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  1. Count me and a guest in for dinner. Hope the portions are small - we wouldn't want to be moshing with full bellies! Steveh
  2. Steveh


    Jeff, Now without looking at a map, how far is it from Chicago to Cleveland? Or StLouis? I have no idea because I've never driven west of Cincinnati. Why not suggest that the berries play 11 shows, including Chicago? Oh ...I see what the strategy is...announce 1 show at a time so we'll all go to that show, then announce another and we'll all go to that, then they announce another.... Steveh
  3. Steveh


    The fact that many of us live far away from Cleveland and may not have the time or money to attend seems to lend support for the idea of having at least several more shows around the country. Good thing I only have a 4 hour drive, but I do feel badly for those who must fly. How about a 10 city concert tour with stops in LA, Denver, Houston, Orlando, StLouis, Wash DC, New York, Toronto, Phoenix, and Seattle? Steveh
  4. Gord, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of our Canadians friends on Ericcarmen.com! We have so much to be thankful for! Steveh
  5. Eric, as I've always said, ...you're the BEST! Steveh
  6. Steve, I agree totally with you - Eric is a much better vocalist than McCartney, and I know Eric will be great on stage again - he wouldn't have it any other way. As for covers...I hope they don't do any covers - there are enough Raspberry songs to fill 90-120 minutes, and if they still have time, why not sings Eric's solo hits? Steveh
  7. Marlene, I have never seen the berries. Once I did drive to see Eric in New York City once but when I got there, the sign said, "Cancelled"! This the chance of a lifetime for me. Steveh
  8. So Tony, how many of us have goatees do you think? There's you and me and...who else? Steveh
  9. This is one of those rare occasions when you have to pinch yourself and ask, "Is this really happening?" Thanks for the news, Bernie. You da man! Steveh
  10. One more thought on this: how can you be an Eric Carmen fan and NOT be a hopeless romantic? MOST of his songs are about romantic love - Eric is surely the King of Romance. Steveh
  11. Carmen, I am glad you're a "down to earth idealist" - I also consider myself to be down to earth and at times an idealist. I think we have different parts to ourselves - it doesn't have to be one way or the other. Labels get a person in trouble. Hopefully, our different psychological parts are engaged at the right times, ie., there are times to be romantic and times to be practical or idealistic or organized, etc. It really is OK to be a hopeless romantic as long as your intellectual side can keep you from going overboard! Steveh
  12. Thanks, Darlene. I am doing much better. Yes, counselors tend to think of others quite a bit, but I do know one thing I'm giving to myself very soon - a ticket to the big reunion concert! Steveh
  13. Darlene, You are so right - I am a hopeless romantic! I admire your honesty - in fact, I think it is a natural and healthy state for people to want to love and be loved. That's why Eric is absolutely The BEST! He is so honest in his lyrics about love, affection, and sex. Eric's songs can make me cry - and that helps. Yes, Darlene, I'm a hopeless romantic - and I'm sure that being unfulfilled in a relationship for many years contributed to my heart disease. Isn't it great that Eric wrote songs you could really relate to when you're feeling really lonely and hopeless, and also when you're feeling happy and loved? Steveh P.S. - I can relate to "She Did It" these days!
  14. Pat, That would be a great concert. Just a few comments: the boys have been resting their voices and fingers for a few decades now, so lets not let them off so easy - I mean that's kind of a short list of songs - I want to see them play ALL of their songs from their first 3 albums - hey! we've waited long enough! And although I love the early Beatles, I personally would only want them playing original Raspberry material. I was thinking that Eric could pick a few of his solo songs to do, if the other guys also had a chance to pick some of theirs. I know this would be kindof a long show, but...what's the rush???!!! Steveh
  15. If the berries plan to have an opening act, why not pair up with a band they have played with in the past? Such as The Grass Roots? They are still touring. Burton Cummings would be great, too. Steveh
  16. I turned 48 on my birthday (6/26), and I'm getting younger every day. Steveh
  17. Greg, Yes, it would be amazingly great if the boys make a CD. Hey - anything's possible! Seems like our patience is paying off. Steveh
  18. Pat, Most likely Brian is suffering from schizophrenia - its a chronic mental disorder with no cure, but his symptoms can be managed with medication. One out of a hundred people get it, and it has a very strong genetic component. If he stays on his meds, he may be able to function OK. Steveh
  19. So Carmen Smalley, what is up with JoAnne? Why doesn't she post? Steveh
  20. Dave, I agree, and how about front row seats for the book buyers? And let us videotape the show. I don't ask for much. Steveh
  21. Ted, It is perfectly Ok with me if Raspberries don't sound the same - if I wanted to hear their songs exactly as they were on the LP's, I would stay home and play the LP's! In fact, its very possible that they will sound better than their recordings. I, for one, can't wait! Steveh
  22. Michelle, First, I think Bernie and Ken made a great decision by using quotes (first person accounts) for most of the book. So...they obtained the perceptions of many people who were close to Eric throughout the years. That being said, I believe that our memories are often not that accurate, especially concerning events which occurred 20-30 years ago! So when we read of these conflicts that Eric had with other band members and producers, I think that the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. I'm sure Eric has acted in a self-centered manner, but who hasn't? What strikes me from what others have said about him in the book is less of a self-centeredness and more of a perfectionist, which is frustrating to him and those around him. And I do agree that he seems to want to be in control, so he needs to be his own producer. Also, its a great book but I would like to have read more about his family, upbringing, and close relationships. Steveh
  23. Eric, A belated happy birthday to you. Again, the Altoona Mirror (PA) did wish you a happy birthday! Steveh
  24. Bernie, What a great surprise it was for me Saturday when I got back from my vacation and "Marathon Man" was in my mailbox. Congratulations on a tremendously-enjoyable book. Its so hard to put down! Steveh
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