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  1. For a University course a few years ago we had to do a web page on any city - it didn't matter which one - just to show we knew HTML I chose a tiny town - one no one on earth would know (or so I thought). One of my classmates happened to see the website, and said she knew where the little town was. I laughed and said if her family had lived there, we must be related. I told her my last (maiden) name - and it turns out we're distant cousins. University was thousands of miles away from where I grew up - so meeting a relative was in no way expected. It just goes to show you how small the world really is. We're all related somehow.
  2. I told you then, and I'll tell you again - we weren't drag queens! We'd just had a rough night and weren't looking our best.
  3. OK - It worked for California. Now.... Come to CANADA! Do you think they heard me? Come on Marvin, help me out here! Global warming has made Canada a nice place to be....
  4. You know, Canada is closer to Cleveland than LA is. How about checking out Canada's Capital (and coming to visit me at the same time?). I'd say that's it's a great bargin to come here, but for the first time in 30 years the Canadian dollar finally is on par with the US dollar. No more cheap cross-border shopping
  5. Waaaay back I Googled my name and found a woman down in the US who has the same name. I wrote her a little note saying that I had the same name as her, and she better not do anything to sully the name. She wrote a nice note back saying she had a PhD. in aerospace engineering, has published articles in many journals, and has her own multi-million dollar business - but she would do her best not to 'bring down' the name. I had to admit to her that it was me who was bringing down the name - with credentials like hers, I was the stupid-looking one. We also found out we're related - distantly.
  6. I guess it's a good thing my mom still has her huge cabinet stereo (from the 1960's) - it gives you a choice of listening in stereo or mono.
  7. Yes, we have TV in Canada, but it's a bit slow crossing the border. I hear there's a new comedy coming out called "Three's Company" - it sounds hilarious. Hoping it's as good as "I dream of Jeanie" and "Bewitched". Those shows rock! I hear that there's something called 'color tv' as well. Can't wait to see that technology.
  8. Man, I can see why Jim was named "foxiest" 'Berry all those years ago - he's got some sexy legs! They really have to let him out from behind the drum kit more often! Wally is looking terrific too - I thought he looked 10 years younger in these photos than he did in the tour videos. Of course, Dave and Eric look handsome as ever.
  9. Marvin, I can't believe you don't like Temporary Hero. I love that song. Eric has said that it never really was finished.
  10. Amazing! I've been listening to Burton like CRAZY since I got the iPod. I love his music. His piano playing is AMAZING for anyone who's never heard it. I was never too impressed with The Guess Who (Bachman and Cumming's 1960s band), but solo his work is amazing. Listening to "Hey Deanie" the other day, and was thrilled to hear his piano work in the background.
  11. Happy birthday Eric! (I want to say something about how great Leo's are - because I am one myself - but I can't think of anything brilliant. Likely because I'm at work )
  12. Back to the Carl Jr. hamburger - is it more like McD, or something more substantial? Hmmm, what's a good example? A TGIF kind of burger? Is this a drive through kind of place, or a like TGIF or Howard Johnson? (wow - I never realized before that I have so little American Hamburger experience)
  13. No, sadly Tony my cousin died a couple of years ago. Nothing to do with the spina bifida - she had a blood clot to the brain. Apparently those things run in our family! Thank God mine was only in my leg. Yes, I have trouble walking long distances, but I'm still alive (and get a cool handicapped car sticker - so I can park anywhere I want. No, I don't really need it, but it's sure nice to have - especially with a small child). My cousin did make it to age 40 - which is 40 years longer than they expected her to live.
  14. I concur with the lifting kids theory - I've never been as strong as I am now. I picked up a 60 pound motor the other day that the guys at the warehouse were scared to lift.
  15. Holy cow! I just got xoxo from ec? My life is complete. (yes, I know it was to everyone, but I can dream can't I?)
  16. Sad to say, I didn't discover EC until my teens - the "Make Me Lose Control" era. I went to the local bargain used-record store and got the entire EC collection at $2 each.
  17. Tony - you sure those boobs are real?
  18. Sad. From what I've heard, it sounds like she thinks she can get away with anything because of her celebrity. Of course, her family life sounds disgraceful. The mother should be charged right along with LL. To not only allow your underage daughter to drink, do drugs, and many sexual partners, but to go along with her on all her adventures - that's not being a parent.
  19. Saw the movie today with my little guy. Man, was it funny! Annie - I yelled the same thing! I guess I must have 'berries on my mind.
  20. Uhhh... well, we don't have Carl's Jr. Burgers here, so I really can't answer that question. What are they like? Maybe there is something here that's similar.... I mean, really, how different can 1 hamburger be from another???
  21. Just remember - if you're going to do a Canadian signing, Ottawa is the Capital of Canada! Oh yeah... and all Canadians live here. And the rest of Canada is just snow and ice... and polar bears. Unless you want to be signing albums in an igloo, Ottawa is the best place to be. Did I mention that we have electricity??? Just saying....
  22. Ecstasy So glad to hear the good news about your granddaughter. My cousin was born in 1964 with very severe spina bifida, and they were told she wouldn't live a week. She sure proved them wrong. The absolutely most amazing person I've ever known! However, I'm glad to hear that your granddaughter doesn't have the severe form my cousin does. Here's praying for the very best for her!
  23. I made it to 40 years old the other day! A few years ago we didn't know if I was going to live to my next b'day - so I'm thrilled to have any extra time I get with my son and hubby. Oh yes, and I'm up for another job at work, which means the b*tch I currently work for may no longer make my life a miserable hell. And, Tony has promised to finally bring the whip and family-sized jar of Vaseline to our next rendevous. It's going to be a weekend to look forward to....
  24. Ecstasy I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is learning more than just the crap that's on the radio these days. Not to say there aren't some great musicians, but when you hear things like "My Humps" on the radio - and you realize that this is actually a hit record - it makes you wonder what's wrong with the world.
  25. For anyone who's been keeping track over the past few years.... my little boy (who was just a baby when I first logged on here) has always been a big EC fan - his first song wasn't "pat-a-cake" or "ABC", it was "It Hurts too much". Yes - we have a strange home. Anyway.... skip forward a few years. As of last night, the new favorite is "Spotlight", with "Hey Deanie" and "A m m merican as Apple Pie" coming in a close tie for second. He's been going around singing "Spotlight" for hours. He loves the hard rocker ones the best. (I always used to change diapers to "Go all the way", so that might have had some weird effect on the kid). I do have to admit, it was great the other day to be walking through a store and him yelling out "Hey mom, they're playing 'American Pie' by Don McLean". People were pretty shocked that the little rug rat knows his musical history. (Hopefully we're doing something right!)
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