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  1. Good idea, Annie! I have labels somewhere - I will do my best to find them and bring them (boy does that sound lame). Steveh
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially the Berries! Its going to be real difficult to think about anything other than THE BIG SHOW on this day! Steveh
  3. Dave, Great idea, but you did leave out 2 out of the 3 Steves. There's Seattle Steve, Steve-O, and Steveh. You did list OKStevens. I am too computer illiterate to cut and paste. Steveh
  4. Steveh


    Billy K. How prophetic you were! Is there a more "overpaid primadonna" than bad boy Ron Artest? I think he is getting what he deserves! Steveh
  5. Julie, Congratulations! For your honeymoon, why don't you and your fiance go to the next Raspberries concert?!? Or, The Concert could be part of your reception, and we'll help you celebrate! Steveh
  6. Any more ideas concerning what you guys are bringing to be signed at the Meet and Greet? I'm bringing either a book or an album. I'm assuming we can check these items with our coats and cameras during the concert? Steveh
  7. Kevin, I'll be wearing my usual blue jeans, T-shirt, and tennis shoes - most comfortable for crowd surfing! Steveh
  8. Maybe we can get it to a million by concert time! Steveh
  9. Julia, This is the last time I'll say this...try priceline.com, choose "downtown Cleveland", and name your price! I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency for......(really cheap). Steveh
  10. Hey Annie, I agree with you - they may be jealous, or they may be afraid of taking risks and can't relate to our adventurousness. The people who care about me are happy for me, even if they have never heard of Raspberries! Steveh
  11. Right on, Marvin! We will all feel like teenagers at the BIG SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Steveh
  12. It's natural that we're all a bit worried about getting to the show on time and safely. Tomorrow I'm getting my oil changed, hoses and belts checked, etc. No way am I going to miss this concert! Steveh
  13. Pass the tranquilizers, please!!!! Steveh
  14. This was a lot easier than trying to get balcony seats! Thanks for making this possible, Bernie. I still can't believe this is happening. Steveh
  15. Jumpman, I also e-mailed last week but have heard nothing. I'm also a little worried. Steveh
  16. Darlene, Now you know you need an extra computer in the house for emergency situations - like this! Looking forward to seeing you at the concert. Steveh
  17. Is it "Go All The Way" or "Please Please Me"? Or how about both! Come on! Steveh
  18. I don't know about you guys, but I don't go to a lot of concerts, so I figure an extra 50 bucks is not a big deal. And...this is the event of a lifetime! What if this is the last Raspberries concert? Then a chance to be right up front is well worth it - especially since I'm short! And its a great chance to meet EC.com fans. Steveh
  19. I may take the book "Eric Carmen, Marathon Man" to have signed - nothing bigger than a book because I will be going wild at the concert and I don't want to have to keep track of anything, like albums! Steveh
  20. Thanks Annie! They look great! Steveh
  21. Julia, I think leaving out "to be" is unique to the Altoona area. People here also say "youns" which means you guys or you girls, so if it's girls and guys you are talking to, it just makes sense to say "youns", right? I mean, eh? I grew up in New York so I probably had a New York accent but didn't know it. My accent probably changed when I went to college in Easton, PA where students mostly come from NY, NJ, and PA. My parents lived in NY until 10 years ago when they moved to PA - they still have a very strong NY accent. Steveh
  22. The one kooky language difference in West Central PA is that many people leave out "to be" from a sentence, eg, "The veggies need to be washed" becomes, "The veggies need washed". To be or not to be - that is the question! Steveh
  23. If anyone still has not reserved a hotel room by now, try priceline.com. You would not believe the deal I got.... Steveh
  24. Marvin, You are right. Let's get a group picture of the Berries in the middle of us fans, then each of us can pose individually with the band as a whole. And additional photo ops are optional! Steveh
  25. No tatoos for me either, but I think we'd all like to have a memento of this great event - what I'd like is a group photo of Eric in the middle of all his fans from this website. And....how about if we all get the opportunity to pose individually with Eric? Steveh
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