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  1. Eric, I have read this "discussion" for years on this board. Same old story. I implore you to let it go, at least publicly. I don't want to hear /read about this anymore. Take the high road. Let me remember the music, the first reunion show (I was in the front row), etc. Happy Easter, Passover, Paul
  2. I graduated from the University of Miami in their fabulous, forward thinking music school. They have started a Songwriting curriculum with input from Bruce Hornsby, who attended UM.
  3. Billy, Robert Hazard was big in Philly in the early 80's new wave days. He had a hit in the area called "The Escalator of Life". Local radio played local artists in rotation with more established artists. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was a huge cultural success spawning a movie of that title, etc. Here's a link to his history. http://www.phillyrockers.com/robert_hazard_and_the_heroes/history.htm
  4. http://www.myspace.com/roberthazardmusic
  5. The good thing about the internet today is that bands can get their songs out all over the world. And with home and project studios today, music can be produced relatively cheaply. The whole downside is getting your songs on the radio and having a shot, and just a shot, to make really big money. The whole economics of recoupment have already been discussed so you know how the big boys operate. But you can control all your music and make some money without getting caught in the big labels web. It's almost like the 50's and 60's, in a way, before the corporations found a way to make all the money and take the soul out of the whole business. I grew up in the 60's a mile from Philly and remember hearing Philly bands in rotation on WFIL, the big AM station. Some went national (Delfonics), some didn't (Brenda and the Tabulations) but each area's radio had a regional flavor to it. That ain't happenin' now (read Clear Channel) except for the internet...
  6. I agree that newer well written songs aren't as prevalent on the radio but there are still great songwriters out there steeped in the tradition. Many have gone to Nashville or are independent artists. (Much of today's country has heavy 70's pop leanings). We have to search them out since rock is no longer the pop music of today. My current fave "under the radar" is David Mead. His CD "Indiana" is awesome. What a tenor voice and great songwriting. I was born in 1956 and can remember seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. That must have inspired me because I've been a full time musician all my life. What's gonna inspire a 7 year old today? Children of Bodom? Maybe. That's too bad...
  7. Everybody's a bit hard on Todd here. As much as I love Eric and his music, I have to give Todd kudos for never taking any time off and touring every year. He's essentially been a fulltime performing musician all his life. Being a fulltime musician all my life, too, (I'm 49), I give him all the respect in the world keeping it going. Although I obviously don't exist on that level, I know how hard it is to survive as a musician at any level... And Todd says he didn't steal from Eric (according to Eric). Todd was always about assimilating different styles of music so maybe he heard some of "I Can Remember" and didn't consciously nick it. He used that harmony (moving triads against diatonic bass notes) back with The Nazz. Listen to "Beautiful Song" from "The Nazz Anthology", "Believe In Me" from his first solo album "Runt" (1970), etc... Also, his new project is "The New Cars" with Greg Hawkes, Elliott Easton (from The Cars), Kasim Sulton (Utopia) and Prairie Prince (Tubes). Look for them on tour this summer. Paul
  8. Me and my wife's brother (while my wife plays slots - she went to Cleveland and NY with me). My bro' in law will be turned on to Raspberries. Can't wait...
  9. Eric, Thanks so much for the great music over the years and being an inspiration to me in own my musical life/career. Also, thanks for rockin' again. Best wishes always! Paul Colombo Honey Brook, PA
  10. I remember reading a post about a barbecue place near BBK's but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone recall that or are there any other places nearby to eat on Sat. afternoon? Thanks, Paul
  11. Jon Brion has produced one of my favorite all time albums - Aimee Mann's "Whatever". He was also in a cool band in the 90's called "The Grays" - worth checking out...
  12. I saw Little Richard and Chuck Berry together a year or so ago at a concert in Trenton, NJ and they were both great...
  13. Todd Rundgren - Side 1 - Something/Anything Eric Clapton - Side 1 - 461 Ocean Blvd. off the top of my head... The Yellow Brick Road pick was a good one...
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