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  1. A super birthday wish to ya, Paulie. I hope it was a good one.
  2. Hey Al, Hope it's a god one. Happy B'day.
  3. A big "thank you" to all. It has been a nice quiet day. Perfect for an old goat like me.
  4. Thanks Bernie. I never understood the need for the ratings in the first place. It smacks of high school cliques - IMHO. LOL - ditto on the "Beating a dead horse." Good one , Tim
  5. A very super Happy Birthday to you Tony - from sunny Florida to sunny California. Be well.
  6. Happy Birthday, Darlene. Here's hoping we get to meet again.
  7. Ellie Greenwich, who wrote such classic pop songs as "Chapel of Love," "River Deep, Mountain High" and "Be My Baby" with Phil Spector, has died, according to her niece. She was 68 years old. Greenwich had been in the hospital fighting pneumonia.
  8. mannoman


    Fresh - realize that at 62 you will be taking a reduced amount of Soc Sec $s and if you decide you need more money and go back to work part-time, a portion of your earnings will be deducted from your already reduced Soc Sec check. However, if you are ok financially, then go for it. When I was approaching 62 my accountant said I should wait until 66 (in my case). Any monies earned after that would not impact my Soc Sec $s. I'm glad I waited. I've been collecting Soc Sec for almost 4 years and bank the check because I am still working. I am not suggesting you do what I did. I am suggesting you be sure to talk to a professional. Everyone's situation is different. I just don't want to see you make a mistake and retire too soon. Soc Security is NOT going belly up. There are some issues in that area but I believe the problems will be corrected - eventually. That's a whole different discussion.
  9. Sherry, I never call any male friends other than family. I can only think of one male friend I have called in the past year. I'm not anti-social just very private, however, compared to my son, I'm a gadfly - LOL. So I agree with your hubby.
  10. Julia, you and I go back a long way so I am dismayed by your post. What's the point? Diane was trying to maintain some civility on the board and you called her out for being stressed? Maybe you didn't mean for it to read as nasty, but it does and is uncalled for. And No, "it's not on me', it's on YOU to post in the tone that will properly convey your thoughts/concerns. Don't deflect. If you thought Diane was stressed why not send her a PM and ask her, instead of posting for all to see? If anyone is stressed over the crap, that passes for discussion, on this board, it's me. I'm fed up with this childish crap. Diane is an angel. Pick on me if want, but leave her alone.
  11. Hi Beth. Have a very happy birthday.
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