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  1. The Badfinger analogy isn't really appropriate. When the band was at Apple, Apple paid all the recording costs and paid them a very healthy royalty on top of that which is pretty unheard of. That was The Beatles' doing. When they signed with Warner Bros., it was a no royalty deal where they were paid a lump sum for each album delivered so the recording costs were not recouped through royalties. The two reunion albums with Joey and Tommy were the more traditional setup where the band is given an advance for living expenses while recoding and that advance and the recording costs are recouped against future royalties. This doesn't affect publishing and songwriting royalties. That's where the money is for most recording artists. Most artists will never see any regular royalties unless they are a mega star.

  2. I've always been fairly indifferent to The Eagles. What I did like about them was Don Felder. The manner that Henley and Frey treated him was inexcusable.

    Where can I find the demo for "Hotel California"?

    People love lists but at the end of the day they're pretty meaningless. There are a lot of Raspberries solos I love but my favorite solo from Wally is on "Come Back" by Fotomaker. The Beatles' "Something" and the end solo on Badfinger's "Meanwhile Back at The Ranch/Should I Smoke" are also favorites.

  3. No, I don't have any affiliation with All Music Guide. I just recognize these sorts of errrors as a nature of the beast. It's common place on the web, not just All Music Guide. If you guys are such in arms about it, start your own website with articles on every successful recording artist (not just your favorites) from the last 100 years and keep an updated and accurate bio on each one. I think you will find it a far more daunting a task than you think. It's not a question of right or wrong, it's a matter of simple human limitations and fallibility.

    You sent a correction to them; hopefully, they'll correct it when they can.

  4. What it sounds like is that the article was written before the reunion took place and the reunion tour cited in the article was the earlier aborted reunion that didn't happen. At some point, someone unfamiliar with the band updated the article by adding the new release "Live on Sunset Strip in 2007" but in an obvious erroneous context.

    Remove the "Sunset Strip" mention and pretend you're reading it in 2003. Then it is magically accurate.

  5. The show was last Saturday. Redbone was started by brothers, Pat and Lolly Vegas (nee Vasquez). They went through several drummers (even during their prime) and a few guitarists over the years. Lolly had to quit performing about ten years ago due to ill health but Pat still fronts the band. I believe Lolly sang "Come and Get Your Love". I think "Come and Get Your Love" was used recently on some tv commercial.

  6. "Pepper" was actually the only Beatles' album to win an album of the year Grammy. The Grammy part of the equation is extremely skewed as the Grammys were slow to recognize rock acts so artists like Sinatra or Streisand would have a huge advantage over The Fabs in the '60s. "Pepper" also sold extremely well staying on the charts for two years and re-entering numerous times over the years. It has sold 11 million in the US, won the Grammy for best album, and is generally picked by most critics as the most important album of all time (although most Beatles fans don't think it is their best album). But it's not on the list?!?

  7. Saw it - while it's the best "Batman" of that series, and Ledger will likely cop the Best Supporting Actor Oscar (he doesn't have nearly the screen time of Bale, so I doubt he'll get nominated for Best Actor, but stranger things have happened), it's also too long by about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour or so, IMO, and tended to drag in spots....which some judicious editing could have fixed. Also, the allegorical, good vs evil, hero vs villain with tons of complications issues got a bit heavy-handed for your typical Summer blockbuster.

    Lastly, while Ledger was great, was he really any better in this one than in "Brokeback Mountain", or in the Aussie flick "Candy"?....Doubtful, even if the subject matters of those two - homosexuality, drug addiction) weren't exactly your typical blockbuster fare....

    I liked it but felt there was too much story for one movie. The fast choppy editing started getting annoying after a while (as did Bale's raspy voice) I felt they could have taken the Two Face sub plot ending and carried it over to the next sequel. I would have ended it with the Joker's capture and then the bar scene with the dirty cop telling Dent he heard he was dead with him replying, "Half". That would have been a much better ending. There were a few other things I didn't like; the phone sonar, falling 30 stories unhurt, the Joker's make up not being permanent (and the cops still not washing it off). It was the best Batman film so far (but then, most of them were awful).
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