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  1. PLEASE!!! If anyone knows how to obtain a copy of the Raspberries as seen on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert circa 1974-75 I'm sure many would like to know. That was the most candid--and only--live performance I ever saw of the group, and I'd love to get my hands on a copy. VHS, DVD, Betacam, 1-inch, ANYTHING!
  2. Lisa and I were slow dancing in her music room. Tight embrace, key body parts making contact, unspoken thrills. Then, of course, GO ALL THE WAY starts playing, and we both got the same mental images at the same time, passing the mutual desire to act out the song title at the first opportunity (that 15-16 year olds could possibly have). We lost touch for 25 years until a couple of summers ago, when I tracked her down with a locater service. I left Florida to hurry back to the northeast, and we were married as we should have been so long ago. Of course, we played Raspberries at our small mountain gazebo wedding. Thanks, Eric, for some wonderful memories!
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