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  1. The house is open to welcome all Eric/Berries Fans and of course, the actual Berries, family, -Crew = Pick a date that works for y'all!!!
  2. I have to say I voted for McCain for a number of reasons (even though I cannot stomach Sarah Palin) but I was so moved by Obama's speech in the park in Chicago. I looked at the faces of the people who were sharing in this historic opportunity and I could not help but get swept along.
  3. I would consider having y'all at my house - it's in Orange County NY - 15 minutes from the Jersey border - would meeting at a place in NYC suit everyone better? I would do that too!
  4. You are always welcome here no matter how you may be feeling - we can take it!!!! I hope you feel better soon!
  5. Yes, Bessie! that's the way i cook them and they are fabulous - roasting brings out the sweetness of them. Monkfish. HATE the look of it, tried it once, will never eat it. "Poor Man's Loster" my ass. My son sends me pictures of a live monkfish with photoshopped captions on it like "Happy Halloween"...he DOES love me... Right with ya on the gross parts of meat - texture is a very big issue with me. I'm allergic to oysters - found out the hard way after eating cooked and raw ones a year apart - can't stand raw slimy things. Okra?! Processed pressed together mystery food like Spam or that one Chicken mcnugget that looks like the state of Kansas - it's always gross. (used to work there eons ago) Turnips. My irish parents love them - could never get the hang of them. Too sulfury. Any fruit - strawberries or raspberries - that may surprise me by being tart or sour when it supoosed to be SWEET. No tripe, sweetbreads, brains, kidneys...texture issues galore.
  6. I will always remember my favorite album title by Ian Hunter "You're Never Alone When You're a Schizophrenic."
  7. The funny thing is that Pete would LOVE to see this show because he a guitar dude - idolizes Keith Richards and LOVED hearing Wally live. Even funnier, Les Paul lives not too far from me and was friendly with my former next door neighbor - apparently Les' midnight jam sessions are THE invite to score!
  8. why does it have to be my hubby's birthday THAT night???!!!ROAD TRIP!
  9. My deepest sympathies Rosi, I know I've spent some sleepless nights worrying about my dog and buddy, Mia. She's having liver problems and is having an ultrasound and liver biopsy this wednesday. I can't do any more...she's still pretty up and energetic and it's going to be the quality of life issue for her and I. thank you for sharing...it really helps! annie
  10. oh my God, that was so FUNNY!!!!! That cannot stop here - send it in to Reader's Digest and get cash!!!
  11. I just watched the video - bruce had a spot of fun there didn't he?!!
  12. That is so COOL!! The Jersey Devil lives in the Pine Barrens...creepy fun!
  13. yeah...I saw that too - love it!!!
  14. Jake Ehrenreich is from my neck of the woods in NY - it played off broadway? (if not ON) and got good reviews here.
  15. my favorite (and award winning, I will add) costume is anne bancroft's teacher character from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" - the one who gets pecked to death. Wear a black skirt and get a white buttoned down shirt (I used my husband's old work shirt) get lots of flocked birds or feathered birds from a craft store (black construction paper will also work) and wire the birds to your shirt, your hair and drizzle with appropriate fake blood. For an added touch, have a fake eyeball hanging from one eye (blacken eyelid with eyeliner) and keep the eye closed while being judged!
  16. FUNNY, Michelle!!! Very good...I wish i could be bored with our politics too except it's EVERYWHERE i look! Road trip needed to the great white north...
  17. Happy birthday, Adrienne - we must go shopping on Canal Street next time you are here!!
  18. I saw it....loved it too!!!
  19. TONY!! YOU PROMISED! No more court appearances :p
  20. I thought it was a subtle and funny way to say "yep, been there, discussed that, glad to see eric back posting, let's not go there too long again."
  21. well, geez, bernie...well done! I wish I could think THAT fast to get a similar picture of Eric's idols at roughly the same age up as the perfect rebuttal!
  22. OK, Mr. C - if you want to go one for one for awkward high school pictures, I can accommodate so you're not reliving the horror alone We'll start a new thread - Look How Far We've Come.....
  23. Happy birthday to a very special ec.com woman - can't wait to see you and Ant again soon!!!
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