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  1. Not yet in English, but let me know if you can hear the show on www.rtlfm.nl
  2. Tonight: (18.00-21.00 hour, Cleveland time) you can listen to my Dutch Radioshow (Stenders Rob-dossier) on www.rtlfm.nl (go to: luister nu/listen now). Pick out the Eric Carmen/Raspberries song which we'll be playing.
  3. You're right, next month they start their tour in Holland, 22 gigs in a week or five. The most of the shows, like the one in my hometown Doetinchem are completely sold out.
  4. Since almost two years I'm the producer of some oldies shows on Dutch radio stations, Radio 2 and RTLFM. You can take a look on www.freakolympics.net and see what music we're playing.
  5. The latest Cd I bought is Mind body and soul by Joss Stone, what a voice!, I believe she's just only seventeen years old! Unbelievable, everyone should also listen to her first CD The Soul sessions.
  6. Julia, does that mean that you will fly to Cleveland to watch the show? I was just looking for other European fans.
  7. Okay, thanks. So there are more European fans, like Julia from London and Carmen from Spain. Do they also make plans to come to Cleveland? I'll send them a privat message and we'll see.
  8. Are there any European Raspberries fans interested in the reunion concert? Can not be that I'm the only one who's making plans to go to Cleveland, next month. Where are you fans from Holland, Germany, Sweden or anywhere else?
  9. I'm an alltime Raspberries fan from Holland (46 years old), and I'm wondering if there will be a second reunion show, because I found out the first one has already sold out. If I can get a ticket for the show I'll come to Cleveland anyhow.
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