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  1. hey, this must be the joisey peeple's hangout? what exit on the NJ Turnpike (exit 9, for new brunswick!) musta been the CHEAP THRILLS record shop on George Street, huh? spent MANY hours in there ... looks like MANY of my fellow New Jerseyans are headed out to Cleveland ... a safe, happy and heavenly trip to all of you. I'll be thinking about you friday night! can we get the band to come play New Brunswick? State Theater? Court Tavern? Old Man Rafferty's? Tumulty's Pub? ;-)
  2. WOW! i'm speechless! the BOOK is gorgeous, and what a fantastic first-rate production! but after owning some of ken sharp's previous work, and seeing how bernie has run this web site, what else would one expect? i've only had a chance to skim thru it, but it did exactly what a great book SHOULD do - make me wanna go thru all of my 'berries and eric CDs and tapes, and play them all over again. since i'm in the garden state as well, the book took ONE DAY to arrive at my place ... woo hoo! and you couldn't ask for anything so lovingly packed! THANK YOU!
  3. Michele, thanks so much for jumping in and adding contact info for the other 'berries! i appreciate it!!
  4. We saw the THORNS and the JAYHAWKS monday night in philly -- wow, despite a muddy sound mix, a FABULOUS show ... aside from folks like Marshall Crenshaw and the Smithereens, i don't think you'll find better pure pop around these days than what Matthew Sweet delivers. Yes, on cd, THE THORNS is more mellow and acoustic than what you'd expect from Sweet, but the THORNS live had a full band (adding bass, keyboards, drums) and Sweet and Droge played electric a good part of the time. The songs had quite a bit more kick to them, some almost reworked from what the CD sounds like. I'd think Raspberries/Carmen fans would prefer the THORNS, but if some of you have dylan/country rock tendancies, then check out THE JAYHAWKS, please! Apparently, the jayhawks have covered ALL BY MYSELF, and i'm on my way now to ask the fellow EC fan over in collector's corner all about it!
  5. i also saw FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS as my first concert, back in '69 ... luckily, it edged out by a few months my second concert -- ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK (my grandparents took me to a fair he was playing at) ... I only remember being incredibly excited at actually going to a concert, but i don't recall any songs that were played. but i love Valli to this day and still go see him live ... and to be honest, i knew more of the songs engelbert played back in '69, and he was actually quite good. and back in 2001, i took my mom to see him, and he STILL was good, and STILL had girls younger than ME throwing, er, gifts at him. I'm still jealous of Bill Anton seeing the seasons back in '63! and of Bernie seeing Harrison back in '74! and of Marvin seeing the EVERLYS back in '70! I luckily saw the everlys in 2000 and 2001, and they still have it. a shame they aren't recording any longer ... my biggest regret, obviously aside from never seeing bands like the Beatles, Badfinger or the Raspberries ... was never seeing elvis presley, especially since i started asking to go in '69 when "Suspicious Minds" got me hooked -- and he played locally in Philly in '71, '74, '76 and '77.
  6. folks, a thousand pardons if this has recently been covered (I didn't really see it), but does anyone know if the offers from promoters for a Raspberries tour have changed since the water was last tested? When was the last serious talk of a reunion tour, 1998? that is five years ago ... just curious ... i mean (and i hate to resort to this, but ...) would the chances be better of pairing the Raspberries w/ another similar act for a twin bill for a theater tour? heck, i'd love a club tour (i'm thinking stone pony), but i'll GO to anything ... Only thing that makes me wonder/think/ponder/long for such a tour is the endless variety of concert pairings and odd couples ... i don't wanna mention names and end up flaming someone, that's not my intention ... but if demand isn't strong enough for the berries or eric alone ... hey, don't stone the messenger ;-) ... ... then just WHO could we pair the raspberries or eric solo with for a great tour?? ... i know! how about THE WHO!?!?! tee hee ... OK, seriously, i'll go first ... i'd love to see the reunited GUESS WHO with the 'berries or eric. they always tour canada, and had a pretty successful US run w/ Joe Cocker in 2001 ... and they were gonna play NJ, but 9-11 canceled that ... any other dream twin bills? and i'm **SO** jealous of guitaroxx, who saw The Raspberries and Badfinger at their high school in 1972! ;-) (OK, actually, i'm jealous of bernie seeing Harrison at MSG in '74, too!) But WOW! raspberries and badfinger!!! now THAT is an ultimate dream twin bill!
  7. wow, see ... i *know* we all know this already, but a nice guy like BERNIE is **WHY** this web site is so great! Sincere thanks, bernie, for your courteous - and dry-cleaner quick! - response. ... and i probably will email you in august some time ;-) despite my original post, i haven't really been thinking about getting eric's autograph every minute of the day since that may 2000 ringo show, ... but those Ebay "autographs" *did* make me wonder just how you could get a 'real' one ... yes, we're thinking about the same items that are always up for bid. I've only seen eric's autograph in the ken sharp raspberries book and on a handful of other ebay auctions, but those signatures just look so fake ... and as i said, it seems like ALL the folks the seller had up for bid -- even ones who have been dead for years -- used purple paint pen. was purple paint pen really that popular back when Jim Croce and Harry Chapin were signing autographs?? thanks also for the offer to bounce the authenticity of something off of you, as well. As far as Ebay fakes, the worst i've seen recently is a 'signed' elvis presley LP -- on an LP that was reissued two months after he died! Tough to tell from the photo they scanned, but the RCA logo and matrix number was proof enough. A shame. Now, not to be a greedy weasel, but are the other raspberries open to signing by mail? I realize it would be by individual band member, and i don't expect that they'd live in the same, say, beach house like the Monkees or anything! ;-) again, thank you, kind sir! And thanks, eric!
  8. OK, here goes ... Eric ... Mr. Carmen ... is there any humanly possible way to (please?) get your autograph? Only way i can think of is to dump $40 at some online auction site for something of pretty dubious origin ... i mean, after awhile, they all look alike ... and does everyone sign in purple paint pen? ;-) Ya see, right after May 2000 Ringo's All-Starr show in downtown New Brunswick NJ (hiya! bernie!), the was a small crowd of fans near the backstage door. of course, ringo was beamed up, or down, or phased up somewhere and not to actually be seen ... but the rest of the all-stars came trotting out to the van to make their getaway ... seemed like each all-star had their own following, and i was with the 'eric crowd' ... we (really!) politely asked if he could *please* stop and sign a few quick autographs but he explained that they were on a tight schedule and he just couldn't ... 'next time, i promise!' to paraphrase his parting words ... plus, he had an armload of bags, etc, as well. My buried question: when is 'next time' coming?!? ;-) No immediate plans for a group/solo CD ... no plans for a tour ... sheesh, kinda bums you out. Makes ya think 'next time' is never coming ... OK, so ... is it so horrible (geeky) to ask: Is there a postal address (PO Box?) one could send, say for argument's sake, ONE raspberries item and/or ONE solo item to have eric autograph? I mean, if we supplied return postage and all ... and lined up nicely, orderly and quietly ... please? Could it possibly be done? please? And while I'm at it: How about all the other former/current (!?) raspberries? Would they be so kind? ... please? I know, i know ... there will be one bad apple that will spoil it for the rest of us, and within a week, there will be a zillion ERIC CARMEN autographs on ebay, i know ... i know ... (hey, did anyone else see some of the signed items listed over there? some don't look too kosher to me!) Well, then, maybe if someone wants to charge some sorta nominal fee (let's kick up some bucks for a charity or something) ... that way, we all get what we want. c'mon, folks, sing along with me ... "please?" Am i the only geek out here who thinks of such things? I mean, how neat would it be to have a signed eric solo LP cover/CD jacket ... or a 'berries LP cover signed?!?! OK, bernie, feel free to delete/edit/erase as you see fit! ;-) i'll go back to lurking ....
  9. Yes, a round of applause to bernie for your diplomatic handling of this sticky situation. What would we do without you? Where would we get the truth? How would we know? Also, here's my vote that Eric pull out of this disaster completely -- and do some shows all by himself. Heck, if it's a question of rolling the piano out onto the stage of the Stone Pony or Bottom Line, I'll roll up my sleeves and give it a go! But i know I'd be ticked if I forked over $38.50 or $48.50 for a Keswick seat just to see Eric onstage for a few minutes...
  10. Darlene! Couldn't have said it better myself. That's EXACTLY the spirit I'm talking about! That said, let's hope the 'powers that be' will consider something along those lines! As I've mentioned before, I probably woulda just kept these thoughts to myself if Eric was someone who tours regularly, but his appearances in/around Jersey (OK, anywhere at all!) are TOO few and far between (to drop yet another not-so-subtle hint!)
  11. Mymooladi, Good to hear Eric was nice at the R&R Hall of fame! I've heard as much from some other fans lucky enough to be there, and overall, Eric seems to get a 'nice-guy' rating from fans who have been lucky enough to have met him. it's always cool to know the folks you admire are actually nice! Also, I realize this tour is playing all sorts of venues, but i was specifically thinking of the venue i'm going to: the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa. ... seems like a lot of folks on this board are going to that show as well. The Keswick staff is great regarding this sort of thing, but only ***IF*** the fans are polite and orderly. If the fans act up and are rowdy or just rude, that's it -- everyone out. I'd also rather know if something like this is possible instead of wasting time hanging out near the stage door before/after the show, only to have rude security folks treat you like scum, and to have the performer be whisked right past you. I've been to many folk-type/adult alternative shows there, and performers are usually very open to meeting fans, but ***ONLY*** IF the fans are polite and things are orderly. Heck, i've seen grammy-winning stars just wander out after the show and sign and greet fans from the edge of the stage. Again, maybe this sort of arrangement isn't possible at the bigger outdoor venues, but at a relatively small theater like the Keswick, i thought it might be. Hey Mr. Carmen/and or his managers, why not TRY it at the keswick and see how it goes? While I'm all chatty here, it would also be pretty cool if the merchandise table had a nice stockpile of all the eric solo CDs as well. those japanese imports can be hard to track down but if eric's camp could arrange for some to be sold at the shows. and if eric was there signing stuff? think of the sales possibilites! Again, this is all just something to consider ...
  12. OK ... hope I'm not gonna open a can o' worms here, but what's the possibility that fans who want to .... could actually meet Eric during this ABBEY ROAD tour? Would it be possible for Eric to come out to the souvenir stand after the show? (Brian Wilson did that last summer). I'm not talking taking up a lot of Eric's time, and I certainly understand all the other stuff (travel, etc) that goes w/ touring ... but I've seen that if there is an order to such a 'meet & greet' -- and fans understand you're really only there for a quick hello, handshake, picture or autograph -- things can go rather smoothly and quickly. I betcha if done orderly and IF all the fans were understanding ... Eric could probably take care of everyone in like 30 minutes ... I understand where security during Ringo's tour didn't lend itself to such an arrangement -- but since Eric tours SO rarely, I figgered it's best to ask NOW so maybe something could be arranged. Just a quick handshake and maybe getting a 'berries LP and solo LP signed is all I ask ... plus just to tell Eric in person 'thanks!' for all the great music & enjoyment over the years ...
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