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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Whatever demons you are dealing with Eric, I hope and pray you and your family can work together to resolve this. I wish there were the perfect words to express my feelings that would help you overcome whatever issues you are dealing with. Please know that all of us love you very much, and are praying for you.
  2. Yes, Celine Dion's name was mentioned after one of the female singers sang ABM. It was a 70's theme so I was sure that they would give Eric credit for writing and singing the song. Randy did mention Celine's name when he commented on the performance. Eric's name never came up. It's not right!
  3. How can we contact these idiots and get the record straight?
  4. There's a brand new theater here in Virginia Beach...the Sandler Center. Going to see The Chieftans for St. Pat's Day. Heard that the sound sytem is unbelievable. Check it out for a Top Down Summer event. Our beach is amazing!
  5. Also...I was hoping that since the theme was 70's music...they would actually remember that Eric sang it in that decade. Celine's version came out in the 90's. What is Simon's e-mail?
  6. Why the heck do these people continue to act as if Celine Dion wrote All By Myself? Just once I'd like to see someone give Eric credit for this song. How do I get this done? It isn't fair! Eric's version is so much better.
  7. I had this idea several years ago and was promptly informed that Eric was Jewish and therefore wouldn't sing any holiday songs....to which I replied "Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, B. Streisand, etc. Anyway, my favorite is Jingle Bell Rock...which is a holiday favorite for all.
  8. The DVD is totally awesome..even after seeing it 5 times this week.
  9. THANKS Bernie, WOW...looks like a great time was had by all. I wish I had been there, but a good friend requested my presence at her wedding...so if WAB is on the 2008 calendar, I'll add it to my summer vacation schedule (along with a METS game) Hoping to see you again soon...at a tour date, and hear about it in person. Robin
  10. A happy day here in Suffolk, Virginia...#57 complete with bubble wrap (which I rescued from my "neat freak" husband) I was like a kid at Christmas opening and "ooohing and aaahing" over the goodies. Then, I rushed upstairs to the big TV and popped in the DVD. WOW.....WOW...WOW!!! Reliving all those great memories from the wonderful AC concert, and watching the smiles on the guy's faces as they sang. Words just can't express how happy I am to have this DVD/CD set. THANKS to all who made it possible! I LOVE IT!! Robin
  11. Hi..nothing in the mail today..hopefully soon, so I can take it with me to Philly this weekend. I was in Tampa over the weekend and stopped at FYE and picked up the CD/DVD. I thanked the store manager for having it in the store. My brothers (who have been Raspberries fans for many year) enjoyed watching the DVD. I had goosebumps, and my brother said I had a huge smile on my face as we were watching the guys singing...it was awesome! I can't wait for my Special Edition in the mail. Thanks to all who worked so hard on this. You guys ROCK! Robin
  12. Happy Birthday Eric, Wishing you a splendid day with those you love. Relax and just have fun! Robin
  13. Come on guys/gals...get a grip! Let's try to get some sanity here. I'm laughing over all this nonsense! I'm also going out of town for a week and looking fwd to my return and popping down on the couch and watching the DVD and then blaring the CD on my stereo....and turning back time for a little while. Raspberries Rule!!
  14. Thanks Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim for all the hard work with this new CD/DVD. Been out of town...searched the music stores in DC...didn't find it...told them to get it. BTW.. I'm waiting for the Limited Edition to arrive next week. I'm sure it will be awesome. THANKS BERRIES!! XOXO Back at ya! Robin
  15. As my Marine Corps son always says...Semper Gumby (ever flexible) I always try to consider the reason for things happening, and also tell myself...."will getting upset over it change anything?" The answer is most often..."no" Therefore, I accept what is occuring, and deal with it. I may not like it, but....in the end, I haven't annoyed anyone with negative comments, nor have I stressed myself out. As a result...I'm a happier and healthier (mentally and physically)person. Like fine wine(which I love) the Raspberries DVD/CD is improving with age. It will be worth the wait when I "pop the cork" next week. Calm down Trindy! Robin
  16. WOW...I wish I lived nearby...My sisters and I would be there with our Raspberries jackets, t-shirts, etc. I will definitely tune in to see all of you who are able to be there. Robin
  17. I've printed off 10 posters already and I'm headed down to Virginia Beach boardwalk to post them everywhere. The tourist season is still in full swing which includes Friday night concerts at the bandstand. I'm also sending one to the local radio stations and ask them to mention the upcoming CD whenever they play a Raspberries tune. Robin
  18. Great picture, wonderful expression on both faces. An awesome picture for a scrapbook page. I've done 5 scrapbooks for my son... Thanks for sharing the photo and adding the story about your I-Phone, and the ballgame. It's always enjoyable to read. Robin
  19. The Norva theater is quaint and perfect for all your fans here in Norfolk, VA. Not far from Virginia Beach. Robin ---------------- RASPBERRIES TOUR: BRING IT!!
  20. I can tell you about Missouri ....being out there for 15 yrs (1983-1998) All they care about is Country Music...at least that is how it was in Springfield, MO. I finally escaped. Back to the East Coast..Virginia. I have discussed the "Berries" with several co-workers, who enjoy the tunes. Robin
  21. Awesome website for an awesome talent! The same words I expressed 10 yrs ago, still hold true. I am so thankful for this website to share feelings with others who share an understanding of the msuic of Eric Carmen. It's also wonderful to know no matter what...we are all in this together. YES, we hope the music will continue and evolve, but yet, we do understand when circumstances may postpone a new CD or tour. Eric, I'm sure you know words cannot express our feelings adequately...even though we try. You have brought so much to us through your music. Some of us it brought joy, happiness, and others it helped us get through some rough spots. All of us thank you over and over... We just hope that the music continues because we all know there is much more talent inside you...and like a fine wine...it only gets better. THANKS...Robin Moore Suffolk, VA
  22. Yeah..LuLu looked great too, and added a bit of spark to the show. Rooting for local fav...Chris Richardson. What the heck was up with that first singer...Hayley's outfit. It was really out of place and cheapened her appearance. She looked like a stupid teenager tying to fit in. She has to go!
  23. WOW..wish I could make it, but alas, we have plans to be in NYC the following weekend to see the METS/Yanks series at Shea. Would love to hear all about it from all of you who will be there. Hopefully, pics will also be available on this site. THANKS...Robin
  24. Thanks Eric...for all you have given us....our thoughts and prayers are with you...always have been and always will be. We are not here to judge...as many of us have been in similar situations and have relied on the support of friends to get through it. Look ahead, think about all the positives in your life and you will get through this "bump in the road". Close your eyes and feel "the love" from all of us. Robin
  25. I agree...I felt the same way after seeing the NYC show in July, and then the HOB Atlantic City show. Awesome! I couldn't stop talking about the Berries to all my friends, coworkers, anyone who would listen. I kept hoping for more tour dates....name the place and I'd be there. Now, it seems I'll simply have to relive those memories when the DVD arrives in the mail. Can't wait, but seeing the guys live is so so so much better. Hope it happens soon.
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