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  1. Yo folks! Yesterday I decided to give this song a try...I looooooooove this song....not sure why few EC fans place the album "Change of Heart" near the bottom of the list, but personally I love the sound of the record....the drumming is particularly tasty....Thanks Eric for another song that makes me glad I am a musician...you inspired me like very few others...
  2. ok...so is there supposed to be an audio teaser somewhere?...
  3. My boss, who was a prodigy is a huge fan of the musicians in Toto....he decribes the individually as phenoms...and he is no slouch! What I find of their work is that they combine a heavy dose of technical prowess, but also stout shot of musicality...the combination is stellar!...
  4. Wow Eric!!!!!...Thanks for that!...I sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall during those sessions!
  5. Eric, You worked along with many musicians...(Davey J, Burton, Beach Boys, Nigel etc...) I suspect some did their tracks without you there...did you get a say on who played, who's take ended up on the mix, etc? Did you also have the arrangement for their part already scored out? How did the process work? Also, with which session musician did it "click" best? Bahoo
  6. before Cartman can chime in, I will suggest that Eric would like to changed "Bomp-om-do-doh-woah-mop-shoop" to "Bop-um-doo-doe-woe-mawp-shoe"....slight difference, but I think it would have made the song a top fiver...
  7. Great balls of fire!!!Thanks for answering these questions Eric... #3 - Wow, that's some heavy shit....It amazes me that you say you didn't have the self-confidence, but I also get that...we are our worse critics. I have often felt "inferior" or not "worthy" of playing with "talented musicians" in the past...only resently (as opposed to recently lol) have I been able to just let my work/heart speak for itself, and it has led me to playing with some major talents...it is indeed inspiring to do so and has made me grow musically in huge steps...it's like paying tennis with a good player...then playing with a great player...you either give up , or rise to the occasion and get jiggy with it...this part I really get now...but I would have assumed that with your gift ( that I consider exceptional), you would have felt that YOU were the great tennis player already...LOL #2 - How many young up-and-coming artist are given the reins at the get-go? Especially back in the early 70's ( closer to the 60's)..at least you were self-confident enough to have said "me"...I always hated the Berries record sound...a real mess...but the songs were so good that they did speak for themselves up and above the production. ( think of "Go Now" by the Moody Blues sung by Denny Laine (i think)...WORST production EVER!...but what a song!)...at least the Berries production wasn't THAT bad...I would love to hear the Berries properly produced (but back in the day)...I am surprised that you say you could have done a better job, considering you only eventually "produced" Change of Heart ( if I am not mistaken) during your label recording career...EC at 20 yrs old vs EC at 50...I am sure you learned a thing or two over the years...but at 20? Very interesting. #1 - Ouch Baby!......this one is stellar...and the fact that you admit to it is also stellar. I am speechless...actually, it makes me want to cry...really...oof... Eric, again thanks for being candid on this...as much as I have been a critic of some of your work...and a huge cheerleader for the great majority of your works, other than Brian Wilson , I don't think there is another composer that has been a greater inspiration to me on my musical journey through life...thank-you. Bahoo
  8. Eric, If you were to pick the top 3 musical things you could have done (whether through offers you turned down, or chances that you could have taken, or recording-wise etc) that looking back now, you wish you would have done...what would they be? Bahoo
  9. Marv: exactly...hungry eyes is far from my favorite, but eric's vocal is so intense, I wish I could hear it withut all the production surrounding it... bahoo
  10. Eric: It took me years to understaand that we are drawn toa song by the truth in the singer's voice...it is a difficult thing to acheive to males because as you said, we were tought that 'grown men don't cry"... I have to say that though there are many of your songs that I don not like, either becasue of the melody, arrangement, or production....but you have never failed at the vocal end of things, singing the crap out of it, and creating mood swings from tenderness, to joy to anger, pain, anxiety, tension ( you are a master at this one) , intrepidation, awe, sense of defeat, callousness, regret, excitement, arrogance..and many others... Tension (with a touch of frustrated eroticism): On The Beach ---- " Ooo...I wanna...Oooo I wanna....Oh I wannna!"....it's not so much the lyric alone, but the vocal rising in tension, basically the same lyric three times over...but each time it it sung with different accents and different color...THAT is the magic...and you do it better than almost anyone in the rock-pop world. Great thread... Bahoo
  11. Bahoo's new job! Selling Kawais and Rolands!!!
  12. I ain't touching this one with a 10 foot pole.... bahoo
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