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  1. Marvin, If you have a question, why don't you ask it? I don't know of any reason why you couldn't post a different poll at the same time anyone else posts a poll. I know I would be interested in reading your poll, and so would everybody else. Steveh
  2. You have been chosen as Eric Carmen Fan Of The Year! As your prize, you get to pick one of the following (don't despair - since you are such a great fan, the prizes you don't pick this time will be given to you next year, and then the next!) But your first choice is:
  3. The official winner is....solo Eric, 11-5! Good job, Eric! I agree that you were great with the Raspberries, too. Steveh
  4. Jim, I agree with you about balladeers getting better with time. Eric's top seven ballads (according to my subjective rankings) are from his solo career, while his top four power pop songs are from his Berry days. It's a tough call...but I choose his solo career. P.S. I'm still addicted to IWBTLY. Steveh
  5. Darlene, I am the meanest person in the world! I get so much satisfaction out of torturing you! O.K., O.K., you just gave me a great idea for next week - I promise to think of two or more options that will make you happy! But in the meantime, just thinking about not being able to hear either Raspb. Eric or solo Eric makes us really appreciate that we get to hear BOTH! Steveh
  6. If you HAD to choose between listening to either Raspberries-era Eric Carmen songs (Raspberries songs with EC on lead vocal and written or co-written by Eric) or Eric's solo efforts (let's not quibble about who actually wrote the songs - this includes all of his songs from his solo albums), which would you choose?
  7. Go All The Way is this week's winner, 6-5 over I Wanna Be With You. Congratulations, GATW! Steveh
  8. Darlene, I don't consider myself a perfectionist, although I have high standards for myself in many areas. For example, if I'm painting my house, I want it to look nice but I'm not going to worry about every little detail because this would take forever. There are other things I want to do with my time (like be on this website). I tend to get chores done quickly so I can relax and have some fun! Well what areas of my life do I set high standards? Pizza, relationships (honesty, respect, humor, etc.), my level of fitness and health ñ maybe I'll think of more later! Good topic, Darlene! And be easy on yourself! Steveh
  9. Darlene, Very true. You are really articulate. This is by far my favorite website, and the only one in which I post ñ for the reasons you already stated. And it's even good to have some doubting Thomases ñ because it can be fun to debate! Steveh
  10. Michelle, No need to apologize. Your opinion is just as good as anyone else's. I never saw the show in question, but I agree with your point about kids being able to express themselves to their parents, and parents being honest with their kids. Kids are exposed to everything these days, and they need parents who can calmly listen to their concerns without fear of being put down. (This is a great website about EC and I really hope we don't get into discussions about politics or religion) Steveh
  11. Great topic, Donna! I've never met Eric so all I have to base my guess on are his songs. In that case, the descriptions by Donna, Julia, Michelle, and Darlene seem most likely. I imagine Eric to be sensitive, warm, kind, genuine, and honest -- and I would be disappointed and surprised if I found out he wasn't. Hey, what about his fans? Are there certain qualities about his fans that attract us to him? Steveh
  12. Darlene, I would never rewrite Eric's lyrics, but I would rewrite BM's, eg, I stole the songs that make the whole world sing, I stole the songs and got credit for everything, etc., etc, (Hey guys, add some lyrics!) Steveh
  13. Darlene, If Eric wants to, I will gladly trade my voice for his! Steveh
  14. Darlene, There may be many similarities between Manilow and Eric's songs - I'm trusting your judgement because the only Manilow songs I've heard are his really popular ones that I couldn't avoid. The lyrics may be similar but , for some reason, I don't like BM's voice, and I just get the feeling he's insincere when he sings. Wouldn't it be ironic if we found out that it is Eric, not BM, who "writes the songs that make the whole world sing"? Steveh
  15. Darlene, I agree that Eric would take total responsibility for his choices re: clothing and hairstyle. And, most importantly, his music. I don't care one little bit about his clothes, hairstyle, political party, ethnic origin, etc., etc. - IT'S THE MUSIC! Steveh
  16. Hi Darlene, This week's showdown just seemed to float into my consciousness today ñ duh! Pretty obvious question, really. Of course I love both songs, but I prefer I Wanna Be With You because it seems to flow better, has more consistent energy, while GATW sounds like at ballad at times, rock song at other times. Steveh
  17. The Raspberries two biggest hits were Go All The Way and I Wanna Be With You (both written and sung by EC - correct me if I'm wrong). Which one do you like better?
  18. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight is the winner, 8-4. I am so glad I bought a used copy of I Was Born To Love You ñ there was no insert telling me who wrote the songs or when they were made. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss! Steveh
  19. Bahoodore, Great choices! I love all the songs on your list. I have often thought that there couldn't possibly be a better song than BATC. Steveh
  20. Marvin, That is sad..but probably true. Maybe his CD's need to be more effectively promoted, played on the air, thereby selling more CD's and impressing decision-makers. At least Eric was recognized by the RARHOF in that he was asked to play there once! Steveh
  21. Darlene, What a happy day it has been for you! Hey, if you go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, why not ask the people who make decisions there , "What does it take for a legend to be inducted into the Hall?" A very worthy nominee is located in The Hall's own backyard! Do you know the criteria for induction? Steveh
  22. Gina, Great answer - great choice. The majority agreed with you, 7-5. But I STILL don't know how Eric would have voted! But as long as we can listen to all of his songs, we're all winners!!
  23. Darlene, I agree with Michelle. What is wrong with people who don't like EC? Especially in romantic moments? (I'm beginning to sound like anybody in a group or cult that thinks that THEIR way is the ONLY way). I think that having similar musical tastes is very important in maintaining a relationship, especially having some common likes in the area of romantic music. EC is the only balladeer I listen to (please no cmore comparisons to Barry Manilow!).
  24. Gina, O.K., so you missed the deadline. So what? Let's say it ended in a tie between "I Saw The Light" and "I Reach For The Light" and your vote was the deciding one. And if you picked the one that is the one Eric voted for, he would invite only you to his house and play all his songs just for you. Not only that, his wife took the kids for a weeklong vacation to China and you could stay at Eric's for 5 days! ñ if you make the right choice. Well...which is it? Steveh
  25. Marvin, Your post on 9/11 was a terrorist attack on my emotional state. My adoration of Eric is totally deflated, my spirits are severely crushed, and I can no longer listen to "Winter Dreams" or any other Eric Carmen CD. I am going into a long state of hibernation, my theme song being "I Wanna Sleep Forever Tonight". I am signing off forever from Ericcarmen.com.....NOT!!!!!!! Steveh :rolleyes:
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