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  1. Julia, How ironic is it that Edwin - most famous for "War" - died at this time. "War - what is it good for?" is still a good question. Steveh
  2. Darlene, I agree. Eric's voice - as usual - made an OK song into what I think is a great song. Steveh
  3. Lately I've been listening to The Best of EC and I've developed more of an appreciation for Hungry Eyes - it's one of those songs that's between a ballad and power pop, having elements of both. I think the bass arrrangement is especially catchy. It really is a powerful song. What do you think? Steveh
  4. Hi Mike, I was at a 3-day conference in Wash DC. Got home on Sun. Nothing new to report except that I had a great time at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference. The only EC-related item I have is this: during a presentation, the people attending were asked to close their eyes and become aware of their psychological "parts". First I became aware of my heart, then I started to listen to "Hungry Eyes". No kidding! Steveh
  5. Nice going, Brian! That is impressive! If Eric read your post, I think he would be happy. The person who made up that question (or answer) must have been an EC fan! Steveh
  6. Steveh

    My absence

    Julia, Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that she is not in pain. I know that your fellow EC fans will be a source of support for you. Steveh
  7. It's not quantity...it's QUALITY that counts! Steveh
  8. For some reason (laziness? other priorities?), I haven't been too good at following new artists. But of the ones I've seen, Avril is one of my favorites.She brings enthusiasm and energy to her songs. Steveh
  9. Great poll, Kirk. Two somewhat similar songs, both great. I voted for Sleep With Me because I like the melody just a little bit more, and I like Eric's voice in it a little more. And I like the lyrics more. I noticed I ranked SWM #23 and AFL # 27 on my ballad list in July of 2002. That shows you what I think of Eric's ballads! Steveh
  10. I agree, Tony. I think Eric has 5-10 ballads that are better, plus at least 20 "power pop" songs with better melodies. At least ABM gives him some exposure, name recognition for people who are not yet EC fanatics! Steveh
  11. My son is watching Showtime - the movie "Down to Earth" ,2001 with Chris Rock. A few moments ago, they played about 20 seconds of Eric singing "All By Myself". Way to go, Eric! You wrote and sang the greatest song about loneliness...and it's still being used in movies 25 years after you created it! Steveh
  12. Tony, My vote is to work with the international community, continue to put pressure on Iraq to let UN inspectors go in their country, and get other countries to starve Iraq financially if they don't cooperate. Most countries seem to be against us waging war, so I think it would be dumb. Besides, bin Laden is still around, regardless of what happens with Iraq. With bigger and better weapons, the world is getting smaller and smaller, so I think the countries of the world need to be thinking more about cooperating rather than conquering. Steveh
  13. Do you guys think the Space program is worth the risks - loss of life, billions of dollars? What will we really gain by pursuing this? And couldn't we better spend the money on social programs, education, jobs, health care, etc? Steveh
  14. My only wish is that these brave men and women lost consciousness suddenly, so they would not be aware of their fate. My sympathies to their families. Steveh
  15. I think there are at least 50 good choices here, but I think I would play up to Paula by singing a romantic ballad like "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight" or "Everytime I Make Love To You" or "I Was Born To Love You". She would just completely melt during any of those songs. I never liked "I'm a Rocker" - I don't know how the judges would feel about it. Steveh
  16. Tony, I bought the one called "Kyle Vincent". I especially liked Arianne, but all the songs were good. Steveh
  17. Let's pretend that you have a very good voice and want to get some recognition, so you go to the nearest American Idol tryout. Of course you choose an EC song to sing in front of the judges, but which song would you choose? Steveh
  18. I bought a Kyle Vincent CD on Marvin's recommendation, and I was impressed. I'm also impressed by his offer to start an all-pop band with Eric. What a band that would be! Steveh
  19. You guys who remember your first album are amazing! Or maybe I have a memory deficit - I can't say for sure what my first album was, but one of my very first favorites was The Grass Roots - 16 Greatest Hits. I also loved the Beatles early albums like Meet the Beatles and Rubber Soul. Steveh
  20. My opinion on the Beach Boys is this: most of their songs had a nice melody, they made happy-sounding, summery songs, they rarely sang songs that made me cringe. But I don't think I've ever bought a Beach Boys record - they really don't do anything "special" for me. My favorite BB song is Good Vibrations. Steveh
  21. This poll is simply about which song you like better - not which is the more technically superior song or the more creative writing, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.
  22. Thanks, Gina. Glad you like my stuff. I seem to have a need to entertain myself, and it's fun to have writing as a creative outlet (since I have no musical ability!). Steveh
  23. Jeff, A group continuation would be too slow, You're so lucky to live in Ohio, Topics on this message board Detriorate pretty quick, I'd rather write a poem than a limerick! Steveh
  24. There once was a singer named Eric the Best, Who was far better than all the rest, But his fans wanted more Than they could buy in the store Be patient - Let's not be a pest! Nice idea, JuliaD! Steveh
  25. Darlene, I'm sure all of my female clients (hopefully none of my male clients) fall in love with me - especially when I'm singing Eric's songs to them! So far, none of my clients have ever propositioned me - am I doing something wrong? The most common reason a person comes in for treatment these days is that either they or their spouse (or both) is having an affair. So they have their minds on someone else, not me! Steveh
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