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  1. Hi, Hipster2005. That was me. Sorry to imply that you weren't responsive. The e-mail might not have gone through since I attached an mp3. My bad! I'll try resending it. Thanks very much for the post! Howard
  2. Perhaps Todd, Kasim and Prarie will hook up with Joey Molland to form "Newfinger"!?
  3. There's also word that The Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star") are planning to reunite to coincide with MTV's anniversary.
  4. Marv, Seems the Genesis reunion is picking up steam...Peter Gabriel has said he may be interested and guitarist Steve Hackett confirmed he was contacted by Genesis management. Guess they want some of that Cream money!
  5. Today's message from Kasim Sulton: "It seems I made a premature announcement in my recent newsletter...  The fact is, there are currently no definite plans for The New Cars to be touring next year.  We did record some new material, but beyond that, things are still being worked out.  I apologize for any confusion my misstatement caused.  Kasim"
  6. JohnO makes a good point...Prairie is like an SF version of Warren Haynes, who plays guitar with The Dead, The Allman Bros. Band, Phil Lesh & Friends, leads his own band Govt. Mule, plays solo and also jams with anyone. I wonder why they didn't get Cars drummer David Robinson? That would've added a bit more credibility to The Cars tag, although, as Marv points out, without Orr (now sadly impossible) and Ocasek, this is a new vehicle. H
  7. Hey folks, there was some discussion in another thread of a possible Cars reunion led by Todd Rundgren. Turns out it's for real. I'm in the mailing list for TR/Utopia bassist Kasim Sulton. His latest message, received this morning, included this: "I guess it's safe to tell you all about the 'big announcement' now as most of you have put two and two together. I've accepted a position as the Bassist for a new incarnation of an old band ... The Cars! Currently being billed as "The New Cars". I know most of you are aware that Todd Rundgren has also signed on as the lead singer. Pretty cool huh? We've already recorded some new songs and are scheduled to be touring all next year (2006). The line up is as follows, Todd, myself, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawks and Prairie Prince. We're planning to record a live CD/DVD sometime after the new year and a possible TV appearance before Christmas. So, thats what I've been alluding to for the past month or so and I'm really excited to be involved in this new project with a great bunch of guys. I'm sure we'll be doing shows near you and this is one show you really don't want to miss. I mean come on ... Todd and ME? Playing Cars songs? Hee hee!!!! It'll be like hearing them for the first time! As soon as the publicity shots from the photo session we did are approved, I'll be putting them up here ( www.KasimSulton.com)." It's as much a Utopia reunion as a Cars reunion... but I guess this could be an interesting hybrid. Your thoughts? --Howard
  8. Not sure about trying to get on the EC tribute (it's a little too close to the effort Marv and I have been putting together), but I did contact them about my wife, Kim, covering "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" for "Wonder Women," their planned all-female tribute to Stevie Wonder. And from that experience, I can tell you they don't rush to answer e-mails... H
  9. Suggestion for a new name for Marvin's 12- to 14-piece band: The Marvaphonic Spree Congratulations on this great endeavor, amigo! H
  10. Oh, thanks for the correction Tim--I thought "Kelly" was a typo... H
  11. Don't think Ienner's working with Stevie Nicks...Marv, you may be thinking of another Jimmy I.: Jimmy Iovine, who produced Ms. Nicks' early solo albums. H
  12. Jimmy Ienner indeed did produce the Bay City Rollers' "Dedication" album, which featured "Let's Pretend" and came out in 1976. And he produced two Grand Funk albums: "All the Girls in the World Beware!!" and "Born to Die," as well as the band's live album, "Caught in the Act." He produced Blood, Sweat & Tears' 1975 album called "New City." He's listed as exec producer on Air Supply's 1999 Christmas Album. And of course, he was exec producer of the soundtrack for a little film called "Dirty Dancing." --Howard
  13. Most bizarre cover: Klaatu's "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by the Carpenters ...
  14. Er... "Rock and Roll Mummy"? An early track by Dave Maul-ey.
  15. For any STARZ fans in the Philly/NJ area who want to see the band but don't want to pay $175 (or invest a whole weekend to do so), "Richie Ranno's All-STARZ" will be playing an unplugged concert FREE at the Annual "Not Just" Rock Expo coming to the Biddle Armory in N.E. Philly on the Saturday after turkey day, Nov. 26. It appears that "All-STARZ" is the current Starz lineup, although they refer to Micheal Lee as "Michael Kelly Smith". Probably an oops... The show's also a great opportunity to pick up tons of cool CDs and collectables for cheap! I go every year. Also appearing will be Peter Gabriel/King Crimson bassist Tony Levin (on Sunday, 11/27) and the woman who plays Ginny Sack on The Sopranos. Here's the link: http://www.showsandexpos.com/vf/index.htm Hope to see some of you there! --Howard
  16. I, too, was saddened to hear about the death of Charles Rocket... it's a shame that his biggest legacy is saying the F word on national TV...he was a talented guy, always a skilled actor in his many roles. The way he went--very sad. Reminds me of the recent death of the great singer-songwriter Elilot Smith, who also took himself out in a very violent and painful way. It's not a choice I understand, and I feel for the families they left behind. Howard
  17. On Wednesday night, during an appearance on national syndicated radio show "Rockline," Brian May mentioned that this grouping may have life beyond just a tour, and that he, Paul and Roger are planning to enter the studio and work on some new material. You hear that, Raspberries? Going into the studio to work on new songs! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! --Howard
  18. I second Marv's emotion. As usual, he said it perfectly. This CD is in no way intended to take the place of a new Raspberries CD. There are only four guys that can create that (and hopefully they will.) Nor are the participants trying to create music that represents all the elements of Raspberries music. In some songs, you will hear familiar styles or nods to familiar songs. For example, one of the tracks is a spot-on emulation of EC solo circa "All By Myself." Another taps into Wally Bryson's blues influences. As Marv said so eloquently, this is all about paying our respects. --Howard
  19. Hey Billy K, Thanks for checking on my whereabouts... I've been quietly lurking on this board, more reading up than posting. But as Marv said, the tribute project is still a go. I recently moved, so for a week or so, my PC, which currently houses all the tribute songs, laid in pieces on the floor of our spare bedroom, which is fast becoming my office/recording studio. Besides being busy with the move, work has also been intense and I've had lots of gigs with my band (including my new Rod Stewart shtick...don't ask). As far as the tribute goes, we currently have more than enough to fill up a single CD, some very great tracks from board members and some big names, as well. As Marv posted, I hope to do a "Jeff Lynne" to Marv's recording. And there may be a few more contributions coming in. And we're hashing out a cover design. But we're getting ever closer to a final product, and we'll certainly let our friends in Raspberries/EC-land know when it's done. Thanks again, Howard
  20. Agreed on "Rock and Roll Mama" and "Get It Moving", IMHO, but otherwise Raspberries were pretty damn consistent on their albums. I still get a big kick out of "Hands on You." Take it slow... --Howard
  21. Bob, Both Sweet vocalist Brian Connolly and drummer Mick Tucker have passed on, unfortunately. --Howard
  22. To my fellow folks of the Judaic persuasion on this board, and to all, a happy new year. At our dinner celebrating the holiday with my in-laws, we dipped apples in honey for a sweet new year. I wish that to all my friends here... --Howard
  23. Deeply saddened by this news...Badfinger's been such a part of my life, I feel like I lost a friend. In addition to his fantastic drumming, Mike was also a gifted songwriter--he made some great contributions to the band's latter albums. Rest in Peace Mike. --Howard
  24. Pat, I actually did see the Guess Who without Cummings (and Bachman, for that matter). I knew that going in...it was a concert that also featured BTO (the actual members, including Bachman), Mark Farner of Grand Funk, Rare Earth and Dr. Hook. The Guess Who had a lead singer that sounded like a cross between Geddy Lee and Steve Perry. Very disturbing. Cummings is one of those voices that's impossible to replace. H
  25. You're right on both counts about DP and GW, Pat. Before the classic lineup of Purple regrouped for "Perfect Strangers," a lineup of the band in which the only original member was singer Rod Evans (who preceded Ian Gillian on the band's first few albums) and a bunch of ringers toured until it was shut down. The Guess Who situation is a little trickier. Original bassist Jim Kale owns the name and has used it for his touring bands for a long time now. When Bachman and Cummings regrouped a few years ago to tour, they worked out a deal with Kale for rights to the name. That's apparently expired, however, since they're currently touring as "Bachman and Cummings." --H
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