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  1. Marv, Daltrey implied that neither is as rich as you think...probably Pete is in better financial shape, since he gets publishing while Daltrey doesn't...I didn't get the since either are paupers, but since their respective solo careers are pretty quiet these days, going out as The Who is the only way they're going to sell tickets. --Howard
  2. I absolutely agree, raspberrywine. Better to have a brilliant songwriter like Townshend creating new work than not. I'll take a new Who CD over an American Idol phony any day!
  3. As I posted elsewhere, my offer still stands to Don K to bear his children (if my wife's OK with it). Thanks for the review Don! Howard
  4. As always, this type of thing, I think, comes down to commerce. There's simply a lot of commercial power to using the name "The Who", whereas a release and tour by "Daltrey/Townshend" wouldn't earn as much filthy lucre. It's all about the greenbacks. Daltrey said as much last week on Howard Stern after Pete walked out before the interview even started (due to some pre-interview banter on the show about Pete's "online research.") Daltrey said he and Pete needed the money, hence the current Who tour. Case in point about the name thing is the "Page/Plant" reunion a few years back. Could they have made a lot more money as "Led Zeppelin"? Undoubtedly. But they had the integrity to say "We're not that band anymore, it's just the two of us." I think they should have stuck with the original proposed title for the new album: "Who 2".
  5. Good review, John. I haven't had the chance to listen much, but what I've heard sounds like Pete's homemade solo stuff (such as "Who Came First" and "Scoop") plus Roger. Apparently Pete plays a lot of the bass and drums here, which is interesting but I think the music would've benefitted (and sounded more Who-like) if they would've used the touring band (Palladino, Starkey) more. Oh well. It's a new Who album. Who knew we'd ever see one of those? Also, BTW, if you get it at BestBuy, it comes with an additional CD of live music from the same show as the included DVD, but different songs (except for "Won't Get Fooled Again.") Howard
  6. Remember, to order yours, go to http://nwrstudio.com/raspberriestribute.html
  7. I understand that copies of "Reflections Side 3" are--or soon will be--in the hands of the members of Raspberries. Marv, Mike and I are looking forward to receiving their feedback and hope they enjoy this tribute they inspired. We'll keep ya posted! Howard
  8. Reportedly, Paul will be using the house band from "Rock Star: Supernova" as his touring band. Never watched the show, but I hear they're very solid.
  9. My own copy arrived today... I've seen it before, thanks to the test versions Mike was kind enough to send out to Marv and I, but it's a definite rush to see a pristine shrink-wrapped CD, a REAL PRODUCT, along with Mike's excellent packaging. I'm inclined to not even open it...almost... What a thrill. Thanks, Mike and Marv! Howard
  10. Feasterville Trevose is my location, Mike...about 30 minutes from Philly. I believe it's the posted location on the tribute's myspace page. Hence the interest... Howard
  11. Pink Floyd did HUGE business after the departure of mastermind Roger Waters... A controversial split, but I saw Styx with Dennis DeYoung and the current version led by Tommy Shaw and JY--to me, the TS/JY version was FAR superior...
  12. Looking forward to hearing everyone's reactions! Howard
  13. Very exciting to finally see this project come to fruition after (literally) years of trying to put this CD together. Marvin, MAM and I are very proud of the final product. What a great collection of songs! As is typical with projects of this type, there's a wide variety of sound quality and musical styles contained here. Material was submitted many different formats--from CDs to mp3s sent via email to cassettes I had to convert to digital format and do my best to de-hiss. Mike also did some audio fixing to ramp up the quality and consistency. It's been a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy the final result. Mike is planning to start filling orders any day now, and we're looking into additional ways to get the CD out there--possibly through other online services in addition to Mike's page. We'll keep you posted on our progress. Thanks to everyone who's ordered so far, and everyone who will order, for your support. Howard
  14. FYI, Shaun Cassidy's latest series was the ABC scifi show "Invasion", sadly canceled after one season. Previously, Shaun created and wrote the CBS horror series "American Gothic" and the Fox fantasy series "Roar". A talented guy indeed...and I hear he used to sing too.
  15. Thanks for the link, PopDude. Nice shot of Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison. Perhaps they should form a band?
  16. Good folks involved. There's a new offshoot tribute act "The Amazing Journey," a tribute to The Who featuring Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert, along with Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone and Gilbert's former Mr. Big bassist, Billy Sheehan. www.piercingmetal.com/concert_amazing_053106.htm
  17. An mp3 of the new single "Dance Like a Monkey" can be heard at: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/Music/ Go to "Select an artist", click on "New York Dolls" and "SUBMIT"
  18. That occurred to me too, Bernie, after posting it. But oh well. I appreciate John's sentiment, as well as Eric's... H
  19. Thanks very much, Marlene. There's plenty more. The response to this project was tremendous. BTW, I wrote to John Lemonis to tell him about all the support and kudos his work has gained here. Here's John's reply: "Howard,  Wow! That's about all I can say...I've been nominated for Dove Awards and had #1 songs in Christian music, but to hear the phenomenal feedback from Raspberries/Eric Carmen fans goes beyond compare! I grew up a Raspberries/EC fanatic and the influence of their music consistently appears in mine. If you would post a word of "Thanks" for the response, I will supply information where they can find more information and music in the next few days. I am in the process of putting together a new web site and have two new projects coming out soon. One is a collection of songs from past projects (that I believe Raspberries/EC fans will enjoy, including "You're the Only One") and the other one is a new Gospel record - both due out in the next couple of months.  Thanks again, Howard.  God Bless You!  John Lemonis"
  20. Thanks so much for the great response, folks. As I understand it from Marvin (who recruited him), John Lemonis is a good friend of Wally Bryson's. I don't believe he's on this board, but I will contact him to direct him to this topic on the board and let him know about the great response he's gotten for his great tune (the others are pretty wonderful, too!) And in answer to Tony's question... I actually got pretty decent results mastering songs from your cassettes to my digital recorder. It was good practice for the work on Marvin's song, which was created a la "Free as a Bird"... I played "Jeff Lynne" with Marvin's vocal/acoustic guitar, mastering the cassette recording to digital and adding the other instruments and backing vox. More soon. Stay tuned. Thanks!
  21. We're going to mix it up, Tony. This was just the first round. We thought a nice variety was in order--Mike's bluesy riffs, John's beautiful ballad, Duophonic's pure power pop and the Alberta meets Philly team-up. Your fine track—and your brother's—should show up down the road as we post new previews.
  22. One more thing: you'll also be able to see a preview of the CD's cover design on this page. H
  23. Hi friends, Just wanted to let you know the myspace page for the Raspberries/EC Fan Tribute CD project, "Raspberries Side 3: Songs from the Raspberries Fan Community", is up at: myspace.com/reflectionsside3 I've posted 1-minute mp3 snippets from four songs (we'll be refreshing the song selections periodically). We'll also be adding content such as blogs and info about the project soon, including the true story of the international collaboration between Marvin Matthews and myself on Marvin's original song, "For You and I." Please feel free to visit the page and join as a "friend," and stay tuned for further updates on the CD! Thanks all, Howard
  24. FYI, The DiLeo brothers, Dean (guitar) and Robert (bass), have teamed with Filter singer Richard Patrick and drummer Ray Luzier (formerly with David Lee Roth) to form a new group, Army of Anyone. They're working on their debut album which is due for release this year. Incidentally, I believe Richard Patrick is the brother of actor Robert Patrick (X-Files, Walk the Line, Terminator 2).
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