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  1. Yes it was fun Plans to come over to Cleveland in November for the Choir reunion but I think it's not gonna happen this time, sad.
  2. I got 2 tickets for the Saturday show (e-tickets) someone who is still looking for them? It's sold out. I can't be there, mail me : wimvriezen@gmail.com Wim Vriezen from The Netherlands
  3. November 3, The Choir will reunite for one more time, tickets in my pockets already, who's gonna join ? Greetings from the Netherlands!
  4. Hello friends, new trip to USA coming up: Thu 22/september & Fri 23/9 Seattle, Sat 24/9 San Diego, Sun 25/9 Joshua Tree, Mon 26/9, Tue 27/9 Wed 28/9 L.A., Thu 29/9 Bakersfield, Fri 30/9, Sat 1/october, Sun 2/10 San Francisco Hardly strictly Blues Festival, Mon 3/10 & Tue 4/10 San Antonio, Wed 5/10 Austin, Thu 6/10 Galveston, Fris 7/10 Lafayette, Sat 8/10, Sun 9/10 & Mon 10/10 New Orleans. Any Raspberries fans around on that time? Greetings Wim Vriezen The Netherlands.
  5. Finally got my sealed copy of Brand new year it's #312
  6. On facebook my page: www.facebook.com/wimsmuziekkelderdoetinchem
  7. Thanks to you all for your kind posts! For pictures see: www.wimsmuziekkelder.nl Greetz Wim.
  8. Dear friends, Long time no see. I was busy making my dream to become true and yet it is: Started my own record store in my hometown. Hope to see you when you decide to make some travels in Europe. More news coming out soon and I'll post some pictures soon, Greetz from Holland! Wim Vriezen, The Netherlands
  9. Happy belated Birthday Miss Miriam! Greetz from Holland...
  10. Tomorrow on Dutch Radio 2: Overnight sensation (Hit Record) by Raspberries will be played, I'll look for the whole playlist.
  11. Happy Birthday MJ!.. Greetz from Holland!
  12. Belated birthday greetings dear John- I hope you had a great one! Greetz from Holland!
  13. Here's a short note from another father of three wonderful sons: Keep on Rockin' Lew! Grtz. Wim Vriezen
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