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  1. Bernie you started a great thing here. I will forever be grateful for you and your website. I won a contest many years ago on "Weekend at Bernie's" putting a funny remark under a picture taken from the party. Now it would be a meme I guess. I won a personal autographed picture from E.C. to me. I also met wonderful people and got closer to one of my favorite artists. I hope to still be in touch with everyone here on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Love to all of you. Sincerely, Terry Bohannon aka, Foolin' Myself (my favorite E.C. song still since 1980.
  2. Happy birthday Eric. I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous day. Take the day off from writing your music for your new album. Hint hint!!! Lol
  3. That is too cool for school. And so clear.
  4. I am so sorry E.C. to hear of your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.
  5. I just saw a commercial for Applebee's on a new 2 for $20 deal. The music playing in the background was "Hungry Eyes" by E.C.
  6. I remember when Live on Sunset Strip first came out I was so excited. One of my favorite songs is "Starting Over". It didn't make the cut on the live CD. If I remember, the mixing of the song wasn't great, so I was a little disappointed. Now with "Pop live", I can hear it live. Yay!
  7. Happy birthday E.C. Your music has been in my life for over 40 years. The Raspberries started me on this journey with you. Your solo career continues me on this wonderful journey. If I'm asked the island question, meaning if I am on a deserted island and I could only have one musical artist's music, I choose yours over the Beatles or Sir Paul McCartney. I never go anywhere without my iPod that contains my Eric Carmen/Raspberries folder on it. Still to this day I cannot go a week without listening to "Foolin' Myself" or "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". In my opinion they are two of those most beautiful songs ever written. They are on my mount Rushmore of songs sort of speaking. I hope you enjoy your birthday E.C. and my God bless you.
  8. I have always loved Styx. Even when Dennis De Young split I still enjoyed them with Tommy Shaw. I have to say I hope this is not the best track on the CD. I wasn't to impressed.
  9. I just had my birthday on the 15th, my girlfriend surprised me with the Raspberries Live full 22 song DVD set. I had the 2CD and 5 song DVD set before. I knew "I can remember" kicked butt, but, watching it live just gave me goose bumps. I am so glad I finally got the whole show. It's only $49.95 now. Well worth it. Go Raspberries!!
  10. That is amazing! It' almost been 15 years for me. I joined in May 0f 2002. E.C., we need some 20th anniversary new music from you.
  11. Hello E.C. I am just curious if you plan on releasing anymore new music in the near future. I know all great artists have songs on tape that didn't make the cut during their recording sessions. I know there are some bootlegs out there, B-side songs, songs that didn't go with the era you were in at the time, etc. Maybe you could use some of these songs for a new CD. I know is isn't great to say but a lot of your fans that have followed you from the early days such as the Raspberries through your solo career are getting up in age. I just love your writing and your voice and would like to hear more of it. "Brand New Year" showed me that you still have it! It is not like you are over the hill. You voice still gives me chills when I hear it (that is a good thing. lol). I enjoy having you and your music in my life. It has certainly got me through some rough times. God bless you and your family and thank you for being here for us.
  12. Lovely!!! Simply Lovely!! I would pay good money to see these live shows. What a way to end the show with Foolin' Myself with just piano. Mmmmmm
  13. It is a sad day to hear that Gene Wilder passed away today. Most of his movies are TIMELESS. Young Frankenstein is still one of my best comedy movies ever. Stir Crazy is also way up on my list. He is now with his beloved Gilda. I will have a Gene Wilder marathon this weekend in honor of him. R.I.P. Gene. You will truly be missed.
  14. It sounds really nice. She didn't butcher it. But we all know there is only one person can put is whole heart into it.
  15. Wow! Such a great setlist. I wish you could record it and put it on youtube so we all can enjoy. I believe it was last year you even had "Foolin' Myself" as part of your setlist.
  16. Happy Birthday Mr. Carmen. I hope you have a wonderful day and do nothing if that is what you feel this day. I wish to thank you for writing the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I think you can guess what song it is. I hope and pray you have many more birthdays. Stay cool!
  17. That was great! I used to listen to the top 40 "All By Myself" in my room with an AM/FM radio back in the 70's as well. That show is still timeless as far as I am concerned. Of course the artists and music were better back then. Thanks for sharing.
  18. With LP's making a comeback, I was wondering if there will be 180gram records for E.C.? I have been collecting some new 180g records and I would love to have all E.C.'s solo records in 180g.
  19. Such a great picture of him. Seeing the Bay City Rollers and Cheap Trick in the background moves me back into that time, The shot of Miss Piggy is priceless in the picture. I hate to admit it but 16 magazine had some great pictures and articles. I can't believe that Les's face is blocked out with Bay City Rollers on that poster. He was the main attraction of that band. He was like the Davey Jones of the Monkees.
  20. Happy Birthday Muzza. I hope you had a great day and many more.
  21. First of all, I didn't know that Foolin' Myself was ever released onto a 45. I searched and I know of at least two versions now. My bad!!! I ordered the two I saw off of ebay. I have always known here that Japan loves E.C. and E.C. loves Japan but to put out a 45 of Foolin' Myself with lyrics and sheet music on the sleeve... it's so awesome. They also put the entire song onto the 45. All 5:33 minutes of it. In the states they used to shorten a song from time to time on the 45 as opposed to the original time on the LP. The promotional one I received was 3:24 minutes long (shortened) but it has Foolin' Myself on both sides and says it is not for sale. I had to have it. I bought them both. I plan to get a vintage jukebox that plays 45's one day and these will be my pride and joy. I was so excited so I just had to tell someone. Thank you for reading.
  22. Today us the day for this incredible mini LP release. Is it still in Japan only? I didn't see it on Amazon.
  23. Well, back in the day when I really first heard EC, it was Never Gonna Fall In Love Again. If you ask me today it's Foolin' Myself. I never heard Foolin' Myself until I bought the Tonight You're Mine LP. I just bought it because it was EC and I fell in love with Foolin' Myself. It was never released as a 45 as far as I know. So Kirk if you would have bet, I think you would have won. Lol
  24. For me it is "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". I had heard "All By Myself" on the radio and could not believe it was the same guy that I had heard from the Raspberries in a song "Go All The Way". When I heard NGFILA, I had to have it. I went down to STAR RECORD shop here in Santa Fe and I purchased it on a 45. I really didn't have money to purchase the whole album. I took it home and listened to it over and over again on my old close and play record player. Remember they had the arm on them that would release the next 45 down to the turn table. If you left the arm in a certain position, the needle would keep playing the same song over and over. Many nights I fell asleep listening to NGFILA. My dad would have to come into my room and just turn off the power after I had fallen asleep. The grooves became white in a few days of repetitive play. I had to go out and buy it again on 45. Silly me, I could have practically bought the whole album for the cost of buying the 45. Really good times. Nothing like pops and cracks on your music. Lol
  25. Naeko, I still can't get over your rendition of "Foolin' Myself". Where did you even get the piano sheet music for it? I would love to have a copy of it if it's at all possible. Terry
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