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  1. They came out and rocked, I was so happy. I knew Eric had it in him. Wally is such a nice guy, he gave me a pick. I told him we drove out from Philly and that I was a full time guitarist and he asked about the mix. My wife Lisa and I had a blast. Hi to KevG and Jeff who we kept running into at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sat. They put a lot of time into it and it showed. Thanks so much.
  2. Where is the Meet and Greet taking place? Is it before or after the show? Thanks...
  3. I wanted to say that I blew up earlier because of the "chance" to miss seeing EC. It was a pure emotional reaction. I should've known what the problem was all along (Thanks, Bernie). Looks like he still may do some shows. Cool...
  4. I saw Eric once around 1975 or so. I believe it was when his first solo album was out and he played the Tower Theatre outside Philly. I'm a fulltime musician and am usually working when he has come around since then. I really wanted to see him with Ringo but couldn't work it out. I got tickets to the 7/24 Keswick show because it was on a Wed. night and I had off. I'm taking, along with my wife, two friends who have birthdays in June. That's over $200 for the tickets. We have real good seats, too. I saw last year's Abbey Road tour and it wasn't the tightest show I ever saw but it was cool to see all those people on the same stage. I did enjoy the part of the show where Todd, Ann Wilson, David Pack, etc. played their own songs much better than the Beatles stuff although there were some highpoints in the second set, too. To sum up, I don't know Eric's reasons for considering not doing this show, but I would be more than disappointed if he backs out. There better be more to it than the music isn't tight,etc. Hopefully, he can put up with it for a month whether he really wants to or not. Many, many people have spent a lot of money to travel all sorts of distances to make this work for them. I hope he considers this when he makes his decision. For me, hearing GATW once live will make up for the last 27 years.
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