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  1. With the tremendous thick dark hair, I guess you could (if you're not wearing glasses, and you squint, and the lighting is poor) mistake Eric for Italian. Maybe it was the sky high heels he wore. Or maybe it was the Italian clothes he wore. You know what they say, "The clothes make the man" In this case, they're taking the quote a bit to literally, but.....
  2. Poor girl just turned 21 at the beginning of July - isn't that the drinking age down there in the US? Looks like she needs a decent parental figure in her life - or she's not going to make it to birthday #22.
  3. Holy Cow - has it been 20 years already? Man, I remember playing those songs while pretending to be working at my summer job! The girl I worked with was named Jennifer, and hated MMLC - so we made a point to sing it as much as humanly possible. The song was on the radio constantly. Wow - great to remember those old days of tormenting people in High School. Despite what those true musicians here at EC.com think, it's one of Eric's songs I love.
  4. I missed my 10 year reunion, but went to my 20th 2 years ago. Had the best time of my life. The sad part was the girls who peaked in high school. They looked like old brittle versions of themselves. Sadly - most married the guys on the football teams, etc., and are now divorced with a couple of kids. I was quite surprised to see how old they looked (we're - GASP - 40 this year!) - but many of them looked at least 10 years older than me. Still - Eric's right - all the old groups had disappeared, and everyone had an amazing time. The sad part was that people who still live in town didn't make the effort to go to the reunion, but many of us traveled thousands of miles to be there.
  5. Tell her to take up Entertainment Lawyer as a career. That way if anyone tries to screw her over with her contracts, royalties, etc... she has the education to bring them to their knees. That's a huge problem - you have young kids who just want to make music - they'll do anything they're told to get their album made and distributed. The execs know they have the musicians do anything they want. It's only when you actually have 'made it' as a performer that you can try to assert yourself. Still, even then it isn't always possible to have some control. Kelly Clarkson has sold over 15 million albums, and Clive is still making her life miserable because she didn't do exactly what he told her to. The music business sounds like a pretty scary world. At least now there's the Internet. You can always release your stuff to the world without having to be signed to a label.
  6. Geffen has a lot of great songs! I'm just fascinated that a bunch of $$$ can be missing and no one can account for it. Probably the same place all the royalties for the 'Berries music went. That's why I thought it would be fun to see what ideas the collective warped minds of ec.com could come up with. I have to admit - I'm disappointed by Tony, Lew, Muzza, TT, et al... I know you guys can come up with some very strange ideas if given the chance.
  7. My b'day is next week, and it's been ordered as a b'day present for me. I can let you know once it arrives.
  8. I'd be scared to death to cross Clive. As he did with Eric, if he's not happy with you, he can take the best album and, allow it (and your career) to tank. I don't think Kelly's going to get the kind of promotion she likely would have gotten if she had 'behaved' and made Clive happy. [rant]The more I've been reading about Eric, the more frustrated I am with the music business. You write the songs, arrange them, sing them, play the instruments, etc.... It's YOUR NAME that's on the cover of the album. If you tank, everyone says it's YOU. But, it looks like the 'star' of the album gets very little say in the final product. Eric says he never got any say in the album covers (except Boats), and there are many times he's not gotten what he wanted in terms of what songs were released, etc... Why to hell can't the studios let the artists have a bit of control over something that's got their blasted name on the cover??!! When I sign my name at work, it's my ass that's on the line....it should be the same for artists like Eric. [/rant] I can't believe Eric put up with it as well as he did. I guess I would have been like Kelly - standing up for what I believe in, despite what it will do to my career. You have to admit - to turn down millions of $$$ and say 'no' to Clive - that's pretty brazen!
  9. Heck, I can't even vote in the upcoming US election, and I still thought it was great. She's cute. Hummm .... and yet I can't see anyone writing a song about Stephan Harper (our Prime Minister) or the guys in opposition. Maybe something for me to think about when the next elections role around here.
  10. You're right Steve - that would be an AMAZING mix of talent.
  11. I knew instantly who each person was - you did a great job! Seeing the 'Berries on the Simpsons (or anywhere at all) would be great!
  12. I was wondering that myself - the most successful of records always seemed to be Eric and Ienner together. Was it luck? talent? timing? - a combination of all 3? Would 'Berries or Eric's solo work have been as successful without Jimmy? Would albums like "Boats" have been more successful with him? I'm sure it's something Eric's asked himself over the years as well. We'll never know for sure, but I wonder if Eric's ever thought of what it was that the two of them had that was never discovered with other producers.
  13. There's also "I remember Larry" by Weird Al - although it's not quite the type of song you'd be proud to have your name in. Strange - my 3rd Weird Al mention in the last few days. He's really not that big an influence in my life - just my son's.
  14. hollies65 One of my husband's favorite songs - long before he knew me - was "Michelle", so there are at least 2 of you in the world. I still see absolutely no redeeming value. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why there is any reason at all to listen to it? I don't think I'm being hypercritical just because it's my name. Naahhh.... it's still pretty insipid.
  15. Marvin - I thought this was to the tune of "American as Apple Pie". How did I get so confused??? Speaking of Canadian anthems - Weird Al did "Canadian Idiot" on his latest "White and Nerdy" album. It's to the tune of "American Idiot" from a few years back. Had me laughing for days....
  16. "Michelle" by the Beatles - everything about this insipid little ditty annoys me. The childish rhymes "Michelle My Belle, these are words that go together well"???? Being named Michelle after the song likely has something to do with my pure hatred for it. Even "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks is a better song with my name in it. My hope is that someday there will be a song with "Michelle" in it that I can stand. Weird Al has one - it's the best so far. (As a side note, I was a teen when "Make Me Lose Control" was released, and my friend Jennifer absolutely hated the song, because her name was in it. Although, she did admit it was better than "Jennifer, Juniper")
  17. Angelina! You're hilarious! I love #4 - $ went to Gus Dudgeon for him to just STAY AWAY since Boats Album. Spending all the money on hairspray and cigs was likely more where it all went.... I know I racked up some big bills back then for all my hairspray / mousse needs - and Eric's hair rivaled mine for size.
  18. Pierre - Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  19. Hey Tony - I don't think it's ever been above 55 here. Celcius that is! You'll have to learn too much - how to spell (Colour, neighbour, cheque, toque); the names of the provinces, and how to sneer anytime someone says "United States", "USA", or just "States" Oh yeah - and how to tell temperature in celcius, and length in meters. Face it old boy - I don't think you're up to it. Still.... we'll let you come for a visit.
  20. I've been reading Marathon Man the last few days (again!), and I was reading the part about the making of the Geffen album. They interviewed Kalodner (I can't remember, and I don't have the book handy - anyway, the A&R guy from Geffen) - and he was saying that he loved Eric, Eric is a fantastic artist, blah blah blah... but he goes on to say that Eric didn't show up much, missed lots of recording sessions, spent a lot of money that was never accounted for (and there was the insinuation that drugs might have had something to do with it). Now... I don't want to delve into Eric's personal business - what he did is his business - but I just thought it would be fun to see what everyone here could come up with as to what they can imagine he was doing??? Only non-serious answers allowed! (Can you tell I'm bored at work?)
  21. I used to always put: Phil's Taxidermy - you kill'em, I'll fill'em Until I actually had people contact me for services. Then, the years I was a genealogist / archivist, I was always: Where there's a will..... I want to be in it Now that I'm a mom.... somehow falling down drunk seemed appropriate??? I have no idea why that one appeals to me. Likely since the little rug-rat was born I haven't been allowed to drink alcohol.
  22. I was at boot camp with Tony - and I concur that it was a harrowing week. Not so much the camp itself, but Tony's nightly ritual of making us all count his nose hairs. He's got a bit of an obsession going on there.
  23. I wonder if crowd response has any effect on a a performer? I don't know if Bono and band could see much of the audience with the bright spotlights, but I think I'd be really disappointed if I was playing my heart out and no one was responding. Whenever I was on stage, I could always see past the spotlights out to the first few rows. Do you try harder to get the crowd responding if they are just sitting there, or are you more apt to really get into playing when the crowd is screaming, and grabbing for you?
  24. I think it depends on the venue more than anything. We were at the U2 concert where no one even got up out of their seats. We all looked like we were in a college lecture hall. On the other hand, we were at one - at a smaller venue (where they served alcohol) - and we were nearly crushed to death. I credit my awesome hip checking for getting me out alive.
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