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  1. How can I download the past MP3 archives listed on this site. When I go in it states no longer available. Is there anything that can be done?? Thanks whoever can help. Steven
  2. Oh man you guys!!! Not that I am getting tired of listening to my Rasberries/Carmen tunes but I would just like to "refresh" the archives I guess. SHOOT!!!!! Thanks for the info as usual. Still "hopin', and wishin', and prayin'"...
  3. Bernie, No pressure but it's time to come out with a disc of all this never before released Rasberries/Carmen stuff. Come on!!!! Let's go. I got the money right in my hand for the taking!!
  4. OOOPS I guess someone already asked this question. I would still like them on disc. This MP3 "Star Wars" jargon makes me nervous.
  5. Hey Bernie!! I see you update the MP3 files on this web with rare Raspberries/Carmen etc. I was wondering how could I get a hold of these songs?? Could you help out?? PPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEASE. That is just great. Thanks, Steven
  6. Kind of an extreme contrast from Brian May and Eric(who are great) but just to let you know this young girl is going to be a hit!!! Listen to her debut album cause she's only going to get better. I just hope her music stays pure. If any of you heard of Aselin I would like to hear (hopefully) your positive thoughts.
  7. Bernie, How did you get involved in Eric's website? Do you know Eric personally? Have you ever met him? If so can you describe what he is like? Just curious about your background in this cause I have no idea and find it interesting. Thanks for your time.
  8. Oops on the spellcheck there for patience. Thanks Mrs. Charter!! Bernie--I can see you have a huge fan base and I am not knocking you by any means. I guess I am just frustrated not to see any new music on the horizon for Eric. I mean think about it besides I Was Born To Love You in 2000 we haven't heard Eric virtually in the last 15 years. All I am saying is that he's due.
  9. Man this website hasn't been updated since this Eric canceled his summer tour. I know there isn't alot of "musical activity" going on in the winter but still...let's get this going again. Eric you need to get off the couch and start working. Your fans are running out of patients my man. Bernie -- what's the news with Eric lately?? Thanks!!
  10. I was less than a year old when "Go All the Way" was released back in 72 so unfortunately I cannot share any memories with that song. The first time I "discovered" Eric Carmen was probably like in 1978 when I was six years old. We had a record player with a bunch of 45's. My sister used to buy 45's and low and behold I came across "Sunrise". We used to always dance around in our living room to this song (as well as others). It was a great memory. At that same time we also had Sean Cassidy's "That's Rock N' Roll." Little did I know Eric wrote that song as well. In fact I really didn't start "relistening" to Eric until the late 1990's when I bought his Definitive Collection. Man that opened up all the memories from when I was a boy and from that point forward I have been an avid, avid fan of his. He just rocks!!! Thanks for the memories Eric. It's amazing how music can be so influential to one's life!!
  11. Darlene, It was Ticketmaster and I just called my local number of 651-989-5151. I think they have an 800, too. I agree with you regarding Eric touring, I don't think he will go out anytime soon either. I canceled my tickets because I'm not going to support the Abbey Road tour when they pull stuff like that. I am just ticked.
  12. Anyone who wants a refund from Ticketmaster can get one. I just got off the phone with them and canceled my two FRONT row tickets in Mankato, MN. They told me I had until July 5 to get them back to their corporate office to get the refund. So let's hope Eric can get back out on the road soon. I'd rather see him solo or with the Raspberries anyway.
  13. Bernie, Thanks for updating me on this. I appreciate your help very much. Please try and get Eric back out on the road if all possible in the near future. I really enjoyed the Ringo show a couple of years ago and am eager to see him again.
  14. Ok what is the deal here. Less than a week away and we still don't know whether Eric's going to be performing. I don't get it. Eric, do you read any of these messages? You should because there's alot of your fans who are very disappointed and frustrated right now because of this concert. Granted, this may not be your fault but who else is there to blame? I mean you've been in the industry for over 30 years. You know what should be going on. If the men behind this tour have given you a bad rap... just cancel. Let your fans know ahead of time so they can get refunds on their tickets and make other plans. I know you said you're doing what's best for your fans but so far keeping us waiting like this isn't the best thing for us. Please make the decision.
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