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  1. I'm not sure I agree with Antonella....several others have much better voices...also she has gotten some bad press lately.....and that never helps. It might help if some of them would sing EC stuff. I might even consider calling in to vote.
  2. I agree...and maybe Eric's name would finally be mentioned..and given credit for the talented songwriter he truly is.
  3. Yes, but once again....everyone credits Celine Dion for the song....not Eric. Wish they would acknowledge the right person for this great song.
  4. My husband and I were at our favorite night spot watching the game...and I heard the song, and shouted Eric Carmen...several other customers just looked at me....Loved the ad. Next minute I got 3 calls on my cell from family members who also saw it and wanted to make sure I saw it too. Awesome! YES..my vote is for this ad. Robin
  5. I found the ringtone by accident...and I set it to ring when my wonderful husband calls me from his cell phone. I also have Hungry Eyes for when he calls me from the house phone....it's awesome! Robin
  6. My sister, Maryanne and I both purchased the DVD immediately....there was NO WAY we were going to let this deal slip away. We enjoyed the reunion tour so much and wanted to experience all those great feelings over and over and over and over. As others have said....why should we care if others get the chance to purchase the DVD too? The more people who LOVE the Berries...the better the chance at future tour dates! I'm always talking about the NYC and Atlantic City shows....it was so awesome, I feel like it was only yesterday. Count me in on those who believe you should offer the DVD to those who were shut out. Robin
  7. That is cool about the morning show at our elementary school....it's only 5th graders (10-11 yr olds) I'm in charge of training the kids. They really love picking out the music and writing the scripts. Our principal only allows instrumental music for the lead in, and the closing. I like the idea of SUNRISE for the lead-in. I might try it next week. The kids might even want to borrow the CD. Robin
  8. I agree, to quote a well-known radio talk show host..."just shut up and sing". I DO NOT want to know the political views of my favorite artists. A phrase I often use with my students...KEEP IT SIMPLE. Why ruin things by trying to take a stand on controversial issues that really have no right or wrong answer? I prefer to just get along with everyone, and don't look for things to debate about. I think if all of us made the effort to work together and be happy...this world would be a better place. We don't need to be on one side or the other. Find the joy in each other. Let's go Mets! Robin
  9. Mmmmmmmm...anticipation! All good things are worth waiting for. I am a patient person, so....looking forward to the finished creation in the Music Pot! Robin
  10. I would prefer November or December as I am totally committed to school events/activities in October. I also have no use for babs....what a loser! I switch the radio/tv stations whenever her name or voice appears. Let's rock on Eric. Robin
  11. WOW...what a birthday gift (August 23)...to think that Eric may be creating new music. "IF YOU WRITE IT, THEY WILL LISTEN, LOVE IT AND BUY IT". THANKS...Robin
  12. Count me in on those of us who are thinking positive thoughts on another tour date..early next year. My sisters and I are ready to wear those black jackets again. Robin
  13. Great picture, Ira....YES, keep spreading the word, as we all are....Raspberries Mania will not die!! Robin
  14. I agree with Art.....I have tossed all my bab music in the trash. Eric doesn't need her. His voice can stand on it's own.
  15. I'd love it. I'm a fanatic METS fan...I love baseball, but have never done a fantasy league and know NOTHING about it, but sounds like fun. Count me in...more info can be e-mailed to me. Remember, I have no clue how to do it. Robin
  16. Robin23


    I agree, Kathy....the power of positive thinking can move mountains, so...my sisters and I will continue to look forward to another evening with our Raspberries ARMY very soon. Robin
  17. Robin23


    YES, he did several Zepplin tunes at the show....WOW!!! It was almost eerie! I will definitely go see TRAIN again. Of course, TRAIN is second on my concert list. I'm patiently waiting for future Berries events. Anyone hear anything in the works? THANKS...Happy 4th to everyone. Robin
  18. Robin23


    I was getting concert withdrawals...as I haven't been to a concert since last fall...."hint..hint" Anyway, I saw the group TRAIN last night. They were amazing! Lots of energy, great lyrics and awesome audience interaction..AND...the lead singer is HOT!!! They really put on a terrific show. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this group and has thoughts on their talent? Robin
  19. I think it would be totally cool for Eric to appear at Bernies. Eric must know that we fans are not "weird" and we are an understanding bunch and we just want to talk, share and let him know how much his music has meant to us. I don't think Eric needs to feel creepy with us. He must know that we are not demanding or pushy. I think Eric has a good handle on his fans. Happy Memorial Day to all! Robin
  20. Count me in on the trip to Cleveland. My sis, Mare already told me to schedule a substitute teacher for early October. Hoping the gas prices come down a little bit for our long drive to Ohio. I just finished listening to the Radio Show that Bernie posted. It once again brought back so many wonderful memories. It was great hearing the guys discuss the music and their views on several topics. I can listen to it over and over. Looking fwd to hearing more about October. THANKS ERIC!!! Robin
  21. WOW Bernie....This stuff is so great! I feel like I'm back in the 70's listening to the radio. I LOVE listening to the guys discuss the songs, their music influences, etc. I knew the guys felt the same things we all felt, but it's interesting to hear them actually voice it. That's why their music touched me way back in the 70's and continued to touch me through my life. I'm sure I will listen to this file over and over. THANKS BERNIE...YOU ARE AWESOME! Robin
  22. It is great hearing all the comments about one of my favorite bands as I was growing up. I grew up with a transistor radio listening to WABC in NYC. I'd listen on the school bus, in my tree house, and under my pillow as I fell asleep. As I've said before, all my friend were Beatles fans, but me..not being one to follow the crowd, I loved the 4 Seasons. In case some of you were not aware, Frankie Valli is currently on The Sopranos, and on the verge of being wacked! Patiently waiting for the next tour dates and a new album. THANKS to all of you....who keep me sane. Robin
  23. Sorry to have been away for a few days....report cards, parent conferences, etc. Anyway, I agree with all the posts regarding Kay and her decision. I have visited the site and thought it was awesome. Although I have never met Kay, I have heard nothing but good things about her. I'm sending positive thoughts her direction, and hope things with her turn around for the better very soon. Robin
  24. Hi Darlene; WOW...I can just picture the event in my mind. I wish I could've been there. Next time, please give me a heads up so I can try to juggle my schedule...which may have been tough this weekend due to report cards going home this week. Have a nice week. Baseball season starts tonight. Let's go METS! Robin
  25. My sister, Maryanne and I went to see The Raspberries twice. First we saw them in Albany, NY at Rudy's. I was the only one in our group who was LEGAL, but the only one who got carded to get into the club. The guys were amazing and even came out to mingle with the crowd. I was on leave from the US Navy at the time, and had a minor car accident on my way home from Albany..totalled my car, but everyone was OK. Next, saw the guys at FACES club in NJ...still in the Navy, and met Eric during one of the breaks, but was so blown away by his talent...that I didn't know what to say, so I just stood there, and then he walked away. I still regret not saying anything to him. The 2 shows last year were so amazing...words cannot even express what I felt as I experienced the talent of these 4 guys. I do hope there will be more opportunities for all of us to experience their music. Robin
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