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  1. Hey Marvin, Do you recall when we met at the Hall? We were standing at the Ohio music exhibit and the Euclid Beach Band was playing when we bumped into each other. Directly behind you while we were talking was the exhibit that had Wally's jeans, Eric's guitar and Wally's flying V (which he later retrieved from the hall to use at shows). You must have just missed it!
  2. Picking a favorite would be hard, picking a least favorite is pretty easy. Raspberries (self titled) Winter Dreams
  3. I'm confused, Dave. Are you marrying a lobster?
  4. As has been mentioned, Martin did the string arrangement for "Grow Old With Me". I haven't listened to it in a while but if memory serves John double tracked the vocal when he recorded it at home. Although "Grow Old With Me" was on the cassette of songs Yoko gave to Macca, the Threetles never attempted it. The third song attempted was "Now and Then" but was abandoned because of a constant buzz in the original recording that couldn't be filtered out to George's satisfaction so they never finished it. The alternate "I'm Losing You" is the version recorded with Cheap Trick.
  5. Perhaps it's apocryphal, but I always heard that Mariska spoke little to no English and sang the songs phonetically. I have a couple of their albums and have always enjoyed them.
  6. You guys should check out Dwight's home page and MySpace. He has quite a few things in his store that should be of interest. MySpace Twilley Home Page
  7. No difference, it's part of the arrangement and not considered authorship. This is shocking, to be blunt. I have to assume that this will be appealed and overturned. That said, I have long been a proponent of band members sharing in all songwriting earnings (Re: Badfinger, REM) but it shouldn't be forced upon them by a court. CNN
  8. This is actually pretty common. With the advent of TV and home video it's more difficult to license songs for films. For example, Badfinger's "No Matter What" was in the theatrical version of 'Wayne's World" but Apple wouldn't license it for use on video/DVD or TV so it was replaced with a different song. "Heavy Metal" was tied up for years before they got all the clearances to release it for home video.
  9. Not only did the film makers reject Eric Carmen but they also rejected Paul McCartney ("Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?")
  10. I thought she was joking from watching the clip, not from what anybody said. I never heard anything about this until I read about it here. It looks pretty obvious to me. She does the big "Ta Da" pose as they read the nominations. It was WAY over the top. She was acting goofy. It's something you would expect to see in an episode of Seinfeld; not the real world. People just don't behave like that unless they're horsing around. It's something I would have probably done.
  11. I think she was kidding. She was acting way over the top. Nobody acts like that in the real world. It looked like she was backstage and she was likely fooling around with some friends. It likely never occurred to her at the time how it could be misconstrued.
  12. The movie is set in the '50s or early '60s so I imagine the synths may have been mixed down so it wouldn't be as obvious that it was recorded in the '80s. I haven't seen the movie but that would be my best guess.
  13. Leon was part of a group of session musicians nicknamed the Wrecking Crew (Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine, etc...) in the '60s and they recorded with most everybody (including Sinatra). For example, The Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" is the Wrecking Crew with Jim McGuinn's 12 string.
  14. It's not a unique occurence. Since the arrival of the internet, I've heard from several people in California who have told me about a guy who claimed to be in Badfinger. The guy's name is Chris Rhodes and he apparently would tell people the band's name derived from the fact that one of his fingers is crooked. Another fan of Badfinger named Bob Evans who worked briefly with Tommy Evans and later with Joey Molland started booking himself as Badfinger. He'd hire pick up musicians and talk with a British accent (He's from Michigan). He has sold albums perpetuated to be by him and Tommy (His recordings mixed with some of Tommy's demos that he copped from him) and recounts stories of writing not only with Tommy and Joey, but with Pete Ham (whom he never met). 99% of what he claims is fabricated. There are probably people out there who claim to their pals to have been in the Raspberries. I think it's more sad than weird.
  15. We NEVER had Kool-Aid when I was a kid. I drank milk at my house. My spoiled friends down the street always had Funny Face (Remember Goofy Grape and Choo Choo Cherry, etc...?).
  16. The only whining I see is by those who don't like criticism. I think a little constructive criticism is, well..., constructive. The ONLY criticism I have ever had of this site is there is an over abundance of kool aid drinkers. If criticism is offered in a polite and respectful manner then it should always be welcomed. Agree or disagree with it but don't discourage it. Regarding the issue at hand, I can see both sides of it and don't really have an opinion on it either way. But I hate to see those who do being deterred in any way. Notable current Indians are Grady Sizemore and C.C. Sabathia. They are as good as it gets. Keep your eyes on Andy Marte as well. I don't expect the Indians to under achieve again next season.
  17. Thanks a ton for the "Change of Heart" demo, Bernie. I've always liked this song but hate the released studio version. I'm at work and haven't listened to it yet but I'm confident the demo will not only be a major improvement but show the song's strengths that many may have overlooked with that glossy disco production. Thanks again!!!
  18. Still unpatiently waiting for the Raspberries' live version of "No Matter What" (assuming you have it). Is there a solo piano demo of "Change of Heart" out there some where?
  19. Somehow, I don't think it will be the same.
  20. Unfortunately, I've heard similar stories many times about Peter over the years. He has a reputation for being particularly nasty and surly towards fans. I spent an evening in a hotel bar with Mickey and Davey and they were friendly normal guys. Peter made a very brief appearance and made a comment about looking for some female companionship (I'm paraphrasing here) and I never saw him again.
  21. I've always thought Ginger was a little nutty so I really don't put a whole lot of stock in what he says. I have a boot of one of the MSG shows and it's basically the same as the Royal Albert Hall show(s). The band was definitely more laid back than the old days. I would have liked to have caught one of the reunion gigs but you apparently had to have an American Express card to buy tickets?!? I doubt they will do it again but one never knows. I think it depends on how long they all live. It's actually quite amazing they are all still alive.
  22. I love Burton Cummings but find all of his solo albums somewhat uneven. I'd probably agree with Jeff and recommend "My Own Way To Rock" but "Dreams of a Child" is one of my least favorites (although it was hugely successful in Canada). I also like "Plus Signs" and "Sweet Sweet".
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