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  1. thank God someone took the risk to report the abuse (the crap you get for doing the right thing can be amazing) and she should never go back to that birth mother again.
  2. Here's to one of the most fun ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting through the boys! have a wonderful birthday, Barb!!
  3. of course, my hubby Pete is a DEVOTED Stevie fan - to the point that our daughter's middle name is Rhiannon. The Soundstage show was just terrific as was her show at Jones Beach.
  4. Damn...I want that HAIR!!!
  5. May you have the most FABULOUS of birthdays, girlfriend! You have figured out that you were conceived on Valentine's Day, right? My hubby reminds me of that fact every year!!!!!
  6. my hubby hates when i tell him I don't follow a recipe!! We had leftovers from my hubby's birthday dinner at restaurant X - bully boy in congers, ny - Cowboy Ribeye, tuna, polenta, rice. The ribeye is the recipe that Peter Kelly won "Iron Chef America" against Bobby Flay. yummmmmmmmmm....
  7. Sending prayers for a very speedy recovery to your wonderful Mom.
  8. ahhhhh.. I need the audio to go along with that picture...!!
  9. That works fine for me! I'm close enough to the city for great transportation options. Sunday works also - BB Kings has Lucille's restaurant where we all met up before the NYC shows - Harry, what are you thinking?
  10. true enough, johno!! very funny!
  11. Have a wonderful birthday, Valorie!!!
  12. Hi ya Mr. C - I am coming up for renewal on the cel phone and since you are the only one I know who has the I-Phone, what's you take on it now that you've had it awhile? Are you going to upgrade? thanks - annie
  13. I'm wondering how the parents hold up under the pressure, Eric?! Bravo to Clayton!
  14. Daisy, no such thing as a dumb question - I guess sometimes Eric doesn't have an answer!! I have often wondered about the rings Eric wears because they seem like long term (based on pictures) meaningful items.
  15. AnniekNY

    "Dogs Is Good"

    oh Lord am I laughing so hard at that youtube video!!!!!!!!! My baby is 77 lb rottie shepard who has "Chiwauwah Syndrome" she thinks she can fit anywhere there's a postage stamp size of space on the couch!
  16. You are too funny, Wendy...get yourself out here again!!! A 2008 "I Wanna Be With You" Party is going on the books!! Just leet me know what thew date is so i can make sure I don't have any clients!!! I'm thinking Saturday, December 27 - a 2 p.m. start - no end in sight kinda party..... Who's up for a BerriesFest?
  17. Hey, it's great info to have!!!thanks....
  18. Happiest of birthdays, John and a big BOO-YAH to YA!!
  19. There is a debt that can never be repaid to the many thousands of men and women who have served the United States of America over the course of our independence. All gave some... Some gave all. None will be forgotten. Honor, Freedom, Unity and Peace to the hearts, minds and souls of our bravest.
  20. well, isn't THAT interesting????!!
  21. I don't care if it was the 70's, I WANT ERIC'S COAT! I am wondering if the photographer was female? Nice expressions on the boys' faces!
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