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  1. Wow...I never picked up half that stuff...
  2. Lew,

    It felt good to know that I might have played a small role in Bernie's willingness to keep the board going. I think he has enjoyed some of my threads and I hope you do too.

  3. Congrats to Cyndi Lauper for her video of Girls Just Want To Have Fun has crossed the one billion viewed plateau...It is only the fifth video to do so...Sharing the honor is the videos for the following songs...Sweet Child Of Mine, Take On Me, Thriller and Never Gonna Give You Up...
  4. I wish I could “double-heart” your response Boss...
  5. Wow...What a voice on that Harvest Moon Performance...Great arrangement, harmonies, etc. Glad Vinnie and Craig brought these things to our attention...
  6. I don’t think lyrics are that important to a song... Rationale? 1,) If lyrics are that important, why do thousands of people listen/attend opera when they can’t understand a world that us being sung...? 2.) If lyrics are that important, why were acts like the Beatles, Cheap Trick and even EC so big in Japan(or other countries for that matter) when no one knows what they were singing...? 3.) Why is Beethoven considered the greatest composer of all time when he didn’t write lyrics to his greatest pieces? 4.) Why do Jewish people record albums of Christmas songs or Ringo Starr sings about “Boys” if he is straight and no one complains? 5.) How many spoken word songs hit the top of the charts vs. instrumentals ? 6.) Why do orchestras, symphonIes and marching bands perform with no one singing? 6.) Why would songs ever do well on the charts I.e. Disco Duck by Rick Dees or How Do You Do by Mouth and McNeal ever become successful if lyrics were important...? Lyrics ain’t important kids...
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/only-39-songs-stayed-no-123000290.html
  8. It always sounds ok until the singing(?)...
  9. Vinnie...if that is indeed “live”, it is damn impressive...Pretty much “spot on”...
  10. I remember that I was at a house party once when Go All The Way came on...There was a guy there, who I was talking to, that was a disc jockey on WICC-AM in Bridgeport Ct. back in the 60’s and 70’s...And he remarked that Go All The Way was the most “compressed” 45 that he ever could remember...He said that the needle on the VU meter never wavered or bounced away from the dead center line...
  11. https://swedishcharts.com/showreviews.asp?interpret=Eric+Carmen
  12. Who needs Marvin when you have Matthew C...?
  13. I just saw a post that our Doreen made over on Facebook that her mom has passed away...My condolences to her during this extremely difficult time...
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