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  1. pick one… OR Eric Carmen: Marathon Man by Bernie Hogya
  2. GDM | rock music reviews ARTIST: Tattoo ALBUM: Tattoo LABEL: Prodigal SERIAL: P6-100141S1 YEAR: 1976 COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: LINEUP: Wally Bryson - guitars, vocals * David Allen Thomas - guitar, slide guitar, percussion, vocals * Jeff Hutton - piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals * Dan Klawon - bass * Thom Mooney - drums TRACK LISTING: 01 What Did He Do * 02 Give It To Ya' Easy * 03 Send A Ship * 04 I Still Want You * 05 Absolutely Love * 06 It's Cold Outside * 07 Yer Stale * 08 Lonely Saturday Night * 09 This Is Your City * 10 The Highway Calls My Name Background Following the untimely break-up of The Raspberries, guitarist Wally Bryson took off for sunny California while Eric Carmen eyeballed a solo career with the storied Clive Davis at the helm. We all know how the story ended with Carmen becoming a solo star with an envious string of hit singles while Bryson stuck to the rock band angle with Tattoo and a couple years later in the more successful Fotomaker. We have reviewed the first two Fotomaker albums here at Glory Daze and it will take a lot of nerve to write up anything complimentary on their third disco oriented album without Bryson 'Transfer Station' so don't hold your breath! Having said this, let's take a look at Tattoo who signed to Motown's 'rock' label- Prodigal after Bryson's move to Los Angeles. After a few line-up changes, Tattoo played scattered gigs in the L.A. area with Thom Mooney formerly of The Nazz and Paris on drums, and there were high expectations the group would breakout in a big way after signing to Prodigal, but it was not to be. The Songs This record's biggest problem is the production, or lack thereof. This is one of the worst sounding albums you will come across - honestly. The sound is flat with a complete lack of dynamics, something that did not go unnoticed by the band that was not around during the final mix. Major mistake since the music itself for the most part is good - falling into the REO Speedwagon, Jo Jo Gunne and James Gang thumping denim and cowboy boots early 70's Midwestern sound. The opening track 'What Did He Do' has all the earmarks of single potential, hinting at Alexis and Brother Bait but falling well short of classic pomp. After this 'out of character' track the rest of the record is very workman like, again not too dissimilar to REO Speedwagon during this same period and like Champaign, Illinois' favored sons, Tattoo would have gone over big in Dubuque, Peoria and Fargo with the right promotion. In Summary Prodigal would offer Tattoo a second album, but by this time the group had run its course and Bryson left L.A. for New York's Long Island and a promising gig with the aforementioned Fotomaker. Tattoo's sole album is still easy to find in a good second hand shop or the usual internet outlets but it's certainly not essential, more of a minor blip in The Raspberries bumpy history. All written content on this website belongs to GloryDazeMusic.com copyright. Duplication elsewhere on the Internet is strictly prohibited, unless specific permission is granted.
  3. REVIEWS Written By Daniel Kohn Ronnie Wood, Steve Jordan, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards perform onstage during the "No Filter" tour at SoFi Stadium on October 17, 2021 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images) There’s a line in Almost Famous where Stillwater’s manager (played by Jimmy Fallon) proclaimed: “If you think Mick Jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age 50, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.” I couldn’t help thinking about how unbelievably wrong that character’s prediction was last night, watching the three septuagenarians take the stage on the second of two shows in Los Angeles’ $5.5 billion SoFi Stadium just weeks after the devastating loss of drummer Charlie Watts. But them British Bad Boys carried on, with Steve Jordan filling in on drums. Noting that this was the band’s 49th appearance in Los Angeles, Jagger can still move and groove across the stage even as he approaches his 80s. The same goes for how Richards and Ronnie Wood still have the energy to do this as frequently as they do — even with a buffer of nearly a week between shows. Nonetheless, you try getting up and putting on a stadium show for 70,000 people at the age they are and tell me how it feels. Unlike Thursday’s show, where Jagger hit back at Paul McCartney’s dig that the Stones were just a blues cover band or having to explain why “Brown Sugar” is likely retired, the only fireworks came when a 12-string guitar went missing before “Wild Horses” in a Spinal Tap-esque moment that left the band befuddled (Jagger quipped that there were 75 guitars onstage but they couldn’t find the one they wanted, but hey, you can’t always get what you want, right?) At this point in their storied band-span, the Stones remain one of the last links from rock’s nascent days. That’s why you saw families (from grandparents to grandkids) rocking to songs that remain timeless even if they capture an era that you’d need Doc Brown’s DeLorean to experience. Over 30 years since their last “hit,” (I’m being generous by calling “Mixed Emotions,” a great track that has seemingly has vanished from the setlist outside of a spot here and there, a hit), the Rolling Stones keep on choogling along, revving up nostalgia for the Boomer bunch every time they hit the road. Despite the setlist having barely moved (outside of their 2016 Desert Trip appearance) and only one song (“Living in a Ghost Town”) on it that has been released since George H.W. Bush was president, the Stones continue to prove why they were the world’s greatest rock n roll band. Rolling Stones SoFi Stadium 10/17/21 Setlist: Street Fighting Man All Down the Line (tour debut; first time since 2016) 19th Nervous Breakdown Tumbling Dice Beast of Burden Play Video Wild Horses (by request) You Can’t Always Get What You Want Living in a Ghost Town Start Me Up Honky Tonk Women (Followed by band introductions) Connection (Keith Richards on lead vocals) Before They Make Me Run (Keith Richards on lead vocals) Miss You Midnight Rambler (with “Come On In My Kitchen” snippet) Paint It Black Sympathy for the Devil Jumpin’ Jack Flash Encore: Gimme Shelter (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  4. THIS GUY IS AN EVIL CON MAN… HOMEABOUT SCIENTOLOGY THE LOWDOWN Search SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER You can either make a one-time donation to the site via Paypal... ...or you can subscribe and get billed monthly: $3 / Month : $3.00 USD - monthly $7 / Month : $7.00 USD - monthly $10 / Month : $10.00 USD - monthly $25 / Month : $25.00 USD - monthly FOLLOW ME ON SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-MAIL LIST To join our e-mail list & get daily updates on new stories, e-mail us at newstory@tonyortega.org. 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You probably remember his many late-night infomercials pitching quack health cures like “coral calcium” as he claimed to have the “natural” secrets to healing anything, including cancer. His bogus come-ons were incredibly lucrative, of course, and people continue to buy into his fantasies even after he’s been proved time and again to be a swindler who peddles nothing but empty promises. A really good 2015 profile of Trudeau in Business Insider showed that he was doing time in an Alabama facility that was more like summer camp than a penitentiary. A government database shows that he’s been moved to a Chicago halfway house which supervises prisoners on house arrest. And he’s scheduled to be released entirely next year, in 2022. Trudeau can hardly wait to get back in the saddle, and his Global Information Network (GIN) is anticipating his release by starting to book personal sessions with him after he gets out. Yes, if you book early, you can secure in-person counseling with a man who never lets government fines and prison sentences from selling himself as the best life coach you could ever want. Thanks to a reader, it’s been brought to our attention how much his GIN program is looking more and more like Scientology. In fact, we think you’re really going to be struck by the vocabulary Trudeau uses as he offers a new “level” of counseling he’s calling “Director VIII.” Trudeau’s own involvement in Scientology is a little mysterious. He recommends in his books that readers try out Dianetics and Scientology. And as the Business Insider profile indicates, Trudeau’s second wife, Kristine Dorow, said that their prenup “obligated her to reach a certain level in Scientology, which Trudeau has dabbled in over the years.” Some former Scientologists have also claimed to have seen Trudeau at facilities in Los Angeles. But his actual involvement in Scientology is not well known. Looking at his current offerings, there seems little doubt that Trudeau picked up a lot of Scientology concepts and jargon. Here’s a sample of what he’s selling as he prepares to come out of prison… This is my official announcement that I will be personally teaching and delivering live and IN PERSON the Level 8 Success Mastery Course (SMC) Training for The Global Information Network (GIN)! AND I am giving it to everyone FREE as my gift to Global Information Network Members! You read that right. The ENTIRE Success Mastery Course (SMC) Level 8 Training will be FREE for qualified GIN Members! The SMC Level 8 will be over 200 hours of personal instruction, teachings, and processes delivered directly by me in person. Over 200 hours of highly advanced, never before released “Total Success” Training! Regular “motivational speakers” or “success experts”, would charge well over $100,000 for a 200 hour “success course”. They charge right now $15,000 – $35,000 per week for “success training”. However, NO ONE has ever taught the material in Level 8 SMC Training…. The Level 8 SMC Training will be starting in the summer of 2022. This is over 200 hours of personal training with me. All the details will be coming soon from The Global Information Network. You must be a Member of the Global Information Network (GIN) and have completed Levels 1-7 of the Success Mastery Course. You must be signed up for the Level 7 Success Mastery Course no later than December 31, 2021 in order to receive the Level 8 SMC Training for FREE. You do not have to have completed the Level 7 training by December 31, 2021, you only have to be signed up for the training by that date. But you must complete the Level 7 SMC Training before you can take the Level 8 SMC Training…. This training will be like nothing you have ever experienced. This will take all the Success Mastery Course Levels 1-7 and The Science of Personal Mastery Course Lessons 1-64 and reveal all the hidden secrets that are embedded in those Courses. When you go through Level 8 training, all the seeds that have been planted within you as you went through those courses will sprout and unleash their power. You may feel like a volcano has been released within you, with power and energy flowing throughout your body like lava. You may feel like a blindfold has come off and finally you can “see” energy and “Truth”. You might feel like the chains that have been binding you and holding you down have been broken and now you are totally FREE and liberated. The Level 8 SMC Training will be more powerful than Levels 1-7 of the SMC combined. The Level 8 SMC Training can be called “The Awakening”, “Super Power”, “The Revelation” and “The Breakthrough”. It could also be called “TOTAL SUCCESS”, “Truth Revealed” or “Liberation Experienced”. Many will call it “Unlimited Wealth”, “Abundant Prosperity”, or “The Perpetual HAPPINESS Course”. This Training will bring you to a new level of “Being”, giving you higher abilities to manifest your desires faster and easier than ever before. It will in a way vaporize within you much of the negative energy that is keeping you from true deep happiness and joy that surpasses all human understanding. It will “clean up your karma” thus changing your life direction in major ways. When you complete Level 8 Training: -You will experience inner peace that cannot be described -You will finally have true “meaning” in your life -You will feel “in alignment” and have total CERTAINTY -Secrets and “TRUTH” will be revealed -Power within you will be unleashed -Your awareness will open thus allowing you to see and understand things like you have never imagined before -You will have mental and emotional CLARITY -You will be totally and completely liberated from fear -You will feel like you can “conjure” up and manifest any desire you have This training will release you from much of your deep seeded and buried insecurities, pain, and any negative feelings of unworthiness or not being “good enough”. This training will clear many of the blocks that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams and attaining the inner states of peace, fulfilment and joy that you ultimately desire and crave. This training will give you the biggest breakthrough you have ever experienced in your life. When you complete the training, you will feel like your whole life has been a dream, and that you finally came out of a “trance”. You will feel completely “Awakened”, “Alive” and “Aware”. You will have KNOWINGNESS, POWER, and CERTAINTY. You will be “Conscious”. You will experience “states” that you have only read about, and additional “states” that you could never have imagined. You will receive a “transference” of energy that will wake you up and expand your consciousness beyond anything you have known. You will reach a state of “dominion”, “control”, and “authority” that will make you feel “super human” and powerful beyond belief. You will have flowing within you, abilities far above that of “normal” people. You will become a magnet for success and a manifesting machine being able to conjure into your life whatever you desire. You truly will learn how to put a “command” into the ether and have your wish become a reality. This is what you have been waiting for. This is what I have been waiting to deliver to you. Now is the time! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity…. The Level 8 Training will also “handle” most of the blocks dealing with the Matter, Energy, Space and Time of the physical world where you deal with people, places, things, events and circumstances. You will learn how to be a complete “Master” of your environment, all the people you deal with and all the situations you face in life. You will learn how to be at total “cause” over your environment instead of being “at effect”… Make the decision today to experience a life changing event that will teach you how to Be, Do and Have whatever you desire… I can assure you one thing. When you complete the Level 8 Training, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! Much love, light and consciousness. Your friend in prosperity, Kevin Trudeau The truly sad thing, of course, is that there are people who will be chomping at the bit to give this huckster money so they can learn his “secrets” the minute he gets out of prison after having proved to be a liar and a con man. But such is the state of mankind. We just think you will be struck by how many concepts and code words Trudeau has taken from Scientology for this scheme, and rather than highlight them ourselves we’ll let you pick them out for us.
  5. https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/the-beach-boys-brian-wilson-john-lennon-the-beatles-alice-cooper-met/?fbclid=IwAR3aXOVcCBDAdS3eP8sGHwwODRaqgpePzB5QtOsUQzEtAUtvvgaFKeTp0Zg
  6. Eric Carmen is more a songwriter than a performer, and his singing has more technique than style. Acting as his own producer gives him control over how his material is presented, but this album amounts to no more than a demonstration of his current song catalog; he shows little ability to tie things together stylistically, so each selection is left very much on its own. "Haven't We Come a Long Way" is the disco number, "End of the World" has its catch phrase repeated endlessly, with background vocals like the Bee Gees' nasal harmonies, and "Heaven Can Wait" is just a very pleasant ballad. "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" is, of course, the Holland/Dozier/Holland warhorse from early Motown days. Why Carmen has recorded it isn't clear; perhaps he just had fun with the tune. "Change of Heart" is a hit single, but the song isn't much, with the production carrying the music instead of the other way around. "Hey Deanie" and "Someday" are both teen-pop items (Shaun Cassidy had a hit with the former), but they are well constructed and cleverly presented. Carmen's own favorite of the batch appears to be "Desperate Fools," since the album opens with a string ensemble playing a "Desperate Fools Overture" and closes with the song itself. It has nice modulations and reminds me somewhat of "Heliotrope Bouquet," the piano rag begun by Louis Chauvin and completed by Scott Joplin; but although Carmen sings it with grace and restraint, it is still more a demonstration of material than a performance. Change of Heart might make you feel you're being shortchanged, unless demos are your thing. You would certainly have a right to feel shortchanged when it comes to the album's playing time -- slightly more than twenty-eight minutes total. The album can't even be sold at the normal price in Scandinavia (and maybe in some other European countries), since there are laws there that records must be at least forty minutes long in order to retail at the standard album price (about $12 American). - Joel Vance, Stereo Review, 2/79. Carmen's third album for the label, following his 1976 breakthrough set Eric Carmen, and last year's commercial setback Boats Against The Current, is a near-perfect mix of bouncy rockers and heavily orchestrated ballads. Two standout cuts on the album are "Hey Deanie," Carmen's ultra-effervescent rocker which was a gold hit for Shaun Cassidy earlier this year, and a remake of Holland/Dozier/Holland's "Baby I Need Your Lovin'." A classy overture opens the album, with strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell. Best cuts: "Hey Deanie," "Change Of Heart," "Baby I Need Your Lovin'," "Desperate Fools," "End Of The World." - Billboard, 1979.
  7. Hey Pretender, where was the video performance from? P.S…God bless this man.. P.P.S…As an addendum…look/listen to the first video I put up and the video that Pretender put up…No rock musician ever had this versatility along with everything in between…(Freddy Mercury possibly had this scope of songwriting skill, but of course not quite the variety, impact or consistency that the Mac had)…Read Craig’s comment above…I agree wholeheartedly…
  8. Good luck… Find Talent The #1 Way To Book Talent For Your Next Event LocoLobo Events welcomes you to the world of Stars and Entertainment. We welcome all Entrepreneurs and Investors. Turn-key operations are our specialty. We provide professional one-stop College Entertainment. We can design any package of various entertainers within your budget. Music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and present -- No problem! Classic Rock, Disco, Oldies, Jazz, Alternative, Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, Country -- We can get them all. Use our Find Talentpage to start us working to find the entertainer you need. We give you individual attention for concerts, corporate events, clubs, college shows, private functions, festivals, radio promotions, and fundraisers. Be secure with Locolobo. Any funds are held in escrow until the entertainer's contract is delivered. We are available 24x7. So give us a call or email us. Welcome to LocoLobo Events, the largest entertainment and music mediator company in New York state. We're here to serve you. Whether you are a first time buyer or have booked events many time before you've made the right choice coming here. Eric Carmen To book artists and talent such as Eric Carmen for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Find Talent Form or Contact us. Eric Carmen's fans run a rather wide gamut. Bruce Springsteen and Courtney Love rave about the smart, rocking power-pop that the Cleveland-born singer-songwriter created with the influential Cleveland rock band the Raspberries in the early 1970s, "Titanic" songbird Celine Dion digs the epic, pop balladry of Camen's solo career, which began in earnest with his 1976 hit "All By Myself." Carmen, 49, hasn't released an album of new material in the United States since 1985. His last hit single, "Make Me Lose Control" came out in 1988. He hasn't performed publicly in more than a decade. But his music has undeniable staying power. Two of his songs, "All By Myself" and "Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose)" are among the most-played songs in U.S. pop history, with more than 2 million plays each on domestic radio and other broadcast outlets since their release, according to a tracking service developed by BMI, the performing rights society. Dion covered "All By Myself" on her 1996 album, FALLING INTO YOU, which has sold more than 26 million copies worldwide. "Almost Paradise," which was recorded by Heart's Ann Wilson and Loverboy's Mike Reno for the 1984 movie "Footloose" is being revived, too. It is featured in the Broadway musical "Footloose," which launches its first national tour with a public opening tonight at the Allen Theater at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. "I'd like to think my staying power is a testimonial to damn good songwriting," said Carmen, who now lives in Gates Mills with his wife, Susan, and 15-month-old son, Clayton. "My goal has always been to write really, really good songs." A Musical Start Carmen, who grew up in Lyndhurst and went to Charles F. Brush High School, has been obsessed by music since early childhood. At the Age of 2, he was entertaining his parents, Ruth and Elmer Carmen, with impressions of Tony Bennett and Johnnie Ray. By 3, he was in the Dalcroze Eurythmics program at the Cleveland institute of Music. At 6, he took violin lessons from his aunt Muriel Carmen, then a violinist with, the Cleveland Orchestra. By 11, he was playing piano and dreaming about writing his own songs. The arrival of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones altered his dream slightly. By the time Carmen was a sophomore at Brush, he was playing piano and singing in rock 'n' roll bands. Carmen became serious about rock 'n' roll while attending John Carroll University in the late 1960s, joining a band called Cyrus Erie, which recorded several unsuccessful singles for Epic records. Cyrus Erie guitarist, Wally Bryson, had been playing with friends Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley in one of Cleveland's must popular bands, the Choir, which scored a minor national hit in 1967 with the single "It's Cold Outside." When Cyrus Erie and the Choir collapsed at the end of the '60s, Carmen, Bryson, Bonfanti and Smalley teamed up to form, the Raspberries. Rise of the Raspberries The Raspberries soon became the most popular rock 'n' roll attraction in Cleveland. In 1971, the band signed a national recording contract with Capitol Records, releasing its self-titled debut album the following year. The album's second single, "Go All The Way," soared to No. 5 on the Billboard singles charts. Critics hailed the band's unique twist on Beatlesque power-pop, citing Carmen as a pop visionary. "Cleveland was a special place for music back then," says Carmen. "It was a lot like Liverpool in the 60s. It was this industrial city on the water with nasty winters. It wasn't exactly a resort area at the time. And an awful lot of kids turned to music as an outlet. There were great bands here: the Choir, the Outsiders, the James Gang. It was an amazing time. The Raspberries time in the national spotlight was short-lived. The band's next two albums -- 1972's "Fresh" and 1973's "Side 3" -- produced a couple of Top 40 hit singles including "I Wanna Be With You" and "Let's Pretend" but the group, had acquired a light, teeny-bopper image that didn't fit in with the times. Bonfanti and Smalley wanted to move toward a harder rock 'n' roll sound. They quit the band in 1973 and were replaced by drummer Michael McBride and bassist Scott McCarl. The group released one more album, "Starting Over" in 1974. It yielded a Top 20 hit single, "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)," but that was it for the Raspberries. "Even though rock critics loved what we did, we couldn't get those album-buying 18-year-old guys to go out and buy our records," says Carmen. "It Was just not hip. It was like, 'My little sister likes them.' It was so frustrating. We just could not break through it. It was probably the single biggest motivating factor behind the end of the band, which is kind of sad because it was it good band." Solo career Carmen reappeared as a solo artist, releasing his first album on Arista in 1975. It produced three Top 40 hit singles, including "All By Myself." His output has been sporadic since then. He released three more albums on Arista between 1977 and 1980, but had only one hit single, "Change of Heart" in 1978. "Almost Paradise (Love Theme from Footloose)" put him back in the Top 10 as a composer in 1984. But Carmen didn't have a hit of his own again until 1987, with "Hungry Eyes," written for the film "Dirty Dancing." He followed with another hit single, "Make Me Lose Control" in 1988, performed on the "Dirty Dancing" tour that year, then disappeared. He hasn't performed in public in the United States since then. He released a new studio album, "Winter Dreams" in Japan last year, but it is still not available domestically. Carmen says he has taken a laid-back approach to music for most of the past decade, working only when the mood strikes him. He moved back to Northeast Ohio from Los Angeles four years ago to be closer to his extended family. Right now, he is content to stay at home with his young son, supporting his family with songwriting and publishing royalties from his past hits. "I'm kind of a project writer," he says "I have no project, so I'm hanging with my son here. It's just the most fun I've ever had. And it's a big job. I have this wonderful luxury of being able to be home with my little boy as he is growing up. I just love every single day, waking up and seeing him and hearing him call for Daddy from the top of the stairs." There is one thing that might tempt him to perform onstage again -- a proper Raspberries reunion. "We've talked about the possibility of doing it", he says. "My only stipulation is that if we are going to do it, it's got to be done right. I have absolutely no desire to get on a stage And burst everyone's bubble who thought the band was great. If you can do it and present it in the right way and make it great, then maybe you do it, If not, It's better to just leave the myth alone. " To book an artist such as Eric Carmen or other big name talent for your Corporate Event, Private Party, Fundraiser or Convention, let one of our mediator agents negotiate with managers, agents and artists to achieve the best possible entertainment experience. Just fill out the Talent Request form for "Eric Carmen", so that one of our experienced professionals can contact and book this artist for you. We make booking entertainment and booking musicians easy! So get started with the preliminary Talent Request form and let us use our negitiating skills to get Eric Carmen booked for your next event.
  9. I’m not a big movie guy, but this is one of the greatest scenes that I’ve ever seen…
  10. First, Kirk wins the 3,000,000 hit contest and then NO moderator rank for Lew?…I achieved “Grand Master”…Wowie…Sounds like I’ m a pool champion…or a KKK leader…No, wait, that’s Grand Wizard…What’s next?…My Lewisa leaves to join some stupid harem?… This whole thing smells like an inside job…
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