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  1. Wow! I had not heard that Dr. Kroger had died. Monk is a classic show and behind the scenes on the DVD's they always mention they want to keep the show fresh. I think they will make an episode with Dr, Kroger passing. I also think it will be great to have Harold Krenshaw in it as well. Monk and Harold have some great performances when it comes to Dr. Kroger. Remember even Harold got Dr. Kroger's home number and Monk was livid. I think it was "Monk and the election".
  2. Sound pretty cool Keith - 1. Tiger (DUH!) 2. Geoff Ogilvy 3. Steve Stricker 4. K.J. Choi 5. Stuart Appleby 6. Phil Mickelson
  3. That is way too cool! I sound like a 16 year old!
  4. Last night on American Idol Asia'h Epperson sang or tred to sing "All by myself". In my opinion she hacked it. Why do people try to take a classic song and try to make it there own? The other thing that bothers me is they (Simonin this case)always compare that song to Celine's version and not Eric's. Celine's was great there is no doubt about it but please!!!! No one can hold a candle to E.C.'s.
  5. You guys are the sweetest people on the planet & I'm not FOOLIN'. Thank you to everyone. Special thankx to dianed. I did not know that I shared my birthday with Jane Seymour. Guess I'll have to dream that I'm Bond!... James Bond or Richard Collier from "Somewhere in time". Thank you all again. You have made my month. God bless you all.
  6. Thanks for the info EC. He did a beautiful job but I think you get a lot of credit too. That is a beautiful song. David Campbell helped do the arrangement for KISS on their Symphony in Australia. What a challange that must have been. He is good there is no doubt about it. I am real partial to the strings in "Foolin' Myself" though. (The greatest song ever written in my book)
  7. Boats is a classic and Runaway is my favorite. As far as Change of heart, you have to love Desperate fools. EC is amazing when it comes to adding strings!!
  8. 1. Foolin' Myself (No surprise there) 2. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 3. She Remembered 4. The Way We Used To Be 5. All By Myself 6. Run Away 7. I'm Through With Love 8. Boats Against The Current 9. Nowhere To Hide 10. Desperate Fools 11. Hungry Eyes 12. Sunrise 13. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight 14. Heaven Can Wait 15. Wild, Wild Heart
  9. Way to go guys and gals. Congrats!!! There were some great captions.
  10. Jim thinking to himself...."BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!"
  11. "...Okay Mr. Hogya your credit card checked out. You will be charged $5.99 for the first five minutes and $1.99 every minute after that. Please hold for Madame Latisha."
  12. "Come on Jim!! Don't be a stiff!!"
  13. "That's amazing! I tried cooking on the grill once but the beans fell through the metal thingies"
  14. "Wouldn't they cook faster if you actually had a fire under them?"
  15. "This is so embarrassing! I better make like the wind and blow! I mean, make like a tree and leave! Damn! At least no one can say I suck!"
  16. Here is another review from Bruce Eder from AMG (All Music Guide) He gave it 4 1/2 stars. ALL MUSIC GUIDE
  17. Happy Birthday Eric. I hope this year is better than last year and last year was a real good year.
  18. You're welcome E.C. I'm like Paulie though, Now you can focus on some new solo material. We love our E.C.
  19. Muzza, That's a nice touch. Like Judy Garland, Cheri's "Over The Rainbow" as well.
  20. I remember the games in here, they were fun and at times very challanging. Paulie kicked my butt in here more that Sugar did. Muzza and his duct tape were a daily thing. Kiwi hangin' out with Sugar til the wee hours in the a.m. I will miss this thread a lot but I will miss Sugar more. She had a dream... To make a thread using ice cream. She love to play games, And boy did she call me names. If I see an avitar of Ginger Grant, I will think of Cheri. You will truly be missed, With luv, Terry.
  21. It's sad to think that no one has really mentioned any disco songs. They were huge in the 70's. Anybody remember songs like... Night Fever or Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees Turn the beat around - Vicki Sue Robinson I feel love or Love to love you baby - Donna Summer That's the way I like it, Boogie shoes or Get down tonight - KC & The Sunshine Band Dancing Queen - Abba Play that funky music - WIld Cherry
  22. Marc & Seattle Steve... I just happened to find the "Silver" LP on CD. Along with "Wham-Bam" they had a couple of ballads "Musician (It's not an easy life) and "Goodbye, So long", a couple of catchy tunes "It's gonna be alright", "Climbinig" and "All I wanna do". It's a great CD with lyrics in English and Japanese. Also my top 10... Year of the Cat - Al Stewart Precious and Few - Climax Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Sky High - Jigsaw More than a Feeling - Boston Crazy on You - Heart Mandy - Barry Manilow Detroit Rock City - Kiss Daisy Jane - America Ain't Talkin''Bout Love - Van Halen
  23. It sure sounds like poor Ol' Bernie is gonna be busy sometime soon. I'm sure there are about a thousand people on this site who would love to help Bernie organize, make copies, etc. all EC's memories. "GOT HELP!"
  24. That truly is a Treasure Chest! I think even Johnny Depp would love that chest! AAARRR!!!
  25. I guess you're gonna have to tour this Summer to pay it off. Hint! Hint!
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