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  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for your feedback. You listed some great happy songs - Eric makes us feel good. Don't feel bad about not knowing - initially - that EC sang the songs you heard on the radio. For some reason, he isn't quite as famous as we think he "should" be (I don't like the should word). My interest in EC diminished in the 90's for some reason - I think it's because I didn't know he had recorded anything. Then, through the internet, I discovered I was missing some of his work, and I got addicted (not too bad of an addiction!). Speaking of happy songs, here's my list: 1.Cruisin' Music 2.Top Down Summer 3.Every Time I Make Love To You 4.Sunrise 5.My Girl 6.Hey Deanie 7.She Did It 8.I Could Really Love You 9.Love is All That Matters 10.I Wanna Be With You Steveh
  2. Hi Foolin' Myself and jetlin1! Yeah, I thought a lot about the rankings, and yeah it's just about impossible, but still interesting to find out - if you just HAD to choose - what your favorite songs are. One thing I learned when I really re-listened to the songs is that the songs I heard most (oldest songs) I grew to like more, possibly just because I heard them more. I learned that the more I listen to IWBTLY (the whole CD), the more I like it. So it is difficult to compare the newer songs with the older ones. I still think Cruisin' Music is the happiest song I ever heard! Thanks for the feedback. Steveh
  3. Dear Eric, Hope you have a great birthday!! You just keep getting better. Everyday, your music makes me happy. Hope to see you in concert soon, or at least an Ericcarmen.com backyard party! Sincerely, Duncansville Steve
  4. Darlene and Michelle, Trying to rank Eric's songs is like splitting hairs. I wouldn't argue at all with anyone whose favorite EC power pop song is in my top 20 or favorite ballad is in my top 25. In my book, he's made at least 45 GREAT songs, and my favorites do change frequently. Michelle, if I ranked It Hurts Too Much higher than #19, I wouldn't know which song to rank lower! The same goes for your favorites, Darlene. But I agree with both of you -- these are classics. Steveh
  5. Since we have nothing to do except to wait for who knows how long to see EC on stage, I thought it would be fun to (as impossible as this sounds) rank Eric's songs, including his Raspberries songs that he wrote and sang. I also thought it would be interesting to divide them into two categories: ballads/soft rock and power pop. Some songs are hard to categorize but I did my best. Here goes nothing with my rankings: Ballads: 1. Everytime I Make Love To You 2. Boats Against The Current 3. I Was Born To Love You 4. Love is All That Matters 5. Nowhere to Hide 6. Runaway 7. All By Myself 8. Starting Over 9. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight 10.Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 11.Almost Paradise 12.I Can Remember 13.Isn't it Romantic 14.She Remembered 15.Let's Pretend 16.Someone That You Loved Before 17.I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine 18.Desperate Fools 19.If You Change Your Mind 20.Don't Want to Say Goodbye 21.Foolin' Myself 22.I'm Through With Love 23.Sleep With Me 24.I Reach For the Light 25.Nobody Knows 26.Heaven Can Wait 27.All For Love 28.I Saw the Light 29.Everything 30.The Way We Used to Be 31.Change of Heart 32.Walk Away Renee 33.Living Without Your Love 34.Waiting 35.On Broadway 36.I Think I Found Myself Power Pop: 1. Cruisin' Music 2. I Wanna Be With You 3. Go All The Way 4. Overnight Sensation 5. Top Down Summer 6. I Could Really Love You 7. She Did It 8. My Girl 9. Hey Deanie 10.No Hard Feelings 11.On The Beach 12.All Through the Night 13.Tonight 14.You Took Me All The Way 15.That's Rock and Roll 16.The Inside Story 17.Sunrise 18.Ecstacy 19.It Hurts Too Much 20.American As Apple Pie 21.I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips 22.Spotlight 23.Someday 24.Drivin' Around 25.I Don't Know What I Want 26.Cartoon World 27.Last Night 28.Lost In the Shuffle 29.Come Back to My Love 30.End of the World 31.You Need Some Loving 32.Haven't We Come A Long Way Baby 33.Baby I Need Your Lovin' 34.Tonight You're Mine 35.Marathon Man 36.Maybe My Baby 37.Great Expectations 38.Take It or Leave It 39.I'm a Rocker What do you guys think? For me, this was like ranking all-time great quarterbacks - when you grow up emulating Joe Namath, thinking he's the greatest ever, then a few decades later Dan Marino comes along, you have to admit that sometimes the new guys are better than the old. EC isn't getting older - he's getting better!
  6. Betsey, I live near Altoona, PA - about 4 hours from Cleveland. Lots of EC fans in PA, Ohio, and NJ. How about a solo concert in central PA, EC? Steveh
  7. I had tickets to the Keswick show, but after learning EC would not be there, I sent the tickets back to Ticketmaster. I hope they give me a refund but if they don't, I'm still not going. I will see EC...Someday! Steveh
  8. Stevie, You asked for specifics on IWBTLY - here they are: First, let me say that this CD has mostly slower-paced songs. Some people enjoy faster-paced songs. I think EC is THE BEST at Ballads. The title track is an outstanding ballad. Why? I don't know! I just love it. EC sings with great emotion, and when he sings his ballads, I really think he means what he sings. Someone That You Loved Before is a nice ballad, but not outstanding. Every Time I Make Love To You is, in my opinion, one of EC's greatest songs ever. Listen to it 5 or 10 times. It may be the combination of the synthesizer and I don't know what but I think its GREAT! Cartoon World I can do without - nothing special about it. Almost Paradise is a beautiful ballad - again slow, but GREAT! Top Down Summer is one of the happiest songs I've heard, right up there with Cruisin' Music. Love it. Isn't It Romantic and I Wanna Take Forever Tonight are nice, flowing ballads. I Could Really Love You is upbeat and different with its Spanish beat - Great! I didn't much like Walk Away Renee. I loved the Raspberries in the 70's, I love EC's upbeat songs and his ballads. I think IWBTLY was his most consistent CD. Steve
  9. My top 3 EC solo efforts: 1. I Was Born to Love You, 2. Boats Against the Current, 3. Eric Carmen (Arista). The rest rank 4 - 6, but in my opinion are all clearly below the top three. The Arista album is a masterpiece but I have trouble listening to "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again "because they are so depressing. At least in Boats Against the Current there is HOPE, in addition to some of my all-time favorite ballads ("Runaway," "Nowhere to Hide"). My favorite songs on IWBTLY are: the title track, "Every Time I Make Love To You," "Top Down Summer," and "I could Really Love You." Steve
  10. Marvin, Yes, Eric's music has changed over the years. Yes, he has recorded great rock songs with the Raspberries and earlier in his solo career. I think that what EC does best is write and sing romantic ballads, in fact I think he is the best BY FAR at ballads. And except for three songs, "I Was Born to Love You" is all about romance. Let's agree on this: musical tastes are subjective. IWBTLY is one of my favorite all-time CD's -- sorry you don't like it. Steve
  11. Randy, I disagree with your statement, "His best work was done 25 years ago". I think that his "I was born to love you" CD was almost flawless, and contained several of his best songs ever. I agree with your point that perhaps his fan base isn't as big as we diehards think it is. I could never understand why EC's records didn't sell more than they did. And that's exactly why I suggested that he have a small, intimate concert with 50 of his most diehard fans -- we love him so much, I wouldn't care if he just played on a portable keyboard! If he is really a perfectionist, I could provide free psychotherapy to him as I drive him from Cleveland to Altoona! Steve
  12. Hey Betsey, At least one EC fan is taking me seriously. Shoot for the stars! Make your dreams come true! An intimate, informal backyard concert (including an inground pool near the stage) with only TRUE EC fans! And we can videotape the concert of ALL Raspberries and solo songs, and maybe even sing along! Come on, Bernie! You've got the pull! Steve in PA
  13. Hey fellow EC fans, Things are looking bad for this tour. I called Nautica in Cleveland -- looks like they're having a Beatles fest there in Aug., but nothing involving EC. Only solution (for the third time) is to ask EC to come to my backyard near Altoona, PA or some other location within driving distance of Cleve., ask EC fans to pay $50. a ticket, all proceeds going to EC, and he can put on an all Raspberries/EC show in front of his very best fans! All in favor, say "Aye". Bernie, ask him. If he's quitting the tour, he'll have plenty of time to play for his fans. I'll pick him up at his house! Steve
  14. Bernie, I know I'm supposed to stay cool but if EC doesn't show at Keswick, I will freak! Not only that, I'll sell my tickets, and find out about the Cleveland shows Aug.9-11. I'll call tomorrow. And if he's not there in Cleve., I'm going to invite him to put on a concert in my backyard for $2500. I will see EC this top down summer! Steve
  15. Hey Kazumi, Raspbernie will take care of the meet and greets. See you at the concert. Steve
  16. Hey everyone! I saw a flyer in the Sunday paper from the Cleveland visitor's bureau, and it reads: "August 9-11, Abbey Road on the River, Beatles Festival, Nautica Entertainment Complex, 216-241-5555"! I have a hunch that EC will be there. Let's get some more info. On a related note, O.K., so we see EC at a few concerts this summer - I'm already feeling disappointed that he's not going to play most of his songs. Here's my bizarre idea: Let's chip in $50. each (50 people), that's $2,500., I will drive to Cleveland and pick up Eric and his portable keyboard and guitar, bring him to my house in Duncansville, PA (near Altoona), and he can play our favorites in the backyard. What are the chances of him agreeing to that? Steve
  17. Bernie, I saw Styx with REO at Penn St. this past winter, and Kansas in Pittsburgh last summer -- they still sound great! When I like a band, I REALLY like them. Wacky Steveh
  18. What is the scouting report from the Hawaii shows? What solo songs did EC play? Raspberry songs? Who cares about the other guys in the band? When is EC going to have his own band to play just his songs? (That's a lot of questions). See you at the Keswick. I'm practicing screaming, "ENCORE ERIC, ENCORE!!" Steve
  19. Hey EC fans! This is my first reply ever! Here are my wacky top eight bands: 1. EC/Raspberries 2. The Beatles (early) 3. Kansas 4. The Who (not early) 5. Van Halen (with David Lee Roth) 6. The B-52's 7. Styx 8. REO Speedwagon Yeah, yeah I know this is a strange mix, but each of these bands serves a purpose for me. Kansas, The Who, Van Halen, Styx, and REO Speedwagon are great bands to help me feel energetic, powerful, and are great to exercise by. The B-52's are funny and energizing. EC is in a class by himself. He is all about LOVE -- no other singer/band is needed!
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