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  1. Thank you so very much for all you have done for us Bernie! Without you and your website I truly believe there never would have been a reunion! I never would have dreamed I would have to been able to see my fave band in person, let alone meet all of them. You made my dream come true! And thanks to Eric for participating in this forum here and there, what a special treat for all of us! And thank you Eric for your wonderful music, both your solo stuff and your band stuff....love it all! Hope you are still creating!!
  2. Congrats!! That is really an amazing milestone!
  3. Thank you so much Eric for letting us know the 'reasons' behind the many misunderstandings! I totally agree with you and respect you for your decision. I guess if I can't get my money back (I got them through MetroTix) I will be listing them on e-bay today. Anyone need front row seats to the Iowa show? And thank you Bernie for all your work on attempting to get this 'mess' resolved. I am still 'hoping' that someday I will get to see you in person Eric as I know many of your devoted fans hope for this as well. Paula in Madison Wisconsin!
  4. For what it's worth, here's a message from Todd Rundgren regarding the Tour at his site. Very interesting how he refers to Eric as "Eric Cartmen"!! "Todd's latest update: There's been a bit of confusion about where I'm going to be this summer, which I will only attempt to clear up since it confuses me as well. It should be obvious that I'm doing 2 different tours (not counting the odd dates in Texas). Concert promoters don't appreciate the same 'headliner' (ha ha) coming to the same market within the same year- they think that fans will only buy one ticket a season for any one act. Arguable as that assumption may be, the itineraries have been worked out to exclude me from any Abbey Road (Dung Beatle) shows that conflict with shows already booked by Hall & Oates, wherein I will be replaced by Eric Cartman... I mean Carmen. Actually, the Dung Beatles continue touring after I go off with H&O during the month of August. To confuse things further, I have been inadvertantly included on the advertised bill in cities where I shouldn't appear and excluded from some that I should. What appears now on the Calendar channel (and below) is as close as I can figure it at this moment. Heads up for changes in mid-July."
  5. Oh great...we just bought first row seats for the Iowa show. Now what do we do? Guess my dream of seeing Eric might not come true after all...
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