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  1. "Side 3" is my favorite Raspberries album. It really sounds like a rock band playing live and all of the songs are strong.
  2. Maybe Wally can inspire me to get back in shape. He looks great!
  3. Aimee Mann Aimee Mann Aimee Mann Aimee Mann Aimee Mann Aimee Mann Aimee Mann and Aimee Mann
  4. The Badfinger analogy isn't really appropriate. When the band was at Apple, Apple paid all the recording costs and paid them a very healthy royalty on top of that which is pretty unheard of. That was The Beatles' doing. When they signed with Warner Bros., it was a no royalty deal where they were paid a lump sum for each album delivered so the recording costs were not recouped through royalties. The two reunion albums with Joey and Tommy were the more traditional setup where the band is given an advance for living expenses while recoding and that advance and the recording costs are recouped against future royalties. This doesn't affect publishing and songwriting royalties. That's where the money is for most recording artists. Most artists will never see any regular royalties unless they are a mega star.
  5. Those album covers are hysterical! Props to Drupelet. Now, how about changing other artists' famous album covers into Eric Carmen albums.
  6. As I mentioned on another thread, "Come Back" by Wally when he was in Fotomaker really does it for me.
  7. Really?!? I always assumed that was Skunk Baxter. That is one of my all time favorite solos.
  8. I've always been fairly indifferent to The Eagles. What I did like about them was Don Felder. The manner that Henley and Frey treated him was inexcusable. Where can I find the demo for "Hotel California"? People love lists but at the end of the day they're pretty meaningless. There are a lot of Raspberries solos I love but my favorite solo from Wally is on "Come Back" by Fotomaker. The Beatles' "Something" and the end solo on Badfinger's "Meanwhile Back at The Ranch/Should I Smoke" are also favorites.
  9. Thank you for the birthday greeting. I still visit the board several times a week but it's hard to find the time to post anything worth posting. Thanks again and I hope we have a Raspberry reason to get together again in 2009.
  10. John Lennon - vocals, rhythm guitar Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, piano George Harrison - lead guitar Ringo Starr - drums
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