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  1. Darlene, Are you sure you're not a psychologist? I'm so glad you don't live near me - you'd take business away from me! These dreams are si interesting - I'm going to print them out and take them to the American Psychological Association Conference in Toronto next week and ask my colleagues what they think of them! I wish I could remember my dreams - I daydream so much during the day, there's nothing left for the night. Steveh
  2. Steveh

    Top 10

    In no particular order: 1. Boats Against the Current (EC) 2. Rubber Soul (Beatles) 3. Who's Next (The Who) 4. The B-52's (First) 5. Van Halen II 6. Masque (Kansas) 7. The Grand Illusion (Styx) 8. Hi Infidelity (REOSpeedwagon) 9. Boston (First) 10.The Captain and Me (Doobie Bros.) Steveh
  3. Dear Eric, Have a great birthday! Why don't you share with us a list of things you want for your birthday.Thanks for all the great songs you've given us. Steveh
  4. JuliaD, Interesting topic! Maybe my interests are really narrow, but I'm entertained by: music, sports, and comedy. Top sports entertainment: NFL football, and basketball to a degree. Top comedy: Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, and Woody Allen. Steveh
  5. Bernie, You do a great job of keeping this website interesting - but I think we would visit this site just as much even if you gave us a bunch of MP3's all at once. Tony and Darlene: I do appreciate the "little at a time" method. I also like: "There's no harm in asking"!! Steveh
  6. Another related question for Bernie: Let's say - hypothetically speaking - you just installed a CD burner and wanted to download many or all of those great MP3's that Bernie surprised us with - but it says "no longer available". How would one download these MP3's? Steveh
  7. Hey Marvin! Funny you should start this topic - I made a list on 6/18/02 entitled "Top Ten Male Lead Singers" which I e-mailed to about 30 people. In order: 1.Eric Carmen 2.Roger Daltry 3.Steve Walsh (in Pittsburgh tomorrow) 4.David Lee Roth 5.Kevin Cronin 6.Tommy Shaw 7.Steve Perry 8.Paul Rodgers (in Pittsburgh tomorrow) 9.Brad Delp 10.Steven Tyler 3 Steves out of 10 - not bad!
  8. Hey Julie, Darlene, and Beep! Thanks for the advice. And the tickets are really cheap (10, 20, or 30 bucks!). As for my first concert...I'm sure it was when I was in college, and it was Dave Mason...or was it the Outlaws...or Kansas..I was told that I was at a Santana/Eddie Money concert! Steveh
  9. Beep, Speaking of decisions...Paul Rodgers, Foreigner, and Kansas are playing in Pittsburgh next Wed eve - but it takes about 2.5 hours for me to drive to Pitts. - I'd get home real late, then have to be at work by 9:30. Is it worth it? Steveh
  10. Hey Beep, REO Speedwagon, you ask? One of my very favorite groups, right up there with EC, The Beatles (early), The Who, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth), B-52's, Kansas, and Styx. Later this month, REO will play on same bill as Journey and Styx in State College, PA! I saw REO, Styx, and Survivor on one night about 18 months ago. REO's ballads are second only to Eric's. You have good taste! Steveh
  11. Beep, How much do you like Kiss/Aerosmith? There are only 15-20 different performers that I would pay 20-50 bucks to see. Aerosmith is one act I'd like to see. Kiss may be entertaining, but musically I like Aerosmith a lot better. Steveh
  12. The great thing about CD's is that you can easily skip songs you don't like. Top five songs I'm most likely to skip: I'm a Rocker, Take It or Leave It, I Think I Found Myself, Great Expectations, and On Broadway. Re: Isn't It Romantic - I like the melody and flow - very relaxing. (What topic did we start out with here, anyway?!?) Steveh
  13. Tony, Great lyrics! You are providing the entertainment we need until Marathon Man gets off the couch and records. Steveh
  14. Oh great, Darlene! Now every time I hear Nobody Knows, I'm going to think, "Nobody Knows Darlene!" Are you going to do this with all of Eric's songs? Come to think of it, that would be pretty interesting. Steveh
  15. Michelle inspired me to write songs constantly, Not a problem thinking of the right melody. Now I'm pleasing my fans on EC dot com, Or at least some. Now Marvin wants a faster beat and Tony wants more humor, Darlene wants a new CD, not just another rumor. I'll put out 10 CD's this year, yes that's what I'll achieve, One thing I can share with you about EC.com - There's too many Steves! (Michelle - Your start to a song is great - just ignore mine - hard for me to be serious!) Steveh
  16. Tony, It's OK if one of your personalities is a moron, as long as you don't have any anti-EC personalities who would dare to get him in trouble! Steveh
  17. Darlene, The person who reported our man was certainly a moron and an imbecile, though I prefer the term numbskull. I wonder how many derogatory labels we can come up with to describe this person(?) without us getting thrown off the internet? That individual (maybe an alien) was probably not an imbecile or moron in the clinical meaning of the words, since he, she, or it probably knew how to type and spell well enough to report Eric. So the only word I'd use to describe him, her, or it is numbskull. PS - If Eric is reading this, consider: Most of us were not even members when The Numbskull victimized you. As far as I can tell, we are all huge fans of yours, and no one in this group would report you.Eric, before posting, use your computer's obscenity-check so you won't get in trouble! Steveh
  18. Steveh

    Dave Mason

    OK, Julia. When I see Paul at the show, I'll ask him to stop by in W-B for a show, or maybe they could play at Bernie's pool party in July!?! Don't feel too bad, though - watch them have just 1 or 2 original members still with the band! Steveh
  19. Steveh

    Dave Mason

    JuliaD, Paul Revere is playing at DelGrosso's Amusement Park in Tipton, PA which is about 10 minutes north of Altoona, or about 40 minutes south of State College. They will put on shows on June 29 at 3pm and 7pm. Bring folding chairs and get there early. It's a nice park for all age groups except teens, since there aren't any wild coasters. But they do have a water park and go-karts. And the concert is free. Doesn't that sound like a nice setting for you know who to perform? Steveh
  20. Steveh

    Dave Mason

    Julia, Have a great time in Epcot.An amusement park (DelGrosso's) in PA has a free summer concert series every year. I've seen the Grassroots, Herman's Hermits, Gary Puckett, The Turtles - very casual, outdoors..and free! I just saw Christopher Cross there - he was outstanding. Paul Revere and the Raiders will be there later this summer. By the way, the Grassroots are my favorite bubblegum group. Steveh
  21. Matt, That's a lot to celebrate in one month! Steveh
  22. Julia, I agree. That's why I listen to the same CD's over and over and over... Steveh
  23. Matt, Hope you had a great birthday. I was born in Michigan, too. For your birthday wish, did you wish for an EC concert before your your next birthday gets here? Steveh
  24. Matt, Great topic! I often have trouble understanding lyrics, but I don't really care! I will be thinking about this as I listen, so I can give you some examples. Steveh
  25. Seattle Steve, Tell us more - who said what? Steveh
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