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  1. What game??? Baseball season hasn't started yet.
  2. So what is stage presense? I want to hear a well performed show. If there is amusing banter between songs, that's a plus. What I don't like is obnoxious performers who feel the need to jump around the stage in leather trousers like David Lee Roth. I've seen James Taylor countless times over the years and have always found him incredibly amusing; very dry wit. He is able to create an atmosphere where you feel like you are sitting around in his living room and he's talking to you in spite of the fact that there is tens of thousands of people there.
  3. "Little Lamb/Dragonfly" is a great song and the best on "Red Rose Speedway" but has nothing to do with John. That was about a dying lamb on Paul's farm. Fan's have always looked too hard for hidden meanings in songs. I've been guilty of it myself. I suspected "Coming Up" of being written to John when it was first released. Alas, I was mistaken. If it had, I'm sure Macca would have mentioned it by now.
  4. Have you guys ever been to a JT concert? He's hysterical! Really funny guy.
  5. I didn't read all the responses but it would probably be best to wait a bit until the dust has settled.
  6. They didn't bring Bucky back until the last year or so (He died in the mid '40s). In comics now a days, no one stays dead (except Barry Allen). Steve Rogers will return after this particular spectacle runs it's course. I was an avid collector of comics in the '60s and '70s and my collection includes most every silver age title in their entirety as well as quite a few golden age books. Today's comics look incredible visually but for the most part they are all about promotion and events and not about character and story.
  7. Paul has always denied that "Let Me Roll It" had anything to do with John and I believe him. At the time, people said he was immitating John. What makes it Lennonish is all the echo on the vocals. John thought lines in "Too Many People" and "Back Seat of My Car" were directed at him and it's universally agreed that was the case. Most were obscure references (although the pic of a beetle #@%!ing another beetle wasn't very obscure). Paul has confirmed there are digs on "Ram" but I've never heard him ever go into specifics and I doubt he ever will. "How Do You Sleep" was John's response to the digs on "Ram". It's also widely said that "Back Off Boogaloo" was directed at Macca by Ringo. If true, I don't expect Ringo to ever confirm this, however. George, of course, played on both John and Ringo's song. ("Wah Wah" was about Paul, but that dates all the way back to early '69, before the Fabs had actually split up). "Dear Boy" was actually about Linda's first husband.
  8. The "Without You" royalties had nothing to do with Tommy's suicide. The band had decided in the beginning (when they were The Iveys) to share in all the songwriting royalties where the composer got half the royalties and the other half was divided amongst the 4 members and their personal manager. While the Badfinger Apple royalties were tied up in escrow, Tommy had ASCAP bypass the band's accounting so that he and the Ham estate received the full royalties on "Without You", ignoring the agreement. So Tommy was actually receiving full royalties at the time of his death. The other band members didn't learn of this until after Tommy died. At the time of Tommy's death, he was being sued by an agent in the US and was depressed about that and was desperate to get the Apple royalties out of escrow. The Ham estate were the ones that held that up for years as they wanted to void all of the band's original agreements.
  9. I'm really sorry to hear about Robertson. I've been wanting to get a hold of that Secret video ever since clips of it showed up on YouTube. Can anyone help me out?
  10. So far they've just done "All By Myself". They rehearsed "Make Me Lose Control" and, believe it or not, "Hungry Eyes". I'd love to hear the 'berries do "Make Me Lose Control". Imagine those jangly guitars and soaring harmonies coming from Raspberries.
  11. Are you sure it's the same tune? Dean Martin had a hit "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  12. I don't think the band could have done a west coast gig without two bookings. They tried to also book the band in San Francisco but it didn't come together. I'm sure the band lowered their booking rate having the two shows in the same general area. It's not much different than playing two nights in the same venue; more work for the crew. The band has an enormous anount of overhead doing the gigs the way they have been.
  13. "I'm on Fire" - Bill Pitcock/Dwight Twilley Band "Baby Blue" - Joey Molland/Badfinger
  14. A pal of mine misread the blurb under breaking news on the Raspberries site as 'postponed' instead of "posted". He asked me about it so I made my post. Then he wrote back and told me he misread it. I was hoping I edited the thread before anyone read it.
  15. That fellow was just a Jerk with a capitol "J". Although he and Art became close friends.
  16. Saturday was around 400 paid tickets and Sunday was about half that. That doesn't include the comps.
  17. Aimee Mann is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. I would describer her as power pop/folk/rock. Every power pop fan should own her album, "I'm With Stupid".
  18. I'd like to see America but I'm not sure if I will be in town in time. They tour extensively and I actually see them every couple of years so it's not a big deal for me if I can't make it. B.B. King's also have a Beatles brunch on Saturday at noon. It's a bit pricey ($40) but it might be fun.
  19. LOL. That really is an apt description. It was still well worth it and a lot of fun.
  20. The band had to do a soundcheck for the second show at B.B. King's last time because they had to tear down Saturday night as there was some sort of brunch show that took place Sunday afternoon. In my experience, bands do not do a 2nd sound check in situations like this.
  21. According to the Highline website, VIP ticket holders should see the END of the soundcheck on Saturday. It also says that for Sunday but there shouldn't really be a soundcheck for Sunday.
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