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  1. I'll recommend Temptation Eyes by the Grass Roots and Samantha's Living Room by the Guess Who. Steveh
  2. I don't want Eric to do any covers. He is such a great songwriter - I'd much prefer to hear his original compositions. Steveh
  3. Hey Gord, I saw the Psychedelic Furs in concert a year and a half ago in Pittsburgh - they were in concert with the Go-Go's and the B-52's. What do you think of the B-52's? They are my favorite band that began in the 80's. Steveh
  4. My chronological age is 47. Mental age is much younger. Steveh
  5. More power to the parents, Michelle! Tough love starts now! Steveh PS-I think the Geffen CD is great, and YTMATW is one of my favorites.
  6. Michelle, I don't like Lost in the Shuffle at all. Why not "Just say no"? Let the child cry, say "no" again until he learns that you refuse to be tortured! Just think...one day, you and your son can have your own personal CD players with headphones and you can have a peaceful ride! Steveh
  7. The last CD I bought was The Guess Who: Anthology. I highly recommend it. Excellent vocals with Burton Cummings, always memorable melodies, and their songs don't sound the same. Steveh
  8. Darlene, With your talents as a lyricist, Eric will be giving you a call to collaborate on his upcoming CD! Good work! Steveh
  9. Hey, let's face it: we're all wonderful! And all together, we make one helluva Eric Carmen fan club!!!! Steveh
  10. Darlene, I'm not a musician, though I like the kazoo. I do try to sing when no one is around, and you're right, that is a good release. When I played basketball, I yelled and swore a lot at the other team and I felt that was also a good release. Steveh
  11. Darlene, is there anything you don't know? Are you a psychic? I agree that stress increases plaque buildup, and I do appear calm even when I'm not. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to scream at all my clients! It's good for me and good for them. Gord and Roonie, thanks for the tips - they probably would help 95% of the population, but I have had a very lowfat/high fiber diet for decades and could never get my cholesterol under 200. Stuff happens! I'm determined to be back to 100%, in plenty of time for the next EC concert. Steveh Steveh
  12. Thanks, guys, for your positive thoughts for me! I've also had a lot of support from family and local friends. Tony, the dumbest thing about this is that I have exercised regularly for many years, eat a very low-fat diet, have no family history of heart disease, and don't smoke! My body just seems to produce a lot of cholesterol. So I really have to take meds - no way around it. So Tony, get a stress test, and if it comes out OK, you may not need to change anything! Steveh
  13. Hi guys, If you're making any New Year's Resolutions tonight, I have a suggestion: promise that you will take your health more seriously and go to the doctor's more often. Here's what happened to me last weekend: I had some mild pain in my chest and I just assumed it was a lung infection of some type because I had a runny nose. So I didn't take it too seriously. Finally, on Sat., the pain got worse, I did go to the hospital, and they eventually diagnosed me with a heart attack. I had a cathetrization, then angioplasty and I'm fine now but have to be careful. I'm 47 and I thought I was in great shape. So don't be fooled! Have a great New Year! Steveh
  14. Cruisin' Music - the happiest song of all time! Steveh
  15. Marvin, Marvin, oh Marvin, Your friend is certainly entitled to his tastes, just like the rest of us are. I'm sorry for him that he doesn't like the berries, but I'll bet he likes other bands, which is great. I happen to like the berries (mostly the songs written by Eric), Beatles, The Who, and I don't particularly like some very famous and successful bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Different strokes for different folks. But in my book, Eric has written and sang the greatest ballads ever. Steveh
  16. No Bernie, there isn't. That's why I'm quite content playing Eric's songs over and over again. Most of today's artists will most likely be forgotten in a few years, while Eric's masterpieces shine on! Steveh
  17. Julia, Now that we know what you look like, we'll never forget about you again! Steveh
  18. Hey guys! Did anyone else notice that Darlene hasn't posted for awhile? She used to be a mainstay of this website, but I haven't seen her post in a long time. Darlene, are you OK?!?! Steveh
  19. Tony, I'm with you on the Geffen album. I really like 6 out of the 10 songs on this CD - to me, the weakest songs are: Living Without Your Love, Come Back to My Love, Maybe My Baby, and The Way We Used to Be. Steveh
  20. Julie, Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I didn't know the drums were fake, and I don't care! Steveh
  21. Any of the songs listed so far are great choices. One song few people mention is "Spotlight" - an unusually energetic rocker from start to finish. Steveh
  22. Tony, Sorry about the Chargers - their play on the field was bad enough, but when they had to play a home game in Arizona in front of 70,000 drunk Arizona St. students who were rooting for the Dolphins...You couldn't get much lower. Then the Arizona Cardinals actually won a game, and they weren't the worst team in Arizona that week. But don't feel bad...I'm a lifelong Jet fan so I have no room to talk! Steveh
  23. I vote for Bethany! Steveh
  24. Bernie, Your description of the song is excellent. Eric is truly passionate on this song. It ranks among his top 15-20 ballads, in my opinion (all masterpieces). ICHBYM is one of Eric's most intense songs, yet the pace is moderate. Much more passionate than the title track. Steveh
  25. JoAnne, I think that Cheryl Crow has a distinctive voice, and I like the melodies of most of her songs. Steve
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