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  1. Billy, This is a wide-open field with no clear favorite - I'll go with the team I picked at the start of the tournament - Duke, because of Coach K. Steveh
  2. I'll probably catch the Saturday show and WAB - makes more sense if I plan to go to work on Monday. Steveh
  3. Steveh


    Marvin, You have been a great contributor to this website for a long, long time, and it would not be the same without you. Why let the criticisms of one or two people prevent you from doing what you want to do? You have just as much right to be involved as anyone else. It's OK if people have negative opinions from time to time - that doesn't mean they are right. Take time to think about it - I think after reading our posts that you'll be back. Steveh
  4. Steveh


    Darlene, I agree that Marvin will be back. Most likely it is a case of Raspberryitis = an overdose of Raspberries, in which a person spends every waking moment thinking about Raspberries and ignores every other aspect of their life. Just to read every post on this website takes hours, and then if you want to post or chat or go to raspberries.net...well there you go! That's your whole life! So Marvin is doing the right thing - taking a break, getting his life in order. Kinda like what happens with me and my apartment every few weeks - little by little the place begins to look like a tornado hit it - and its time to take care of business. Steveh
  5. Recent memorable concerts I've attended: The Raspberries!!! Linkin Park, Korn, and Snoop Dogg (How's THAT for a dad sacrificing his eardrums for his kids?) The Who Kansas B 52's Paul Rodgers Foreigner Styx REOSpeedwagon The Grass Roots Bands I haven't seen but I'd like to: Van Halen (only with Daid Lee Roth) Eric Carmen (solo) The Guess Who Speaking of the Guess Who...looks like they are coming to Altoona in April but does anyone know if that's with Burton Cummings? Are they worth seeing without him? Badfinger, along with 3 other bands, will be performing at the same concert. Steveh
  6. Billy, I was in a mall today and I wasn't even aware of any music until I noticed that very special voice at a volume barely above the people walking and talking. It was Eric's NGFILA. Wonderful! Steveh
  7. Dave, I agree with Darlene that Eric wasn't wanting pity, but I do agree with you in that his songs about the music industry are very hard to relate to!I much prefer the lyrics to his songs about love and relationships. In response to Marc's topic concerning a favorite personal song...there are too many great songs, but as an example...how about "I was born to love you" or"Everytime I make love to you" - as contrasted with "Cartoon World" from the Winter Dreams CD. Steveh
  8. My favorite Burton Cummings song is "One and Only" from the album "Woman Love". Beautiful melody and synthesizer arrangement. Steveh
  9. Michelle, You are so right - what's a "normal" teenager anyway? They are going through so many physical and emotional changes - it is normal for them to be showing frequent changes in mood, thinking, and behavior. I've been through raising 2 teens, and I have an 11 year old boy who thinks he's a teen, and I think being a caring parent of a teen is the hardest job in the world. Its important to keep communication open, but as a parent when you think you might be in over your head, its time to get counseling for your teen and maybe for yourself, too. Steveh
  10. Matt, Too bad about the Love Shack. But good news about the group making a new CD. I always thought the B-52's were innovative, funny, and created catchy songs. I saw them in concert two years ago in Pittsburgh - a really good show. Steveh
  11. JuliaD, The secret is .....be self-employed! I set my own hours - and I will rearrange my work hours around the Raspberries' schedule, if the concert is within driving distance and the money is available. And hotels are cheaper with priceline.com. Steveh
  12. James, Here's a recent example of a parent encouraging acting out behavior: My 11 year old son Nate had a friend (Mason) over to play. They were roughhousing a little - harmlessly at first. Then Mason sat on Nate and wouldn't get off. Nate said he was having a hard time breathing so I told Mason to get off. He refused. Nate said his mouth was bleeding. I again told Mason to get off. Its difficult as a parent to know when to intervene I didn't want to be too controlling, but I had seen enough. Mason finally got off, Nate went to the other bedroom and told me, "Get that ________ out of here." I got Mason's coat and shoes and put them at the door and told Mason, "Put on your shoes. I'm taking you home". He said, "Why do I have to go home? I didn't do anything?" I repeated myself, then he repeated himself. I was getting angry. He finally put his shoes and jacket on but refused to get out the door. At that point I should have called his mom (who I had never met) but instead I pulled him by his jacket out of the apartment so I could close the door. I was yelling (very rare for me) at him by now ("do you understand English") and he did follow me to the car but wouldn't get in. So I said, "Either get in the car or call your mom to pick you up". So he starts walking away (he lives 3 miles away). I used my cellphone to call his mom, he talked to his mom over the phone, just saying, "he grabbed me". When his mom came, she asked me, "Did you grab him? If you left a mark you're in trouble". She never asked what Mason did, never tried to understand the whole situation. Then she walked away. So, many parents do mistakenly and naively believe their children and fail to support authority - who generally are doing their best. Needless to say, Mason will not be visiting anymore!
  13. Top Five EC solo songs that sound like they could be Raspberries songs (not necessarily in order): 1.The Inside Story 2.No Hard Feelings 3.Spotlight 4.Top Down Summer 5.I Could Really Love You To limit Eric's solo songs to five is cruel! I guess life is tough, so here goes: 1.All By Myself 2.Boats Against The Current 3.I Was Born To Love You 4.Love Is All That Matters 5.Every Time I Make Love To You And if they have extra time, they can play Run Away, Nowhere To Hide, My Girl, and She Remembered Steveh
  14. Darlene, it's great that you find ways to put Raspberries into your work. And..OK...there really was a concert, and I wish it could have gone on forever. I won't be at the NYE show, but I will definitely go to as many shows as I can. It was great meeting you and our message boarders, and I look forward to meeting more of this gang at future shows. Steveh PS - When the DVD comes out, are you going to play it for your fifth graders?
  15. Okay, Kirk. I think it's time to tell Darlene the truth - there really was no concert, the Raspberries did not have a reunion. Darlene, you had a psychotic break due to the frustration of lack of Raspberries, so we decided to fabricate this so-called "concert". While your computer was down, we gave you a post-hypnotic suggestion that there would be a reunion, and that you would actually meet Eric, and that he would announce your name on stage. Because of your recent dream and feelings of unreality, I think you are sufficiently stable to accept the news that we were just trying to help make you happy, since you have brought so much happiness to this board. See? Just the THOUGHT of a reunion makes us happy! You can always keep dreaming..... Steveh
  16. Tony, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. My dad is going through the same thing, although with Aricept and Namenda, the deterioration is slower. But it is painful to watch, especially the victim's frustration and helplessness. And I agree with Darlene - your wife needs to support you emotionally now, not place demands on you. It must be hard enough now for you to concentrate on work. I think 40 hours of work per week is about enough, and we need our hobbies to keep us sane and happy, so don't give up your interests (especially this website). Steveh
  17. Jackie, You were so lucky to have seen the guys play when they were just starting out. My first Raspberries concert was ....a week ago! By the way, the Grassroots are still playing, although Rob Grill is the only original member left. There is a yahoo Grassroots fan club. Hey! That would be a good opening act for the 'Berries even today! Steveh
  18. Annie, I agree. The $45.00 I paid for the ticket was a bargain! What's money for, anyway? Steveh
  19. Annie, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency, and it was very nice - the mall effect was neat - steppingoutside your door and being in a mall. For sure you'd like that. Keep in mind there is a $21.00 per night parking fee! I paid a lot less than any of you guys - due to priceline.com. Steveh
  20. How about calling your local oldies radio station and requesting that they play Raspberries, and informing them of the Reunion tour if they don't already know? Steveh
  21. For years now, we have been begging our guys to get together and perform, and they have finally done it, and we are so happy and appreciative. And Marvin's writing project was a great idea. But is there anything else we can do for them? They have made us happy, so how can we make them happy? What do they want?I know I speak for most if not all the members of this board by saying we would do anything for them. Any ideas? Steveh
  22. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steveh
  23. One more thing: After the show, at the Meet and Greet, Eric was nice enough to come out into the throng of fans and hug and shake hands with his fans - very cordial and appreciative - a class act! Steveh
  24. Congratulations Raspberries!!! And thank you for a spectacular reunion show! I still can't believe that I was just a few feet away from the band! The electricity in the air was thrilling as the curtains opened and they played a rousing version of "I Wanna Be With You". The guys looked relaxed and happy to be back on stage.Dave was terrific on the songs he wrote - sounded exactly like the actual recordings. The band sang two Beatles songs - Wally is an unbelievable John Lennon soundalike! Great job on those covers. Eric had the unenviable task of singing those tunes he created requiring incredible range, and he did a fine job, with a little help from his friends. Jim was steady as ever on the drums. Jennifer, Billy, and Paul played like they had been with the band forever. Pleasant surprise of the night: One of my least favorite Raspberries songs - I'm a Rocker - turned out to be a gem! Eric was flawless on lead vocal, and the guys played the song better than the original. Another surprise: Two choir songs. Interesting, but I can't say I enjoyed them as much as the others. Really good job on vocals by Wally on Party's Over. If they had more time, I would like to have heard: All Through the Night, Cruisin' Music, and On The Beach (they didn't play OTB, or did they?) On the negative side: 1. The pre-show reception was nice, but crowded - making it harder than expected to find other ec.com people. 2. The Meet and Greet was poorly handled - 8 fans at a time with the band? I thought there would be 50 people - manageable. There must have been at least 200! However, I did get to shake Eric's hand and congratulate him and the band, and I did get some nice close-ups anyway. Oh, I more positive: The sound system was the best I've ever heard at a concert. The volume level was perfect, and I could not hear any distortion. All in all, a tremendous experience - I really hope the guys continue with a tour and maybe a CD with new material. Steveh
  25. I have a Thanksgiving tradition - have a serious workout in the morning so I don't feel guilty about stuffing myself later! And I can guarantee you that this will be the most memorable Thanksgiving weekend I will ever have. Steveh
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