version…
  4. Entertainment·Entertainment Weekly “If I rattle it around, I can hear him”: Rod Stewart keeps his late mentor’s ashes in a guitar he owns, and it’s not as weird as it sounds Classic Rock Sat, September 23, 2023, 1:03 AM EDT Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry. Bryan Adams on the cover of Classic Rock magazine Rod Stewart’s career has taken him from his early days in The Jeff Beck Band through the Faces and his transatlantic megastardom of the 70s and 80s right up the late-period success of his Great American Songbookseries. But he got his big break when he was hired as a singer by British blues star Long John Baldry for his band The Hoochie Coochie Men.. In a brand new interview with Bryan Adams in the new issue of Classic Rock, which has been guest edited by Adams, Rod looks back on that initial meeting – and reveals that he owns a guitar with Baldry’s ashes in it. Recalling the first time he met guitarist and singer Baldry in 1963, Stewart recalls: “I’d just gone to see his band, and I was on the way home, on platform seven, but he [Baldry] was on platform six or whatever. “I was playing a harmonica and singing by myself, doing an old Muddy Waters song, and he came over and said, ‘Young, man, would you like to join the band as a backup singer?’ “So I did, and that’s what started it all. Thirty-five pounds a week, which was a fortune in those days. The average wage was twenty pounds a week.” Stewart sang with in The Hoochie Coochie Men, who changed their name to Steampacket in 1965 before splitting the following year. Stewart and Baldry remained friends until the latter’s death in 2005 at the age of 64. “I’ve still got his guitar,” says Stewart. “His ashes are inside, so if I rattle it round I can hear him. He’s still with me.” In the same interview, Stewart jokingly address the fact that he donned a hi-vis jacket to fill in potholes near the house he owns in Essex after the local council failed to do it. “I put the council and the government to shame,” he says. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/rattle-around-hear-him-rod-050329232.html
  5. AMBER ALERT: Bernie has not been seen around these parts for 2 weeks… Putting up molding can be a laborious task, but…
  6. My friend saw them in Long Island at this time without Wally(they claimed Bryson was out with appendicitis)…Eric handled all the guitar duties and actually knocked over the mic stand while playing…
  7. Love these doo-wop groups banging out these songs without auto tuning or other studio gimmicks…
  8. Got the strange chord changes of his old man down Pat…
  9. Not sure about the concert review…Is that a legitimate concert? Popular artists Eric Carmen 105,486 fans I'm a fan Off tour Tour stats Concert history Reviews TRACK ARTIST Past concerts View all past concerts Live reviews Eric Carmen was very popular for a short time period in the early 1980’s and back then it appeared he might become a superstar. He did have good success but he never rose to the level that many people thought he might become. I saw him at a small theater in Ohio. He lives in and is from Ohio. He was doing some small shows to promote his song “ Brand New Year” which he recorded in 2013. This was the first one he has released in 15 years and it sounded really good. He played this and gave kind of a background story on it. He also did his other hits. Songs like “Hungry Eyes” from the Dirty Dancing movie. He played “ All by Myself” and did a great version of “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”. His voice sounded great even though he does play that much anymore. He also played guitar and the band he had with them were wonderful. The crowd was older and mostly people in their 40’s and 50’s. They enjoyed the show and they were really proud of the local boy done good. He really should tour more, I think he would be surprised how well he would be received. Report as inappropriate By Anonymous Videos (1) See all videos (1) Photos (2) See all photos (2) Find out more about Eric Carmen tour dates & tickets 2023-2024 Want to see Eric Carmen in concert? Find information on all of Eric Carmen’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Eric Carmen scheduled in 2023. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track Eric Carmen and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 105486 other Eric Carmen fans. Last concert: Almost 9 years ago Popularity ranking: Top 5,000 Christina Milian (3261) Eric Carmen (3262) DJ Koze (3263) See all Concerts played in 2023: 0 concerts Touring history 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 Most played: Cleveland (1) New York (NYC) (1) Denver (1) Los Angeles (LA) (1) Fort Lauderdale (1) Appears most with: The Sweet (4) Jack Bruce (4) Kansas (3) The Beach Boys (3) Ringo Starr & His All Starr... (3) Distance travelled: 11,139 miles https://www.songkick.com/artists/6174-eric-carmen#:~:text=Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Eric Carmen scheduled in 2023.&text=Popularity ranking%3A,Christina Milian (3261)
  10. All The Way To Memphis-Mott The Hoople… When You’re Hot, You’re Hot-Jerry Reed… Take A Walk On The Wild Side-Lou Reed
  11. I can't look... it's too sad": Queen's Brian May expresses dismay as Freddie Mercury's personal possessions go under the hammer in London, with his Bohemian Rhapsody video 'snake bangle' selling for £698,500 Paul Brannigan Wed, September 6, 2023, 4:49 PM EDT Freddie Mercury auction An auction of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury's personal possessions is currently underway in London, and his former bandmate Brian May admits that he is finding the sale "too sad" to watch. More than 140,000 members of the public visited Sotheby's auction house to view the Freddie Mercury, A World of His Ownexhibition in the run up to the week-long auction, which began yesterday, September 5, and more than 6,000 people have watched the opening days of bidding online. For the most part, Mercury's personal effects are being sold for prices far in excess of what they were expected to fetch. Almost 30,000 items once owned by the singer - ranging from the Yamaha baby grand piano on which he composed some of Queen's best-loved songs through to personal Polaroid photos, gold and platinum discs, handwritten lyrics, a 'Dragon Throne' and around 50 Japanese silk kimonos - are going under the hammer. The items were once housed in Mercury's Kensington home, Garden Lodge, and were bequeathed to Mary Austin, one of the singer's closest friends, who has now decided to put everything up for sale. A statement from Sotheby's described the exhibition as "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the public and private realm of a global icon." Posting on Instagram, Brian May admitted that he "can't look" at the auction, noting, "To us, his closest friends and family, it’s too sad." May writes: "Inescapably thinking so much about Freddie in these strange days. At the time this photo was taken I’m sure it didn’t seem very important to see Freddie’s fingers dancing on my own home-made guitar. Now it summons up waves of affection and great memories. He is so missed. Tomorrow while I’m speaking passionately to Welsh farmers about cows and badgers and bovine TB, Freddie’s most intimate personal effects, and writings that were part of what we shared for so many years, will go under the hammer, to be knocked down to the highest bidder and dispersed forever. I can’t look. To us, his closest friends and family, it’s too sad." Although Mercury's Yamaha piano sold for much less than expected - £1,742,000 when it had been expected to fetch up to £3m - the final bids for other items have far outstripped expectations. A silver 'snake bangle' that Mercury wore in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody video sold for £698,500, when it was estimated to sell for £9,000. Mercury's garden door, meanwhile, which was expected to sell for around £25,000, sold for more than £400,000, including costs. The auction continues through to September 13.
  12. I typed in “Newspaper articles about Eric Carmen”… There were a couple more there as well…(I think)…By the way, what the hell time do you get up in the A.M.?
  13. https://www.newspapers.com/article/32487837/eric_carmen_san_francisco_concert/
  14. https://www.newspapers.com/article/9473812/eric_carmen_finds_success_8121988_a/
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