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  1. As I re-read the previous post...I want to clarify..."big sister". It is meant as a metaphor...to mean someone to help us and guide us. THANKS! R. Moore
  2. Thanks Darlene; Well, here goes. My sisters and I felt that all Eric's songs(Raspberries era) were written just for us. We were young, naive and had no clue. The music spoke to us and helped us grow up. It was like having our own big sister to help us with life. When the Raspberries broke up, it was as if a member our family died....we thought our "link" was gone. However, thankfully, the music lived on and the words continued to guide us and comfort us in the difficult times. My sisters and I continue to "Remember" the music and our youth...ha ha! THANKS ERIC! Robin Moore Annapolis, MD
  3. Hi. A chat with Eric...I agree. I met him once A LONG time ago at a nightclub in NJ (Faces) My sister and I had gone there to see The Raspberries perform. We had driven 3 hours to go there (and also had to work the next day) Anyway, Eric came out on his break, and I was unable to utter even one word. His music and his talent left me speechless. I feel like such a dope now, because I missed the opportunity to let him know how much I appreciated his music. It kept me going in the high and low spots of my life. Maybe I'll get another chance someday to tell him THANKS! Robin M. Annapolis, MD
  4. It is a treat to read Eric's messages to us his devoted fans. Thanks so much for such a detailed explanation of all the problems with the tour. I am confident that you'll be on a great tour next summer and I'll have front row seats with my sister sitting next to me. You are a class act and we continue to appreciate your talent and grateful for you sharing it with us. Robin M.
  5. I thoroughly enjoy most of the posts on this message board. The views and ideas from other EC fans convey my thoughts perfectly. For example Seatlle Steve's idea about flooding e-mails to the promoters was terrific. Also, Darlene's post about Eric was excellent. I totally agree that this tour is turning into a "dog and pony show". I'm a school teacher and I always tell my students to give their best effort in all that they do. Robin M.
  6. THANKS Bernie for your continuous updates. I had a feeling the promoters were the ones to blame. I wish they had a clue on what the fans really want. They're just a bunch of dopes with money. I'm sure things will work out if we continue to think positive. Have a happy and safe 4th of July. Robin M
  7. I still listen to the IWBTLY CD because it contains "grown-up" romantic songs that I connect with. I've been married to the same sexy guy for 25 yrs and the songs convey the exact feelings that we both have for each other. It's a mature romantic love. I appreciate this type of music because it is rare to hear anyone do it like Eric. He says what I'm feeling about my guy, and how he feels about me. THANKS! Robin M
  8. YES, I'm a fan of Eric and his music. I take objection to comments about blindly following anything he does regarding his concerts and his music. His music has touched me over the years and I thank him for sharing his music with us. No, I don't know him but I do trust him and will support any decision he makes...because it is his life and I truly believe he does care about us and wants to give us his best. In my job, I make decisions and everyone understands the choices I make is for all concerned. I would hope everyone would quit complaining and try to understand. You do have choices. When I'm upset over something, I go or do something else that makes me happy. Robin M.
  9. I detect a bit of negative tones in TGP post about a backyard concert and even if Eric agreed to it, he would cancel. That is not fair to Eric, and I take objection to your comments. You should respect Eric and his integrity about performing only the best possible show for his fans. He is doing this for us, not himself. Come on, think positive and support Eric, even though his decision may disappoint us at times. I tend to look for the rainbows behind the clouds. Robin M.
  10. I totally agree with all members that we would love to see Eric this summer, but not if it means Eric is not happy. As my parents have always told me, "do what you think is best for you...that is the only way to be truly happy" We trust Eric and will support whatever needs to be done. I agree with many members that we would LOVE a solo tour...if that means waiting a year or two, then so be it. Thanks Bernie for ALL that you do. Thanks Eric for thinking of us. Robin M. Annapolis, MD
  11. My 2 sisters and I heard GATW on a radio station in upstate NY. We fell in love with the song immediately. I know we purchased the album as soon as it came out. We played it over and over. My sister still has all the Raspberries albums. We did see Eric and the other band members at a nightclub in Albany, NY called Rudys, and in NJ at a club called Faces. We were in such awe of Eric and his music that we did not take advantage of the opportunity to talk to him during their breaks. We continue to appreciate his music and look forward to many more years of great music. Robin Moore
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