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  1. Don't know if this has been posted before, but I watched the Rainn Wilson movie "Super" today and "It Hurts Too Much" is played while Wilson's character gets the crap beaten out of him.
  2. Any one have a audio or video of the Raspberries playing "That's Rock and Roll" and "All By Myself"? I have some good stuff to trade. email me at tgp1@earthlink.net thx
  3. I was always a huge Deville fan, ever since seeing him on the Midnight Special in 1978. I remember seeing him live for the first of dozens of times at Irving Plaza in NYC in the winter of 1980. But the guy was a strange dude. One snowy night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, just as the band hit the stage, the lights came on, the music stopped and the police barged in. Those of us in the audience who dared to travel to Jersey Shore in a snow storm were ordered to stand outside while they searched the bar for who knows what. After about 30 minutes, our chilled bones were allowed back in. Willy took to the stage played a song or two and said "There are a million other places I'd rather be then Asbury Park in February" and promptly left the stage. Well, I was pretty pissed. So I sent a letter venting to the address on the Sportin Life album. A few weeks later, my secretary buzzed me saying there was a Mrs. DeVille on the line. So I picked the phone and was cursed and screamed at for about five minutes. I was caught by surprise so I was speechless as she let me know how hurt Willy was by my letter and how he didn't need fans like me. I said fine and hung up not knowing whether to laugh or cry. About a month letter I read in Rolling Stone that Willy had declared bankruptcy. So I broke one of my Mink Deville 45s, stuck the pieces in an envelope along with a dollar bill and a note saying here is what remained of my DeVille record collection and that the dollar was there cause I figured you could use it and sent to the same address. Never heard from Mrs. DeVille again. However I did finally get back to seeing him a few years ago at BB Kings in NYC when he played NYC for the first time in maybe a decade. Like most artists his age, I figured he probably mellowed with the years yet once the set began and people started yelling requests, the man screamed into the mic, "What do I look like, a fucking jukebox????" Same old Willy. God bless...
  4. IMO, he should go to jail for about six months. If that doesn't sober him up, nothing will.
  5. KISS, Alice Cooper. But Jann Wenner will never allow it..
  6. Excellent Show...very loose and energetic. Set List: Tonight Play On I Wanna Be With You It's Cold Outside Let's Pretend Ticket To Ride I Can Remember Last Dance Nobody Knows Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) Party's Over If You Change Your Mind Should I Wait I'm A Rocker Substitute Ecstacy Go All The Way All By Myself I Don't Know What I Want
  7. I'd just like to see the guys take a few weekends and record some new stuff as a band. Sell the tracks thru the website as downloads. Minimum overhead. Maximum pleasure. They've done just about everything on the previous tours and with the Live CD/DVD, it's all been documented. Nothing wrong with being a studio/Internet band, especially these days.
  8. Until the reunion, I never realized how much "Should I Wait" sounds like an Eagles song. Was that intentional?
  9. Got it in Jersey...Thank you...No more bitching...
  10. Thursday's mail. Nothing.
  11. I've been here Ira my man. Message boards just tend to piss people off or inspire you to post something that might be better left unsaid. I learned that lesson early (not necessarily on this board). I'm in Nutley, where are you? Raspberries at the Basie? A definite Bruce sighting!
  12. I blew the whole joke. Should have been Limited instead of Deluxe. Oh well, at least I got a chuckle out of Eric. I ended up giving in and buying the Deluxe set at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ (A BIG Raspberrie supporting indie) on Monday. It's as great as everyone has stated. But so far I've held back on watching the DVD. Wanna see the whole show on the Limted set. Semantics are a bitch...
  13. Were they actually mailed on Monday? Some definitive answers would most likely end this debate.
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