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  1. It's been 25 years! It seemed like it took that long to find it on CD! Hard to believe, cause it seems like yesterday. Let's see, I was 17 when 'Boats...' was released. I remember my exact reaction...this guy is too good for commoners. Let's face it, friends, Eric's songs make you think, which makes them very radio 'unfriendly'. Too bad for the masses, but for those of us who were there when it happened, and, of course, those who came along after, to say that this album changed lives is clearly an understatement. 'Boats Against The Current' was simply audio art. It stands the test of time and holds a place in my heart like no other. Congrats to Mr. Carmen on the anniversary. And while I'm at it, I'd like to mention that 'The Rock Stops Here' is the most kick ass song I've heard in the last ten years. It should have been on 'The Definitive Collection'.
  2. I just came from the music section of the site and am wondering how I can obtain a copy of 'the singles'. I'd settle for a cassette recorded by anyone with the equipment. Can anybody out there help me out here? Actually, if push came to shove I'd settle for a copy of 'The Rock Stops Here', but we can haggle. E-mail me at jeffdist2@aol.com. Thanks.
  3. I remember reading several reviews of "Boats..." and as I recall they were all positive. I also remember there was a heated debate about the cover on "Tonight..." which I thought was totally idiotic, but then I never bought an album because I liked the cover. My first wife gave me grief because I had that album. She also gave me grief over "Flashdance"...like I was the one who did it! Anyway, I always got the impression that critics loved the music, but for some reason radio did not. Go figure.
  4. I'm new here and can't believe no one has started an album page. So what's your favorite Eric album? For me, it's a toss up between "Boats..." and "Tonight..." "Boats..." has always been my favorite. It's the purest collection of poetry I've ever heard, and with over 900 titles in my cd collection, I've heard a lot. My wife and I got married in Sept. 01 and played "Love Is All That Matters" before the ceremony. "Tonight..." is by far the hardest rocking album in the catalog. "All For Love" is musically one of the coolest songs ever written. I think, though, what truly sets this album apart from the others is the anger. You don't have to listen too closely to hear how pissed off Eric was at the time, as he rightly should have been, but this isn't a history lesson.
  5. How about this one -- "Falling In Love Again". This was originally done by the Michael Stanley Band, Cleveland's other rock and roll God. If you haven't heard of him, then you truly missed something magnificent. And I think it would be super cool for Eric and Michael to do some song together. What could be cooler than both of them singing "My Town" or "That's Rock and Roll"?
  6. I got mine about 4 years ago, after looking everywhere literally for years. Picked up a Goldmine magazine and saw an ad that had Boats..., Tonight..., and Change..., along with something called Winter Dreams. All were Japanese releases and cost me about $100, but price was no object. Winter Dreams was released here a couple of years later with one less song.
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